Tales of Symphonia fan fiction

Rating: T (PG-13)

Written: January 3, 2006

Summary: He was an interesting mix, this Kratos Aurion. KratosxRaine - implied smut


He was an interesting mix, this Kratos Aurion. Cold and inviting all at once. He had the pallor in sincerity to rival the heartless moon and invited a hot, spicy tang into the back of her throat. The way he went about things was all business--forceful and demanding, pushing her into place and showing her what he wanted.

Then all of the sudden he would be almost apologetic and tender, nuzzling her breasts under the covers, stroking her hair as she measured him with a calculating gaze. But before long it would be back to spices and saliva, hot and enticingly caustic.

And she enjoyed every minute of it, for she was the same way.