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Chapter 3

Three days after..

KNOCK KNOCK! Yuna turned around from fixing the white cover that was on her face, her gaze meeting the door.

'Yunie? Can I come in?' The brunette nodded then suddenly realised that no one was there to actually see her nod. She giggled to herself, she felt so excited!

'Why are you laughing?' Rikku's annoyed voice came from the other side of the door.

'Nothing!' Yuna exclaimed with a wide smile as she went over to open it for Rikku.

'Wow..' They both whispered under their breaths as they looked at each other in awe.

'What are you talking 'bout Yunie! Look at you, your-'

'Beautiful!' Yuna exclaimed finishing the sentence though it was directed to Rikku. The Al Bhed blushed.

'Pffttt! Not compared to you!' The Thief said looking Yuna up and down making the summoner, this time, blush red.

Yuna had on a long velvet white garment, the material reached all the way from her to the other side of the room! She had on white gloves to match with her dress, and the gloves reached up to her elbows. The brunette was wearing no makeup on, which Tidus ordered her not to because he wanted her to look perfect the way she was. On Yuna's feet she wore transparent glass high heels and wherever she stepped on it made a small chink. Yuna's hair was pulled back also, to reveal her pure white face and on each side of her face small white flower clips were placed on her hair to make it stay put. Her face was covered though with the white veil she was fixing onto her head before.

'Nice..' Rikku said in a mock slick voice nodding her head in a seductive way. Yuna giggled.

'No but I'm serious Rikku! You look amazing!' Yuna gushed her insides were fluttering happily.

Rikku giggled. 'You think so?' Yuna nodded in approval and started checking her cousin out.

The Al Bhed had on a yellow dress with light green flowers all over, Rikku had protested she wouldn't wear the pink dress unless it was somehow dyed into yellow. Whilst Yuna's dress just flowed down easily giving the brunette a nice angelic touch, the dress on Rikku hugged her hips and showed off her beautful curves. The yellow dress started from the tops of her bosoms and down to her knees. She had also made a fuss that her dress had to be short too. Rikku had put her hair down, with no braids, she had a pink rose on her left ear and her hair was straightened. The Al Bhed had put on a light red lipgloss on and a little bit of foundation on her cheeks. The blonde head was also wearing cute flat green shoes to match with the dress.

'Dryhg oui Yuna!' The theif exclaimed happily and looked onto her fake watch, 'But we really gotta be going..'

'Yes, we have to go now they are waiting, Yuna..' YR looked up to see the third part of their group and both gasped in shock. Paine rolled her eyes but inside she felt really uncomfortable.

'Oh my..' Yuna whispered staring at Paine while her bi-colored eyes were protruding out of her sockets.

Rikku managed to surpress a laugh but instead let out a half snort. 'Well.. I didn't think you'd actually wear the dress Dr. P!'

'Shut up!' Paine hissed though she was going a bit pink. Yuna and Rikku giggled like two teenage girls who had crushes.

The warrior had on a red satin dress, which her two friends had suggested for her to wear. It crossed at the front, coming from the back of her neck down to the front. The crimson dress was a bit revealing and so, Paine had put a black thin velvet scarf to cover most of her skin. She had told them, that if she wore high heeled stilletos at the wedding, she would instantly chop their heads off and so they gave her black leather boots which were knee high. The warrior didn't care about make up and so she just left her face the way it was, just like Yuna.

'You look stupid with that on!' Rikku shouted finally starting to laugh her head off, 'Take that black thing off!'

'NO!' Paine growled holding tightly on the scarf that was covering her.. female part. (A/N: that sounds wrong.. LOL :P)

The thief pouted. 'FINE! Then just wear-'

'I am not wearing that pink flower..' Paine interjected coldly.

'You don't have to!' Yuna quickly said grabbing the flower that her cousin was going to put on Paine's ear. The brunette gave Rikku a piercing stare and smiled happily again.

'Ok then!' She exclaimed clasping her hands together, 'Oh, Yevon!' Yuna fell to the ground and started breathing hard.

'What's wrong?' Rikku asked in a very worried tone as she quickly sat besides the jittery summoner.

'She's getting cold feet..'

Rikku gasped. 'What? No wonder! Let's get those shoes off.. Paine! Get me a hot water bottle!' Yuna laughed though she couldn't stop herself from sounding nervous.

The warrior rolled her eyes. 'Why do I even bother?' She asked quietly to herself.

'No, no Rikku! "Cold feet" is a metaphor!' Yuna explained gently as her cousin was trying to take the glass slippers off of Yuna's feet. The Al Bhed looked at Yuna with a confused face.

The brunette explained gently. 'Um.. well, "cold feet" is like saying.. your nervous or doubting or.. having second thoughts about something.'

Rikku gasped again. 'Y-you mean.. your having second thoughts about the wedding?'

Yuna shook her head violently. 'Then why did Paine say that then?' Rikku asked giving the said woman a glare.

Paine sighed heavily. 'It was only a suggestion.. maybe Yuna's just overwelmed by the whole wedding situation..'

'Whatever!' Rikku retorted sneering at the red-eyed woman.

'YUNA!' They all turned to the raven-haired mage who was puffing wildly, 'Get to the temple now!' Yuna bit her lip and stood up, her insides flipping from side to side.

'Wow Lulu!' Rikku exclaimed, 'You look hot!' Lulu smiled but hurried them out whilst Rikku kept commenting on the mage's dress.


'I take this ring, as a token of my love for you, Yuna..' Tidus continued whilst some tears started falling from his azure eyes, 'I will always take care of you in sickness and in health.. in our everyday living with each other.. I will always love you.. and this ring is to remind you that I will always be with you wherever you are.. I will always be your guardian always and forever..'

The cocky man smiled with true happiness as he slipped the diamond studded ring onto Yuna's small finger. The girl was smiling too, joyful tears also falling from her bi-colored eyes and she also took the other ring from the ring bearer who was the little lispy boy from before.

'Sorry for sounding a bit corny..' Tidus whispered to Yuna in a cheeky voice before she started her own speech. Yuna shook her head with a smile and nearly laughed, though the Zanarkand man could not see since her face was still covered with the white veil.

'Tidus.. I love you with all my being, my heart and soul.. this ring is a promise to always be with you and love you.. no matter what may happen.. things will never be the same if I had never met you on my pilgrimage..' She smiled happily and continued on, 'This ring is also a symbol of love.. so even if we fight.. and I might not speak to you for awhile.. this ring will remind me that I will always care..' Tidus and among others in the crowd laughed heartily making Yuna smile as she put the other ring on Tidus' tanned finger.

The priest man(A/N: Sori.. I don't know what to call it/him.. :S) coughed loudly, wiped tears of laughter from his eyes and clapped his hands together, whilst looking at the couple standing in front of him.

'You may now-'

'Finally!' Tidus leaned over and raised the veil from Yuna's face. 'Wow..'

Yuna blushed a shade of red and pouted playfully. 'Aren't you going to kiss me now?'

Everyone started laughing at the couples comments. 'KISS HER ALREADY, TI!' Everyone looked towards the bubbly Rikku who was grinning widely at them and nodding, 'COME ON!'

Tidus laughed again and turned back to the expectant Yuna. 'May I-'

The Al Bhed squealed starting to clap as everyone saw Yuna capture Tidus' lips with hers. They pulled back and Tidus.. was blushing! Rikku wolf whistled and the wedding march started playing.

'May I announce the newly wedded couple..' The priest man declared, 'LADY YUNA AND SIR TIDUS!'

Everyone erupted with applause and stood up to give the couple a standing ovation.

"Lady" Yuna turned to the crowd with a smile and started waving happily. Tidus pecked her on the cheek, making her blush and started waving too.


'Congratulations..' Yuna and Tidus turned towards a white haired man who was holding a gift.

'Oh, hello Sir Baralai!' Yuna exclaimed and bowed to him whilst Tidus just stood their looking lost.

'May I add.. you two.. you guys were very funny in the wedding ceremony..' He started laughing.

'Yeah, we were.. but, yeah.. that's just us!' Tidus said proudly and put his arm around the red faced summoner. Baralai smiled at them then suddenly caught sight of Paine in the red dress, from across the room.

'Excuse me.. I need to go somewhere..' He bowed and headed over to the warrior.

Suddenly the room was filled with a beautful familiar melodic song.

'This song.. is dedicated to the newly weds!' Rikku exclaimed, she was the host for the reception and also the DJ. Lenne's voice started singing.

'This.. this is the song.. that I sang.. with lenne..' Yuna whispered in Tidus ear, remembering vividly of that tragic day.

The cocky man smiled. 'Well, you know.. it sounds nice.. and I betcha that your voice sounds awesome. So.. can you sing along with it.. whilst.. you dance with your new man?' Yuna blushed a shade of red and nodded. Tidus pulled her close to his torso as he put his arms around her waist and she in turn put her's around his neck, leaning close to his ear.

She picked up where the song left off and started singing sweetly in a soft gentle voice into Tidus' ear.

Your words were like a dream..

But dreams could never fall me

Not that easily..

Tidus smiled and held her more tightly onto his wife as some of their other friends started dancing near them.

I acted so distant then,

Didn't say goodbye before you left..

'Yeah, you didn't.. you just said "I love you.."' Tidus whispered sadly into the summoner's ear. She stopped suddenly, gave a sad smile as some tears started falling from her eyes and kissed him on the cheek.

You'll fight your battles far from me..

Far too easily..

Save your tears cause I'll come back,

I could hear that you whispered as you walked through that door..

'I love you, Yuna.. you know that.. I always will..' Yuna put her head on his broad shoulder and kept on singing whilst more tears started falling.

But still I swore,

To hide the pain while I turned back the pages

Shouting might've been the answer..

What if I cried my eyes out and begged you not to depart?

'I would've died, Yuna.. I would've died inside..' Yuna started sobbing, receiving a few worried glances from Lulu and Wakka who were dancing next to them.

'I'm sorry.. I'm sorry for making you cry.. I can't stand it when you cry.. it really hurts me.. I'm sorry, Yuna..' Tidus whispered softly in a hurt voice as Yuna gripped onto him like she was afraid he would dissapear once again.

'Never leave me, Tidus.. please just promise me that..'

The young blonde man didn't say anything for a moment. 'I.. I can't.. I'm sorry Yuna.. but I can't.. I can't make a promise that I might break.. you wouldn't trust me after that.. it's up to the fayth, I guess..'

Yuna nodded. 'I understand..' She mumbled sadly.

Tidus sighed and put her chin up so they could look directly at each other. 'You know Yuna.. if I knew I wouldn't leave you.. you'd know that I would promise, right?' Yuna nodded and tried cracking a smile but failed miserably.

'I know..' She whispered then lay her head back on his shoulder. He smiled sadly and started swaying to the music as she started singing again.

Oh a thousand words

One thousand embraces

Will cradle you

Making all of your weary days seem far away

They'll hold you forever..

Suddenly the music came to a stop.

'Ok peeps! That's enough of that one!' Rikku piped up eyeing her cousin then back to the surprised and confused crowd, 'Next song!'

Tidus let go of Yuna and brought her to a nearby table as the next song came on.

'You 'kay?' Rikku asked as she walked up to them and sat down next to Yuna.

Yuna forced a smile and nodded. 'Yes, I'm fine.. where's Paine?'

Rikku giggled and pointed to the dancefloor where Paine was standing awkwardly, with Baralai who was trying to dance with her. They all started laughing and Paine caught them staring her way.

'Help me!' Her lips mimed as Baralai struck a pose.

The Al Bhed shook her head and gave Paine a superior smirk, receiving a glare back from the warrior.

'Hey, Cid's girl!' Rikku's eyes went wide with shock as two hands were placed on her shoulder making her force to turn around.

'Gippal?' She squeaked in fright.

He smirked. 'Yeah! That's me! Wanna dance?' Before the shocked young girl could reply back, Gippal had already pulled her to the dancefloor and forced her close to him. The Al Bhed directed a fake puking face to Yuna and got hit lightly on the head by Gippal, the summoner laughed as she stared at all her friends dancing.

'You know.. when I first saw you.. after all those years.. I didn't know it was you..'

Yuna turned towards him with a quizical look. 'I thought I'd lost my Yuna..' He whispered in a sad voice as he looked down onto his hands, 'Man.. this suit is making me really itch now..'

Yuna chuckled a bit then quickly turned serious. 'What do you mean you lost your Yuna?'

'Uhh.. cause.. you changed!' He exclaimed nervously, 'And.. that's why.. you know..'

She nodded. 'Yes.. but you'll never lose me.. no matter how much I change..'

He smiled and cupped her cheek with his warm hand. 'Yeah, I know.. cause you'll always be mine..'

She shook her head and pushed him away suddenly to his surprise. 'No way! You'll always be mine!' She exclaimed playfully.

He chuckled then stood up to stretch. 'Come on let's go change! You must be really tired wearing those shoes.' He pointed at her high heeled glass shoes. She nodded, also standing up and grabbed his neck.

'Carry me to our new hut my husband!' She proclaimed jumping onto him.

He laughed and pulled her up, bridal style(A/N: got that word from Rikku's twin :P love ya girl!) carrying her out the doors.


9 months later..

'Mmmm...' Yuna whispered feeling sleepy but very happy that Tidus was still in solid form. Her head was on her husband's shoulder and they were lying on the beach near Besaid, watching the soft lapping of the waves tickle their feet.
Tidus leaned over and kissed Yuna on the head, still glad that he was back and still wondering how he returned all those months ago. Though, he was definitely fine without knowing.. he just hoped he wouldn't dissapear and hurt Yuna for the second time.

'Yuna...' He whispered accidentally waking her up from her gentle sleep. She looked up at him with her bi-colored eyes, her face asking a question.

'I...' Tidus started, looking up towards the nice cloud-less sky, 'I was wondering.. if you.. I don't know..' He looked down at his gloved hands and didn't finish his sentence.

Yuna straightened up and tilted her head a bit to see a clear view of his face.

'Hmm? What is it? What did you want to ask?'

He shook his head quickly. 'I just.. have a really weird feeling that we did this before..'

The brunette giggled a bit. 'Me too!' She exclaimed, 'It's like.. dejavu or something!' They both smiled at each other. 'OH!' Yuna looked down onto her bulging stomache, touching it very lightly, 'It kicked!'

The blitzer man grinned widely and also put his hand over his wife's stomache. 'Wow, your right!'

She sighed happily as he put his ear onto it. 'I think I can hear something..' He whispered.


'It's saying.. "lemme out mom! It's so stuffy in here!"'

The pregnant woman started laughing out loudly. 'T-T-Tidus!'

He grinned in a dopey way and kissed her stomache. 'Yes?'

She smiled and quietly shook her head as he lay his head on her lap.

'TIDUS, YUNA! LET'S PLAY BLITZ!' They both looked up to see a very happy Rikku on Gippal's shoulders, splashing near the sea, she was waving for them to come over when suddenly she "accidentally" fell in.

The Al Bhed girl came up from the waves and hit the laughing Gippal with annoyance. Tidus started chuckling making Yuna smile, he stood up and stretched a bit.

'Can I go?' He asked looking down at the smiling Yuna.

The summoner nodded. 'Of course you can!' She watched her man run happily into the waters and unsuccesfully catch the blitz ball that was thrown by the thief. She chuckled a bit as he looked back towards her direction and blushed bright red. Rikku nudged him a big wide grin on her face.

'AHAHA! Tidus is embarassed!'

Tidus turned to her and gave her a warning look. 'Rikku!' He whispered still flushing madly. He turned towards Yuna and waved. She smiled and started waving back. Tidus grabbed the floating ball and chucked it towards Rikku's back.

'HEY TIDUS!' Rikku exclaimed in irratation turning around to the laughing Tidus and gave a pout.

'Don't do that to my girl..' Gippal interjected seriously, staring at the other blonde man with his angry green eyes. The blitz boy put his hands up in defence.

'Hey, I was just playing, you know?'

The machina leader laughed in reply and hit the surprised Tidus' on the shoulder. 'Your too serious bro, lighten up!' The Zanarkand man shrugged and smiled back then quickly looked towards Yuna's direction. The brunette was looking at them with worried eyes but calmed down when they started laughing with each other. She smiled and lay down onto the sand, still watching her friends.

'Yuna!' The summoner turned, towards her raven-haired friend walking up to her underneath the shady trees, and smiled.

'Hello Lulu! How is your one?'

The mage smiled tiredly and sighed. 'Well, everyday I feel like I'm getting bigger and bigger like a balloon!' Yuna nodded and understood what she meant, 'But Wakka has been supporting me a lot!' Lulu turned her gaze towards her husband who was also playing with Vidina and the others.

She giggled a bit making Yuna look at her with raised eyebrows. 'He.. always says that I'm getting more and more beautiful everyday! Even though most of the time.. I feel like a bloated fish!'

'I have a similar thing..'

The mage sat down next to Yuna, holding her stomache in the process.

'LULU! Are you okay?' The summoner asked as she caught sight of Lulu's wincing face.

'Do not worry yourself Yuna.. I'm fine..' The mage said and laughed a bit. The two pregnant woman lay back onto the sand and continued watching their blitz ball playing friends.

'This.. is our story..'

The mage turned her attention from the playing group and turned to Yuna who was happily smiling in content.

'What did you say Yuna?'

Yuna nodded slowly and continued watching her friends, starting to talk. 'Me and Tidus.. are beginning a new life together.. so.. this is finally our story..'

Lulu sighed and closed her eyes calmly. 'Yes.. and you two seem very happy..'

'Yes! We really are!'

The mage smiled and felt Yuna get up, suddenly her eyes flickered open. 'Where you off to?'

The summoner smiled. 'My husband..' She whispered and started walking to the waves, leaving a confused Lulu back. Yuna sighed happily as she continued walking step by step towards the sea, looking directly at her playful Tidus who was too busy having fun to notice her coming to him.


The said man turned towards Yuna who was standing in the shallow part of the ocean a good 10 metres from them.

'YUNA!' He screamed running off to her as she started walking towards him, as in more deeper into the sea.

She stopped suddenly and looked at him with surprise as he struggled in between the currents whilst trying to get to her.

'Get back!' He gasped as he finally got engulfed in the waves.

'TIDUS!' She watched in horror as he slowly got swept off to the direction of the setting sun.

I will always be with you wherever you are.. His voice echoed in her head as she watched on, hurting tears starting to roll down her cheeks.

The brunette opened her eyes suddenly. 'TIDUS!' She screamed sitting bolt right up and looking frantically around. Where was he?

A warm firm hand grasped onto the frightened woman's shoulder. She turned towards a smiling blonde headed man. 'Are you 'kay, Yu?'

She sighed heavily and quickly pulled him into a hug. 'I love you..' She whispered in a soft voice making Tidus wonder what she had just dreamt.

'What happened?' He asked seriously staring at her in concern as they pulled back from the hug.

She shook her head and snuggled up to his chest, wrapping her arms around his waist and sighed happily. 'Nothing.. it's nothing. Is our daughter-'

'WAAAHHHHHH!' They looked up at the direction of the cradle at the end of their bed.

'I'll get it this time.. Yuna, go back to sleep, yeah?' She nodded and lay back down onto the bed, pulling the covers more closer to her body as she felt him climb off the bed.

'Aww.. c'mon.. shh.. go back to sleep..' Yuna heard Tidus soothe their baby daughter and smiled.

This really is our story.. Tidus.. All this time it has always been our story.. She sighed lightly and started drifting into a deep sleep, this time her dream filled with her happy memories of her pilgrimage.. with Tidus.


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