The true man behind the mask

Chapter 1

Down Once More

"Erik we need to get down to your lair Raoul will be looking for me."

Erik quickly picked Christine up in his arms and began to walk faster. They began to here the mob of people chanting, "Track down this murder he must be found." The sound of the anger in there voices frightened Christine, she didn't want to think of what would happen if they caught her one and only love.

When Erik made it to the gondola he laid Christine in the down in the boat and stepped in than he began to row franticly. When they reached the lair Christine stepped out if the boat and walked up the coble stone walk way and stopped next to the desk that was littered with sketches of ballet girls and said, " Erik I'm frightened what are we going to do they're coming down to find you and if they do they will take you away from me forever."

Christine began to sob historically when. When Erik reached Christine he held her in his arms and said. "Christine they cant keep me away from you for ever."

Erik pushed her back and said I must go I'll come back for you where ever you are."

"But Erik." Christine tried to object. But Erik interrupted her.

"I have to go. Christine I love you." He gave her a kiss and broke the mirror that led out of the opera house to the streets of Paris. As Christine watched Erik disappear into the darkness Raoul walked up behind her and grabbed her arm and began to carry her off. Christine tried to resist.

"Christine what's wrong? We need to go, before he comes back for you."

Christine willfully went with him. As they waded through the canales of Erik's lair Christine began to sob. Raoul didn't stop to comfort her he just kept pulling her through the murky water. All of sudden Christine's body went limp and she clasped and began to sink under water. The force of her falling body pulled Raoul down with her. Raoul quickly pulled Christine out of the water and sat her on the rocky shore he saw that she wasn't breathing so he pulled his knife out of his sheath and cut her corset open as soon he cut the corset she began to gasp for breath.

"Christine, Christine are you alright?" Raoul bent over and held Christine in his arms until she caught her breath. Christine was so drained that she couldn't walk, so he picked her up in his arms and began wading through the canals again toured Christine's dressing room. He laid her on the Victorian couch and covered her up with his dress coat. Then he quickly ran out of the dressing room and down the grand staircase and out the huge opera doors and called for his carriage.

When Raoul reached the dressing room he carried Christine down to the carriage once more.

"Take use home."

"Yes sir." the carriage driver answered.

As they were driving to Raoul's home Christine began to turn pail and shiver. Raoul held her close in his arms to warm her up. Raoul began to try to wake her up with no success.

When the carriage stopped in front of the huge Victorian style house. Raoul picked Christine up and carried her up to his room and covered her up with the down converter and ran down stairs to get his housekeeper Rose to watch Christine while he went to get the doctor.

Raoul ran down the dark street and to the doctor's residence. He pounded on the door over and over again.

"Mishear, Mishear"

When the doctor finally opened Raoul saw a man standing in his nightdress and cap. Raoul couldn't see his face he began to say, "Mishear I need you to quickly come with me please I beg you good sir I desperately need your assistance."

The odd man standing at the entrance raised the candel to see the man begging him and said, "I cant, you need to make an appointment."

As the man began to shut the door Raoul stopped him and said, "Sir whatever you want I'll get it for you I just need your help please."

The man looked into Raoul's desperate eyes and sighed.

"Mishear, I'll be out in a minuet."

When the doctor came back he had a dress coat on with a top hat and his medical bag.


When they reached the residents Raoul swung the door open and ran up the stairs to his room were Christine was sleeping.

"Rose you can step out now."

"Yes mishear."

The doctor walked in and sat his bag on the foot of the bed.

"How long has she been like this?"

Raoul immediately answered "this has only been going on since 8:00 tonight.

The doctor walked over to Christine's bedside. He sat his hand on her forehead and took her pulse. Raoul walked out of the room and began to pace the hallway.

All of a sudden the doctor came out and had a

sorrowful look on his face. Raoul stopped in the middle of the hallway and looked the doctor in the eyes and seen that he had bad new.

"What's wrong doctor?"

"Well, she has nomonia. …And …she's pregnant, I don't know if it will hurt the baby but I believe that she's going to be all right as long as she gets enough fluids and rest. She's only a month along so the baby should be fine."

"Thank you doctor thank you. When the doctor left Raoul sat in a chair in the room that Christine was in.

He thought to him self how can she be pregnant? There is no way this can be possible.