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"Okay class, I have an announcement to make," said Mr. Brandon. Some students looked up but most continued chatting away, ignoring the now angry teacher.

"BE QUITE! Good, as I was saying, I have an announcement about an event coming up at our school. Now, tomorrow it will be Parent's Day and so we have decided to hold a special event. Everyone is asked to bring in their parents, guardian, or some one who helped raise them to school. They will be required to tell the class about this person and what they have helped you with."

At these words, the entire class broke into excited chatter, all except Videl and Gohan that is.

Videl had a sullen look on her face and it was obvious she did not like this news. While Gohan's face had lost its color and a look of sadness flitted across its surface.

'Oh man, this is really gonna suck, everyone is going to want me to bring in my oaf of a father. Just great and everyone looks so excited too.' At this point Videl glances to her side and saw the look Gohan had adopted.

'Huh, wonder what's wrong with him, you would think he would be happy like all the others.'

In fact, Gohan was not happy, no not happy at all.'Just great, who am I supposed to bring in. My father is . . . dead, so that's a no and there is no way I could bring my mother to this. Dang, I'll have to think of something, I don't want to be the only one without someone here,' Gohan thought with a sigh.

"Oh my gosh this is so totally great, don't you think so Videl?" exclaimed an ecstatic Erasa.

"Yeah Videl, not only do I get to show off my dad, but you can bring Hercule so everyone can see him. This is so cool!" stated an equally, if not more so, happy Sharpner.

"Erm, yeah I guess so you guys. So, what about you Gohan, who are you going to bring?" asked Videl as she turned to face Gohan once again.

Gohan looked up, startled out of his thoughts. "Well, . . . um . . ."

"Aw come on Videl, anybody related to him has got to be boring."

"Shut it Sharpner, I didn't ask you. Well Gohan?"

Gohan glanced around nervously and reached up to scratch the back of his neck, giving the famous Son grin. "I'm, um . . . not sure who I am going to bring, I'll have to ask around."

"Oh yeah, I'm so sure. Ha, you're probably just embarrassed that your people are dull," Sharpner retaliated with a cocky grin.

"Oh don't be so mean Sharpner, I'm sure whoever Gohan brings will be interesting," said Erasa, "right Videl?"

"What? Oh, sure." Videl was still looking at Gohan with a puzzled expression. 'I wonder what's up with him, he seems a little off. Great, something else strange about him. How many secrets can he have?'

At that moment, the bell rang, signaling the end of school. Everyone jumped up and headed toward the door. Mr. Brandon shouted over the rush of students, "Now everyone remember to bring your person tomorrow. Don't forget!"

Gohan grabbed his stuff and stood to leave. "Well, I'll see you guys tomorrow. It sure will be interesting meeting everyone's person. Bye."

With that, Gohan headed outside to a secluded spot where he could take off to go home. 'I had better come up with someone I can bring to this. Dang it I just don't know, no one I can think of really meets the requirements except . . . no I can't ask them, they probably wouldn't want to come and I can't really blame them. Who would want to come to my stupid school? Ah heck, I might as well ask, the worst they can say is no, . . . I hope.

So Gohan flew home contemplating how he was to go about asking someone to come to Parent's Day.

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