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"I'm not as perfect as I wish

I'm sorry if I disappointed you

But that's the truth, the simple truth."

-The Simple Truth by ME-

-Gunfire In The Night-

She looked at him with pleading eyes. Please. Please save me was what she was saying with her eyes. They gleamed in the torches fire. Jack looked away unable to look at the dreadful sight before him. "You touch one hair on her…" said Sawyer but was interrupted in mid sentence. "You have until three to drop the weapons before she gets shot," said the man. "One," he said slowly. "Two," the pop of one of the many buttons on the gun could be heard. "Three," he said. "Wait," said Jack. He dropped his gun on the cloth and then so did Locke and Sawyer. But since this is my story (and just for warning it is yet ANOTHER one of my 'WHAT IF' stories) 'what if' Jack didn't say wait and didn't realize the words that the man was saying were true.