Kali fell asleep that night with the man she loved sleeping next to her.

The Elves broke free of the orcs several months later. When the last battle was over Legolas and Beleg went into the dungeons to find their loved ones. Imbehir was found chained to the wall; she died in Beleg's arms. She never knew her son had been captured as well. After they had carried her body up to the surface they traveled back down, this time with Aragorn and Gimli. They searched in vain for hours. Legolas had almost given up hope when they opened one door and saw two people lying on a cot. Kali was huddled close to Celemir. Legolas knelt next to his daughter and softly caressed her face. Her eyes fluttered open and stared at her father.

"Cel said you would come." She whispered. Cel's head jerked up and he smiled weakly.

"Hey, Dad, what took so long." His arm tightened around Kali.

"I think we are gonna have a wedding sometime soon!" laughed Beleg as he helped his son to his feet. Legolas scooped his daughter into his arms and they left those dungeons forever.

Beleg mourned for his wife for months before he sailed to the Havens. When the boat docked Saywen stood on the pier. "Beleg, where is Imbehir?" she asked; dreading the answer.

"She was killed." He muttered.

"My daughter?" Saywen led Beleg to a bench.

"She is a great swords maiden. Married to Celemir. Her father had fun giving her away." Saywen's face paled.

"Her what?"

"Her father." A voice from behind startled her. Saywen quickly swirled around. Before her stood Legolas tall and proud with a beautiful girl standing beside him. The girl was leaning into a man that looked a little like Beleg.

"Saywen, I'd like you to meet your daughter and son-in-law." The girl stepped forward.

"Mother." She nodded her head slowly. Saywen pulled Kali into a tight embrace. Kaleniel shied away slightly.

"What's wrong?"

"I am still recovering from many badly broken ribs."


Celemir stepped forward. "Remember me?"

"How could I forget, you are the boy who was always stabbing beetles with sticks."

"Yes, now I only stab orcs." Saywen smiled. Celemir stepped behind Legolas and nudged him in the back.

"Go on man." He whispered. Legolas smiled and stepped forward. He grabbed Saywen and pulled her into an impassioned kiss. It was then everyone knew- They were all a family. Members were missing, but they were a family.

This is it! I hope it ended the way you wanted to. I'm probably going to be posting other stories sometime soon so I hope for you all to read them as well!