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The story takes place a few days after Y+T's Reunion...

Chapter 1


'Mmmm...' Yuna said feeling sleepy but happy, her head on Tidus' shoulder and both lying on the beach near Besaid.

Tidus leaned over and kissed Yuna on the head, happy to be back but still wondering how he returned.

'Yuna...' He whispered accidentally waking her up from her gentle sleep. She looked up at him with her green and blue eyes, her face asking a question.

'I...' Tidus started, looking up towards the calm blue ocean, 'I was wondering... if you... I don't know...' He looked down at his gloved hands and didn't finish his sentence.

Yuna straightened up and tilted her head a bit to see a clear view of his face.

'What did you want to say?' She asked, her eyes glimmering in the sunlight. He looked up from his hands and stared at her for awhile before saying anything.

'Its just that... people... ya' know... expect... you and me... to, uh... ya' know...' He said uncomfortably trying to avoid her gaze. He didn't need to say more, she already knew

what he was saying from the start but... was she ready? They sat their on the sandy beach, both still and silent in thought, when Yuna broke the silence with one of her sighs.

'Tidus, I-'

'Yuna,' He said cutting her off, 'I'm not pressuring you into anything... but I was just saying, yeah?' Helookedto her and gave one of those knowing smiles.

'No.' She said softly but with firmness in her voice, 'I love you Tidus and if I had to spend the rest of my life with someone it would definitely be you, no one else.' She smiled at

him as if to settle that matter.

Ever since he came back all she could do was smile or laugh cause she was so happy he returned. How he came back? She didn't know but she just hoped he wouldn't fade again

like what happened two years ago... she shivered at the mere thought of it and pushed it to the back of her mind, there it will stay, for now.

'Really, Yuna? Are you serious!' He asked not noticing her shiver. His blue eyes were wide with amazement and curiosity. Yuna chuckled a little and nodded, a smile starting to

creep on her face.

'Wahoo...!' He shouted grabbing her off the ground and doing a little jig, grinning from ear to ear. One look at him made her start to burst out laughing. Suddenly he stopped

dancing, a serious look on his face.

'I'm sorry, Yuna...' He said quietly. Yuna was confused and startled, what is he apologizing for? She wondered out aloud.

'When I faded...' He explained to her in a sort of distant voice making her remember about that painful memory, 'You said you loved me...'

Of coarse... Yuna said to herself, How could I forget? She remembered her falling through him when she tried reaching out to hug him, she remembered standing up from the hard

ground saying those three words and then finally getting to feel his hug for one last time. Yuna blinked hard, trying to stop her water works which was pretty hard cause all her

feelings were always bottled up inside her. No, she said to herself, he's back and that's what matters, just think that Yuna, just think that.

'I didn't get a chance to say it back...' He said looking at her face more intently seeing her sad far-away look , 'So Yuna... that's why I'm saying sorry.' She shook her head, also

shaking her painful thoughts away, and tried her best to grin at him.

'Is that all you were going to say?' She asked in mock tease, trying to forget that memoir. He laughed then started running off into the sea, his blonde hair shining in the sun and his

Zanarkand Abes necklace twinkling in the light.

'Of coarse!' He shouted at her innocently from the sea, 'What else?'

Yuna put her hand to her chest and made a fake surprised look on her face.

'Tidus, how could you?' She accused him but then cracked up laughing. She started running after him, the wind whistling past her ears and the soft flapping from the gulls above.

Tidus smiled cheekily and splashed her with water. Yuna blinked, surprised and startled, then she smiled slyly at him.

'You are so.. going to pay for that!' She shouted, pushing a wave of water full force,

destination: Tidus.

This was it, Tidus thought to himself getting hit by Yuna's surprisingly huge wave of water, The splash fight has begun! He grinned to himself getting ready to aim some water

towards his smiling Yuna.

A little way off from where Yuna and Tidus were having their splash/water fight, someone was in the woods watching them. They looked at the pair splashing playfully in the sea

and shook their head.

'No...' The voice whispered to them self, hurt and shocked, 'Don't marry. E muja oui...' The figure turned around and started running back to the village.

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