A Cinderella Business Deal

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Chapter 6

Serenity struggled down the stairs with 4 huge suitcases in her tiny arms. While Kaiba was at the bottom of the staircase just watching her struggle.

"Well would you please help me!" Serenity said in a huff, "You're just standing there watching me suffer with these things!"

Kaiba smiled, "Actually, I was really looking forward to you falling down the stairs so I can laugh at your sad, pathetic self… again."

Serenity dropped her suitcases unto the stairs and glared at him with her hands on her hips.

"Don't make me hurt you… again."

"Oh really? Then you can bring those down by yourself, good luck," he said walking off.

"No, no, no Kaiba please come back and help me. I didn't mean it I'm sorry," she said leaving her luggage and running after him.

"Wow, you are really pathetic aren't you?" Kaiba asked laughing at her.

"Hey, nobody ever told you to fire the butler again and not replace him or to have such a long staircase."

"I couldn't replace him just like that if I fired him last night."

"Whatever do you forgive me?"

"Do you admit you're pathetic?"

"If I do will you get my bag and shut up?"


Serenity sighed, "I'm pathetic. Now you can go bring down my suitcases."

"Mmm… I don't think I want to."

"What? I held up my end of the deal."

"So did I. Probably is not a straight answer and therefore I could choose yes or no and I choose no. Besides whether or not you admitted you pathetic doesn't matter to me cause I already know you are and I wasn't bringing down those suitcases in the first place."

"Hey, everyone ready?" Mokuba asked walking in with his 2 suitcases.

"Would you please talk to your selfish brother!" Serenity screamed in frustration.

"What did you do?"

"I, didn't do anything. Why do you always take her side?"

"Exactly!" Serenity cried, " He didn't do anything!"

"I don't always take her side and if he didn't do anything what's the problem?"

"He won't help me with my suitcases and they're too heavy for me too carry, they're still on the second step," she wined.

"Ask her how many suitcases she's got."

"I am getting so fed-up of you two. How many?"

"Just 4."

"Just 4? Serenity it's just for 3 days why do you have 4 suitcases?"

"This is proof that she has never left her home far less the country," Kaiba said.

"Ok Serenity, you didn't need to pack so many suitcases…" Mokuba started.

"Exactly. Thank you."

"… but since this is the first time you've ever traveled, we could forgive you for that," he continued.

"HA!" Serenity shouted at Kaiba.

"Also Seto, you're supposed to be nice to Serenity," Mokuba reminded him.

"Oh hell no! Kiss my ass! Why the hell should I do that?" Kaiba yelled.

"Because I'm your wife god damn it!"

Kaiba was silent for a moment, "Oh shit, yea, I forgot."

"When we arrive you both have to be nice to each other, so practice," Mokuba reminded them both.

"Fine, gosh I can't wait till we are divorced," Serenity said with venom.

"Did you become a mind reader over night cause that's what I was just thinking."

"Yea hello! This doesn't help. Seto just go and…"

"Look fine alright! Shit! All this for her damn ass bloody suitcases!" Kaiba yelled while Serenity clapped her hand in glee.

"Thank you Kaiba," she said sweetly.

"Yea, yea don't talk to me."

The Kaiba Family finally left to take their private plane to Pegasus' island. After four really very long hours of Serenity ooooing and ahhhing and Mokuba running all over the plane and both of them spinning on the seats and a very annoyed Kaiba yelling at the top of his voice at the both of them, they finally arrived at Duelist Kingdom, Pegasus' private island.

"Thank God. Finally, I couldn't take anymore of you two running around and playing up in your asses anymore."

"Oh come on Seto, lighten up," Serenity said to him.

"Oh yea, it's the first time you've ever seen a plane isn't it. Did you enjoy your adventure?"

"Yes and it would have been a lot better if you had jumped out the plane and no one would bother to find you."

Kaiba gave a quick sarcastic smile and glared at mokuba who was laughing at the both of them.

They all walked up to the castle and entered where there were other businessmen present with their families. To Kaiba's complete and utter horror, Pegasus was greeting everyone and spotted him, so he was now coming over to greet him.

"Oh joy, the fag is here," Kaiba muttered as he saw Pegasus approaching.

Serenity who had heard what Kaiba had said, took one look in Pegasus's direction and burst out laughing.

Mokuba looked at her like she was crazy but he snickered because of her laughter.

Tears were falling down her face and she was clutching her side while holing on to Kaiba and struggling to breathe. She had to admit he was a fag. She thought Kaiba had made it all up but it was true. Which means he really has a 'husband' and she couldn't wait to see him.

"Hello Kaiba boy," Pegasus greeted.

'Kaiba boy?' she thought. Serenity who had just regained her stance wanted to double over again but she knew better so she put on a smile.

"Pegasus," Kaiba simply said clearly annoyed with the stupid nickname.

"Hellooo Mokuba," Pegasus said in a girlish voice.

"Hi," Mokuba said uncomfortably.

"Well Kaiba boy, who's this? Aren't you going to introduce us? Please do, I don't want my feelings hurt you know."

"This is Serenity," he said pushing her forward so that there was something between him and Pegasus, "My wife."

"Hell- wait, you're wife?"

"Yes," Kaiba hissed impatiently.

"Ha ha, nooo way," he said putting his left hand on his hip and waving the other.

"I'm not stupid you know Kaiba."

"Could have fooled me," he whispered.

"What was that Kaiba boy?"

"YOU COULD HAVE FOOLED ME," he kinda shouted for him to hear.

"Ha ha ha, you are so funny. Anyway, I know you probably hired her to pose as your wife with that million dollar ring- which is divine by the way- yea, you can't fool me," Pegasus said in a pompous manner.

Kaiba poked Serenity, signal for 'say something'.

"No, Seto and I have been dating for a while now… a long while and he popped the question some time before your deal and then he told me about it so we didn't really wait for the planned date we just got married."

"Really and how come no one knew about you two dating?"

"Have you ever heard about keeping things on the down low?" Kaiba asked.

"Yea we kept it low," Serenity giggled nervously.

"Oh, so why did no one hear or was invited to the wedding. I invited you to my wedding Kaiba," he said sadly.

"That…that was on the low too. Private wedding just them and me," said Mokuba helping out his brother, "Serenity didn't want any thing big."

"Right…well we'll talk about this later. I'll have one of the servants show you to you're rooms and there's a little party here tonight to welcome all of you. Siegfried and I will be showing up in the same colors, isn't that exciting?" said Pegasus jumping with joy.

"Yea," Kaiba replied in an "alright you're a freak" voice.

"Okay well bye, I'll see you 3 later."

Serenity giggled, "Wow. I swore you were lying about him but man were you right."

The servant showed them 2 rooms. One for Mokuba and one for Serenity and Kaiba,as expected.

"I hope you don't expect us to sleep in the same bed," Serenity said.

"No, of course not. I know you have rabies I don't want to get it."

"Shut up," she growled.

"You see look what's …"

"I said SHUT UP!"

"Do whatever you want and wear something formal tonight maybe it could be pretty since I know you can't tell…"

"Alright that's enough. I know."

"Alright. Tonight is going to be a long night."

"Hey Seto. Wanna match?" Serenity asked rolling on the floor with laughter.

"Don't be mule." Kaiba said walking away.