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Glinda's wedding took place in April. Spring, just like we had planned it. The day was perfect, and the wedding went perfectly. I had a feeling that she had been planning her wedding from the time she was born.

"Hey," said Fiyero as he sat back down in the chair next to mine, handing me Tale.

"Hello," I said absently.

"What's up with you? You seem distant."

"Nothing's wrong," I said, turning to Fiyero. "I'm just observing what a wedding looks like."

"You know," he said, absently running his fingers across my slightly swollen stomach, "we could have had a real wedding. We didn't have to just elope like that."

"Yes, we did," I replied dryly. "If you hadn't been so chicken -Chicken, excuse me-, you could of actually divorced from Sarima. Besides, Glinda would of taken on the position as wedding planner, and you know I don't do white. Or worse: pink."

"Not even once?" Fiyero was begging now.

"Not even once. That trimester's over, Fiyero. I'm going back to being my cynical-bitch-self," I stated.

He sighed. "Fine..but if-"

"Yero, do me a favor?"


"Shut up," I said as sweetly as possible.

My husband lovingly wrapped his arms around me. "Sometimes I don't know why I put up with you."

"And I you."

"I'll be right back," he said standing up and walking off.

"Take your time," I said cynically as he left. When he was out of sight, I stacked sugar packets upon the rim of his champagne glass. Tale, however, was determined that no one was going to mess with her daddy's drink, and knocked them off onto the floor. "Oh well," I said, too swollen to bend over and retrieve them.

"No," she said.

"Oh, I rue the day that I taught you that word."


"Oh, hello, Glinda."

"Elphie, I just want to thank you. For everything."


"No. I appreciate you letting me and Emir staying here until the palace is rebuilt. And I thank you for Emir." She blushed.

I waved her off. "Really, Glinda. Where else would you of stayed?"

"Well, we didn't have to have the palace rebuilt-"

"Yes, you did. I would of tore it down with my teeth if you hadn't decided to get it redone. That was disgusting, finding Morrible's body in there like that." I shuddered. "Besides, do you really think Fiyero and I would visit you at that palace where we almost died?"

"What about Tale and Zamurrad?"

"Glinda. Tale can say 'no', and Zamurrad isn't even born yet. They are the minority."

"Oh..true. Anyways, thank you." She quickly moved to hug me before I could move away.

"Ugh! Hugs!"

"Oh, come off," said Emir as he came up to Glinda, draping his arm around her. "Her hugs aren't that bad."

I scoffed. "Maybe not to you. Were you a deprived child, Emir?"

"Slightly, actually."

"Well, join the club."

"You should never of invited her to your wedding, you know that, right?" Asked Fiyero as he seated himself back in his chair. "Why are there sugar packets on the floor?"

"No reason," I replied coolly.


"So, Glinda, when are you and Emir going to have a child?"

Glinda immediately flushed. "Oh…um…er-"

"You're pregnant, aren't you?" I asked, dryly stating the obvious.

Glinda nodded.

"Good job, Glin."

"Pft. As if you can say anything," she said, nodding towards my belly.

I shrugged. "How long did you say that it's going to take to build the palace again? I'm not sure I can take anymore Glindaficationess."

"A couple of months. Then we're going to get someone, a Unionist, I guess, to bless. Don't want Oscar or Morrible's spirits haunting us…"

I shivered. "Yes, it was kind of scary. Finding her slumped over that desk, dead…with my name written in her blood. Creepy-"

"Hello!" cried Glinda. "This is a wedding! My wedding to be specific! Can we not have depressing at my wedding?"

"Fine, Glinda."

"Speech! Speech! Speech!"

I smiled as Glinda and Emir ran -or pranced- off to go say their demanded speech. Fiyero demandingly tapped his glass with his knife, cracking the top. He immediately threw the knife aside. "You didn't see that."

"See what?"

"Right." Fiyero took my hand. "You are happy like this, aren't you? Sometimes even I can't tell."

Happiness was an emotion that I wasn't even sure existed in the depths of my soul. Well, I had no soul…so could I be happy? I thought hard for a moment. Despite the pain that I had suffered in the past year, I didn't think I could be happier. "Yes, Yero my hero, I'm happy." It seemed that everyone was happy: Glinda had Emir and was married, Adara got Abasi back and had gone back to Ev to rule, and I…I had Fiyero.

He squeezed my hand and smiled. "I'm glad. Fae, I know I've promised this to you a thousand times, but you won't live like you did when you were a child. You won't be deprived of anything. Especially love."

Fiyero, ever the fatalist. I kissed his cheek quickly and went back to observe Glinda and Emir as they danced. Out of the corner of my eye, I saw Fiyero playing with Tale. I smiled a small smile. My life had turned out drastically different than I had ever thought it would be: happy.


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