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Chapter 4

The light of the sun streamed through a window, and shown directly onto the face of the young woman asleep in her bed. She stirred at the bright light before groaning and hiding her face in the blue blanket covering the bed. The door into the bedroom opened and a woman with close-cropped, pepper colored hair stepped in. Upon seeing the girl hidden amongst the sheets the woman sighed before walking to the bed. She considered the black tufts of hair peaking out, and then yanked the blanket down off the teenager.

With an undignified squawk Videl tumbled off her bed and glared up at the woman who was not even attempting to hide the amusement she found in the ruffled appearance of her granddaughter.

"Grandma, what was that for," shouted Videl, rather disgruntled at the method chosen to wake her up.

Mrs. Katsumi Satan put her hands on her hips and schooled her face into a disproving scowl. "Excuse me for attempting to make sure you are not late for school."

Videl's eyes widened and her head snapped around to look at the clock on her bedside table. If possible, her eyes widened even further and she leapt up to begin frantically looking for what to wear. Her grandmother just smiled slightly and shook her head in amusement before leaving the room to prepare something for Videl to eat, knowing she would probably forget in her rush.

A few minutes later Videl flew into the kitchen. Mrs. Satan was relieved to see that Videl had chosen something nicer than her usual attire to wear that day. In a pair of dark blue jeans and a red t-shirt that was only slightly too large Videl looked much more sophisticated, especially with her hair pulled back into a more mature ponytail. She sat at the small wooden table and began shoving as much of the cereal set out for her into her mouth without choking as possible.

The older woman waited patiently for the teenager to finish her breakfast and calmly asked how long it normally took to fly to Orange Star High. Videl swallowed her most recent mouthful and answered as she brought another spoonful to her mouth, "About ten minutes."

"Well, we had best leave now then, shouldn't we," said Mrs. Satan glancing meaningfully at Videl's watch. Videl quickly stood up from the table, managing to fit in a few more mouthfuls before depositing her bowl into the sink. Grabbing her grandmother's hand and practically dragging the woman outside she said, "Well, let's get going then."

The classroom was already filled with students and their guests when Videl burst in with her grandmother just in time for the bell starting class. Videl sighed in relief as she led her guest to a seat. The other guests were all sitting together in the front of the room behind the teacher's desk.

As Videl climbed the steps to her customary spot she noticed Gohan sitting slumped over, his head propped up on his cupped hands and his eyes shadowed by inky black hair. He looked tired. I wonder what's wrong with him, thought Videl, I don't think I've ever seen him this worn looking.

Nudging Gohan with her elbow, she asked, "Hey, who did you bring?"

Gohan lifted his head slightly to look at the girl and Videl sucked in a soft breath. His face was a blank mask, smooth and unrevealing; his eyes shuttered closed hiding any emotions contained within. In a dull voice he replied, "No one. He … couldn't make it."

"Oh, I'm sorry," responded Videl not knowing what else she could say. She turned to talk to Sharpner and Erasa who were chatting amicably when the teacher called for attention. The class quieted down surprisingly fast considering how often Mr. Brandon usually had to yell at them to settle down. His eyebrows rose in pleased surprise at the uncharacteristically good behavior.

"Well then, I suppose we can get started since everyone has arrived," said Mr. Brandon. "Alright, now what we're going to do is have each of you introduce your guest", he gestured to the adults lining the wall behind him, "and then tell everyone why you picked that person to come with you today. Will that work for everyone?" He waited for the class to murmur 'yes' and nod their heads before continuing. "Okay, good. So who would like to go first?" No one said anything. "Anyone?" They started shifting nervously. Mr. Brandon sighed, "Fine I'll pick who goes first."

Glancing around the room, Mr. Brandon realized noticed most of the students avoiding his gaze and trying to look inconspicuous. He shook his head in amusement, and then suddenly had an idea. Smiling and clasping his hands together Mr. Brandon turned to face the guests. "Oh I know, how about one of you volunteer for your student since they all seem so hesitant." He said this with a gleeful grin on his face.

The adults looked around at each other then a man with blond hair jumped up. "Well," he said, "let's go Sharpner. Introduce me to your classmates; I know you were looking forward to this."

Sharpner groaned and thunked his head on his desk. "That doesn't mean I wanted to go first Dad."

And so it began, after Sharpner and his father people began volunteering more readily. When it was Videl's turn there were groans of regret that she didn't bring Hercule, but when both her and her grandmother glared at the class and Videl said, "Oh get over it, you know everything there is to know about my father. Yeah, he is a good fighter, but that is about the extent of his expertise. Grandmother has helped me become who I am much more than my dad."

When Videl was finished and the applause had died down, Gohan hunched further into his seat.

"Alright, so who is next?" Mr. Brandon looked around and frowned when no one said anything. "Is that everyone? Mr. Son you have not gone yet." He glanced behind him, "Where is your guest?"

Gohan looked up and grimaced, "I don't have one," he explained. At the teacher's confused then frustrated face, Gohan hastened to continue, "He said he would try to meet me this morning but when he didn't show up I knew he wouldn't be coming. I'm sorry but he just isn't here."

"Oh, well you can still tell us about them give the presentation, we'll just have to skip his chance to tell us about you. Would that work for you Mr. Son?"

"Um, okay, guess I could do that." Gohan stood up slowly and walked down to the front of the room. He stood there awkwardly for a little, looking around nervously. "Well, um, the one I had planned to come with me is named..." He was interrupted by a knock on the door and he shut his mouth quickly.

Mr. Brandon sighed. "One minute Mr. Son." He walked around his desk and opened the door to reveal a tall man shifting nervously in the doorway. He was wearing a long-sleeved shirt and dress pants. "May I help you, sir?"

He spoke in a deep voice, "I'm here as the guest for Gohan, this is his class, correct?" He raised one finely arched eyebrow at this remark.

At his voice Gohan shifted so he could see the man and his mouth dropped open. With his eyes wide open and a confused expression on his face, Gohan exclaimed, "Mr. Piccolo?"

The now identified Piccolo smirked and stepped more fully into the room. "Hey Kid, sorry I'm late."

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