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"Can you take it all away?

Cam you take it all away?

When you shoved it my face?

Just like you did to me?"

-Blurry by Puddle Of Mud-

"Oh god," said Jack running up to Ana and checking her pulse, finding none.

Kate was still in shock as she scooted over to Libby and felt her pulse only to be coughed on, blood spattering onto her face.

"She's alive!" Kate said.

Jack rushed over to Libby, applying pressure.

"Help me get her over here," said Jack lifting Libby up with Kate's help, bringing her over to the bed.

Kate went and wiped her face off with a paper towel and looked at the open gun room.

And then she saw Michael, someone familiar, someone she remembered…

Flashes through her mind, Kate wanting to get onto the raft, when she was helping Michael get better when he was poisoned.

"Kate!" Michael yelled as others walked her down a white hall.

"Michael!" she said trying to reach him. She finally did and held his hand. "We'll get out of here," she said before the others ripped her from their grip.

"Oh god," she whispered. "Michael's here!" she screamed.

Michael moaned in all the chaos, his shoulder bleeding.

"Get him in here!" yelled Jack.

"Michael," she said trying to sit him up.

"He's gone," said Michael.

"Who?" asked Kate. "Who's gone?"

"Him," said Michael moving his eyes to hers.

They had Ana and Libby's funeral a while later. Everyone spoke, every single survivor. But soon enough, everything was quiet, yet normal.

Kate was getting bigger by the day, week, and month for sure.

And Jack was there to help her, all along the way.

And as she sat in the sand, watching the sun set slowly she saw something, a shadow. And as it came closer she realized what it was.

"HEY! IT'S A BOAT!" she yelled standing up and pointing at it. And everyone was by her side in an instant. "It's a boat!"

And it sailed towards them, getting closer and closer by the minute, second even. And it finally reached the shore.

The End

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