"Here lays viscomte Phillip a loving father son and probably most of all a brother"
Christen listened to these words with sorrow and despair she glanced around and saw Phillips parent's appareled black. And behind them a flash of white caught her eye it looked as if it was Erik's mask. But why would he come out of the opera house to pay respects to a man that he didn't even know, why would he be here, why would he come to Phillips funeral. Maybe he felt bad that he couldn't help him, he couldn't save his life or was it even him

These questions raced threw her mind Christine stood up and made her way to the back of the crowed of black. When Christine made it through the crowed she bumped into a girl about 25 with black hair and blue eyes. Christine stopped to apologize.

" Oh madam I'm so sorry." Christine thought she recognized the girl and stared at her for the longest time.

"Excuse me madam may I help you with something?"

Christine answered, "Yes what's your name miss?"

"My name?" the girl asked.

"Yes your name what is your name?"

"My name is felicity."

"Oh and may I ask how you know Phillip?"

" I know him from a boarding school"

" A boarding school?"

"Yes he was the head master until his brother fell in love with a young ballerina and got into troubles of his own."


"It's a shame that some one went off and killed such a loving and caring person such as himself. And how do you know him?"

Christine know that she couldn't tell the truth because she would find out the truth so she said, "I new his brother Raoul."

"Oh yes Raoul… he was always an odd fellow sweat though but odd I've always took a fancy to him."

Christine looked over felicity shoulder and seen another flash of white.

"Sorry to leave like this but I must get home and tend to the children nice to meet you felicity."

Felicity stopped Christine and asked, miss would you like to come over for tea some time?"

"Yes I would like that very much."

Felicity nodded and Christine nodded back then Christine diapered into the crowed.

Christine followed the man dressed in black down the street and to the café la Paris Christine followed him into the café and watched him pick a seat at the window looking over the opera popular.

Christine wanted to make sure that it wasn't Erik so she walked out of the café in front of the window that the man was setting at. She stopped and waited for a passing carriage. When she was about to step into the road she was grabbed from behind. She could not scream or run. She couldn't tell who had a hold of her.

"Christine" he whispered "its ok I will let you go if you promise that you wont run nor scream do you promise?"

"Uummm… hhhmmmm…." Christine murmured the man let her go and she quickly turned around and gasped in sight of the man.

Raoul tried to shush her.

"What are you doing here?"

"Shhhhhhhhh…. No one must know that I'm still in Paris."

"But Raoul." Christine whispered, " Why did you do it…. Why did you shoot your brother?"

"Christine you cant tell anyone absolutely no one."

Christine said," I cant just let you go you killed your brother."

Raoul grabbed her by the arm and said "if you cant let me go then im taking you with me!" and began dragging her down the road he waved for his carriage and thrown her in it and then he climbed in.

"Where to monsieur?"

"To the Moulin rough."

Christine started to panic and began to think of Erik. What would he do if she wasn't back by tonight would he come looking for her? Would he even care? Surly he would he loves me she thought. She tried to stop second-guessing her self its Erik he would find her and save her. She began to cry but wouldn't let Raoul see so she turned and faced the window and stared and the blurry road.