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The old lady led the younger one down the old tunnels to the small fishing village of the mist. Running until they reached the small hut they had purchased.

"I can't thank you enough Oracle!" The young woman cried as she snuggled her baby against her.

The oracle smiled. She would leave in the morning back into Konoha. She had done her job, the small child would grow up normal and safe now. The oracle sighed, she already knew that when the time came, despite the younger woman's wishes, the child Sakura, would have to face her destiny as a marked bride.


Swinging on the counter in the kitchen, bubbly young Haruno Sakura asked, "Mom, tell me again. What is a marked bride?"

The mother sighed. She gave her daughter a quizzed look, her daughter had asked this question a million times. "They are woman born to marry a young Lord. You see, when the young Lords are born there is a bride for them born at the same time, on the same day wearing the same birth markings as the young Lords. The brides with these marks are usually born in a regular village like ours, they're called Marked Brides."

Sakura's eyes lit up, " They're called marked brides because of the birth marks they wear right?" The mother nodded. Sakura smiled, she loved the idea of 2 people being born to be together.

The mother shook her head, "Sakura why don't you go into the village today and have some fun? The village festival will be starting in a hour. I will meet you there." Sakura looked at her other and then smiled, nodding. She ran out the door leaving her mother staring after her. The mother looked out the window with an odd feeling in her stomach. She sensed that things were going to change in the night, that her daughter would have to face her destiny.

Long ago the mother had ran from her village, Konoha, when the village oracle had told her that her daughter Sakura bared the marking of a marked bride. The marked bride of one of the most forbidding clan Lords of all, the Uchiha's youngest, Sasuke. The mother shivered, she had ran from Konoha to the fish village in the mist seeking to protect her daughter even though in her heart she knew that eventually Sakura would be found and taken away to take her place as a marked bride. Then she would be forced to marry the Uchiha. Tears shifted in her eyes, she wanted Sakura to marry for love, not because of some birth marks. It wasn't fair! Sakura would never have a choice on who to marry! It was like she was engaged at birth to marry a man she had never and would probably never meet until her wedding day! It was almost like her daughter had been born with an arranged marriage!

The mother dropped to her knees and prayed, prayed that if her prediction was true and her daughter was to be taken on that night that her daughter would be safe. And eventually be happy.

Sakura skipped through the village to the shore, throwing rocks as far as she could reach. She looked up smiling. It was a beautiful day! There was not one cloud in the sky! She giggled as she ran back into the village and sniffed at the pies being baked. The festival was going to begi shortly, and for that night there would be no chores or work. Just fun, song, and dance! She twirled around. She had a feeling that it would be a night to remember.

Fireworks flashed in the sky as the festival began. Sakura cheerfully ate, and eventually grabbed her mother and danced. The village all together got up and did their traditional dances. Clapping their hands and twirling. Sakura picked up a small child, smiling as she twirled around and the child shrieked and giggled. Her mother took off with a fisherman into the crowd, blushing as the fisherman twirled her around making Sakura grin.

Slowly the music stopped, a horn sounded making the villagers spin around in confusion.

Out of the dark a scream was heard, form the brushed came horses that practically flew. Men leapt out shouting. The villagers tried to run and scatter. Some shrieking in panic. But they were closed off. Sakura brought the child to an adult and ran looking for her mother. As she ran she saw soldiers spilling the blood of innocent men, some taking the children form their mothers. In her ears she heard the sounds of screams as men and woman cried out in protest.

Sakura ran feeling sick in her gut, why would anyone attack a poor fishing village? Their were no rebellion parties or warriors in the village. She looked all over for her mother, running until she saw the hut. She sank to her knees horrified as she saw her hut burn to the ground. She turned to the sound of crying seeing her mother being carried off by a soldier. Sakura shot up running to her mother shouting protests when she was grabbed from behind and eventually, knocked out.

Lady Hinata walked briskly through the courtyard. As angry as her husband Naruto. She stopped when she reached his side.

"You did WHAT!" Her husband shouted. The commander trembled in front of him. "We asked you to attack the village of Sound and find some female attendants in nearby villages for the ladies, and what do you do? You attack a poor, innocent FISHERMAN'S VILLAGE!" The commander put his head down.

Lord Hyuuga Neji and his wife Lady Tenten stood behind Lord Uzumaki Naruto, staring at the commander coldly. "For this you will be put to the dungeon for 3 days and then stripped of you tittle. Because of you, innocent blood was shed." Lord Neji said crisply, his disgust evident.

Ladies Hinata and Tenten turned and watched as soldiers carried children to their weeping mothers, and brought people from the prison chambers. One girl in particular catching their eye.

Lady Tenten walked up to the girl quickly, studying her. The girl was in the arms of a soldier, knocked out cold. For some reason Tenten felt as if she should keep the girl and take care of her, she felt that there was something special about the girl. Something that was pecualiar, and she intended to find out what it was. "Take this girl to my chambers, now!" The soldier nodded and took the girl off, Tenten stared after them.

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