I know what you're thinking. I'm sorry I haven't been updating my other fics at all lately, but I just have so much going on... So you're probably wondering what I'm doing starting another, huh? Well, the only reason I'm attempting this one is because I've already written and posted about seven chapters of it other places, so there'll be more pressure to write. I think I've pretty much given up on the other two by now.

Disclaimer: I do not own Jimmy Neutron.

Chapter 1: The Awakening

Down at the Retroville Hospital, a young girl stirred in a big white room.

"She's moving," a nurse whispered excitedly.

Slowly the girl opened her eyes. A look of confusion spread across her face as she glanced around at her surroundings.

"She's awake!" the same nurse exclaimed.

"Wh--where am I?" the girl asked. As she tried to sit up, excruciating pain shot through her head. "Ow," she moaned, laying back down. She reached her hand up and felt the thick white bandage.

"That's it, sweetie, lay back down," another nurse instructed, rushing to her side.

"What am I doing here?" the girl whispered.

"You don't remember?" the nurse asked. "I was told someone hit you with a shovel."

The girl furrowed her brow, deep in thought. "No, I don't remember anything," she finally said.

"Well, do you remember anything that happened before you were hit?"

"I just told you. I don't remember anything. At all."

"Trixie, go get the doctor," the nurse ordered. "We need to run the tests. I think little Cynthia might haveā€¦amnesia."

11-year-old boy genius, Jimmy Neutron, sat alone in the park, hugging his knees and watching the sunset. The events he had just witnessed were so awful that he didn't want to think about them. But they were the only things he could think about. Jimmy kept replaying the scenes in his mind, trying to imagine what he could've done to make the outcome different. His cybernetic canine, Goddard, was sitting at his side loyally. Jimmy had told Goddard to go home, but he knew he couldn't leave his master alone in this state.

Silently one lone tear trickled down Jimmy's cheek. "We should probably go home, Goddard," he whispered, however not making a move.

Suddenly Goddard started ringing.

Jimmy finally turned his head. "Speakerphone, boy," he instructed.

A man's voice came over the phone. "James Neutron?"

"Yes?" he replied sullenly.

"This is Police Chief McGinnis from the Retroville Police Force. You witnessed the attempted murder of Miss Cynthia Vortex, correct?" the chief asked.

"Correct," Jimmy confirmed sadly.

"Well, I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but Cynthia--"

"Died?" Jimmy frantically interrupted.

"No, no, nothing like that," Chief McGinnis assured him. "But we ran some tests and--"

"What kind of tests?" Jimmy asked.

"Oh, the usual. General examinations, tests for short and long term memory recall, other tests related to thought processing, blood tests, CT scans, cerebral angiography."

Jimmy gaped. So many tests, but why? "And these are the usual?" Jimmy asked.

"Oh, yes. The usual when you suspect amnesia," the chief replied.

"Amnesia?" Jimmy gasped.

"I'm afraid it's true. She doesn't remember a thing, which makes our investigation even harder."

Jimmy drew in a breath. If Cindy had amnesia, she didn't remember anything. Including him.

"Mr. Neutron, would you be interested in helping Miss Vortex get her memory back? You were, after all, the last person she saw. Seeing you again might trigger back some memories."

Thoughts flooded through his mind. This was his chance to help Cindy. This was his chance to help catch the idiot who had tried to kill her.

And when I do catch him, Jimmy thought, I'll--

"Mr. Neutron?" the chief asked.

"Oh, yes. Yes, I'll help," Jimmy agreed. "Cindy can count on me."