A Cinderella Business Deal

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Author: After some time I've come up with another story so this is basically my second try. Please NO flames. My heart can't take it constructive criticism yes but no flames please and thank you. Anyway, I hope you enjoy this story, Au revoir.

Chapter 1

"Good evening Mr. Kaiba," the butler greeted as Seto Kaiba stormed angrily into the mansion.

"Shut up, and you're fired!" he yelled.

As Kaiba sat down on the couch next to his brother he groaned in frustration.

" Seto, he didn't even do anything." Mokuba said trying to reason with his brother and of course failing.

"So! Why the hell was he telling me 'good afternoon'" he said mocking the butler, " do I look like I'm having a good evening! And another thing I'm not paying him to talk, jus to open the frickin' door!"

"Well, I take it that the business deal with Pegasus didn't go too well huh?"

" Didn't go well, it was a disaster!" he shouted again, " Gay freak."

"Who'd he give it to?" Mokuba asked.

"No one yet."

"So what's the problem?"

"He said I have to be a family man to get his company. I am a family man!"

Mokuba burst out laughing, "No. You're not."

Kaiba gave his brother a cold glare.

"Sorry Seto but it's true. So what are you going to do about it? Are you give up on trying to get it?"

"Are you crazy mokuba? Getting that company is absolutely essential!" he shouted.

"Ok, alright, I'm not deaf. Well what are you going to do Seto? I mean it's pretty obvious that you're not a family man."

Kaiba remained silent for a while when an idea struck him, " I'm going to get married."

Mokuba fell off the couch at his brothers' words.

"What! Are you out of your flippin' mind!"

" You know I don't joke around."

"Well you've got to be kidding for this! So you're going to find some girl to pose as your wife just for you to get NanoTech from Pegasus?"


"Whew," mokuba let out a breath.

"Not pose. Really marry me, so that they wouldn't think that it's fake." Kaiba said with a determined look on his face.

"You are nuts," Mokuba said in disbelief, " well I hope you know what your doing."

"Yes, I do don't worry Mokuba."

"What kind of girl?"

"I don't know. Of course she has to be to my liking or they'll never believe it."

"Ha. Good luck finding someone to your liking. Oh, wait, that would be kind of hard huh? Considering the fact that you don't like anybody."

"Trust me, I'll find someone. I want that company and I'm not going to give up until I get it."

(A week later)

"So you find anybody yet?" Mokuba asked as he entered his brother's office at home.

"Not one person. God, I never knew how hard it was to find someone with at least 1/10

Of a brain."

Mokuba suddenly got an idea, "Hey, I know someone you might like."

"I appreciate your help Mokuba, but I'm not about to marry a bunch of 12 year olds."

"She's not 12 stupid. She's my English teacher and she's smart enough. I think you'll consider her to have a portion of a brain. Are you interested?"

"I don't think I have a choice, I need someone to do this and fast. I'm running out of time."

"Ok cool. You got a deal."

(At Mokuba's School)

"Okay everyone you may got to break now."

"Thank you Miss Wheeler," a few of the children replied before rushing out the door.

Serenity Wheeler packed up and was about to leave when one of her students had suddenly approached her.

" Excuse me Miss Wheeler," Mokuba addressed her.

"Oh mokuba. Yes, is something wrong?" she asked shifting her heavy books into one hand and fixing her glasses with the other before it fell off her face.

"No miss, I was just wondering if you'd like to have dinner with me and my brother tonight?"

"My brother and I," she corrected.

"Yeah, that. So well will you come?"

"Well if your brother 's alright with it."

" Yeah. I asked him, he said he doesn't mind at all."

"Well, … alright."

"Great here's my address. I'll see you later. Bye!" Mokuba said running off to call his brother.

"Hello?" Kaiba answered.

"Hey Seto, it's me. She's coming so get home early okay, bye," he hung up.

'Phase 1 complete.' He thought