A loud wail ran throughout the Yamanaka household. Lady Yamanaka held her baby close and crooned softly till the baby fell asleep. She glanced up warily as her husband walked in. He looked tired too.

Picking up his tiny, new born daughter's arm he examined a small smudge mark on it. His wife frowned. "What's wrong?" Her husband held up their daughters arm warily. Lady Yamanaka's eyes went wide. "Is it a birthmark?"

Lord Yamanaka nodded. " My friend, Lord Nara was just given a son by his wife at the same time as our daughter was born. I've been told that Lord Nara's son's birthmark looks just like our daughter's." His wife gasped, he nodded. "Our new born daughter, Ino is a marked bride."

Ino woke up abruptly, wailing in a fury. The two parents sighed. "Then may the Lord help him." Lady Yamanaka shook her head. "Because Ino sounds like she'll be loud." Her husband nodded in agreement.

On the other side of town one Lord Nara and Lady Nara were staring at their oddity of a son, who had been sleeping for 2 straight days. Their sweats dropped when their newborn son, Shikamaru opened an eye, smiled at his parents and then went back to sleep. Such had been his routine. He'd awaken for food, change of diapers, or for a smile. But that was it, he spent the rest of the time sleeping.

"I heard he has a marked, bride." Lord Nara whispered, his wife gaping at him. "It's Lord Yamanaka's newborn daughter."

Lady Nara sighed. "Then may the Lord have mercy on us. I have a feeling our son and the new Lady Yamanaka are going to clash hard." Her husband nodded warily. Together they both sighed.

5 years later

"Ino, I want you to meet someone." Lord Yamanaka held open the door for his five year old daughter. "Meet Lord Uchiha and his son Sasuke. We are guests now in their home so be respectful."

Ino nodded and walked inside like the little lady her mother was teaching her to be. Too bad that it all went out the window when she glanced at Sasuke.

Ino stopped dead in the room and gaped. Her eyes went wide and face flushed when she shouted in a very unlike manner. "Damn, you cute!"

If Lord Yamanaka wasn't a man of high rank he would've strode to the nearest wall and repeatedly banged his head on it. But instead he swallowed his embarrassment and gave an akward smile to Lord Uchiha and his son. "I am dreadfully sorry my Lord Uchiha. I'm afraid my daughter is still in that stage where she is very blunt and outspoken. I'm sure you understand your son must have gone through it too."

Lord Uchiha arrogantly snorted. "No I'm afraid I wouldn't know. My son has never been through such a stage. And neither have I."

Lord Yamanaka nodded. " I'm sure." He turned to Ino and frowned. "Hold your tongue next time Ino. This is your last and final warning."

Ino nodded, not actually listening to her father. She instead scooted dazedly to Sasuke. Sasuke blanched and moved away. She smiled dreamily at him, he in turn looked at his father as if pleading for help.

"My, my. Your son seems to be quite the ladies man." Lord Yamanaka smile.

"Of course, he is MY son." Lord Uchiha smirked proudly.

"Does he have a marked bride?"

Lord Uchiha rose a brow, "Why? Is your daughter a marked bride?" He sincerely hoped that is she was, she would not be an Uchiha marked bride because he certainly didn't want her for a daughter in law.

"Yes, she is. She is the marked bride of Lord Nara's son, Shikamaru."

Lord Uchiha let out a whoosh of air. "I see. As for Sasuke I'm not sure if he has a bride. He bears a mark but it is unsure if there is a girl bearing that same mark. Sasuke is sure there is one but I myself am not."

Lord Yamanaka nodded in understanding and smiled down at Sasuke. Sasuke stared emotionlessly back.

"Well, lets go to the sitting room." Lord Uchiha lead the way. Everyone followed but Ino. She stood in the back with a mischeivious smirk.

"Too bad. Because Sasuke will be my husband one day. I'll make sure of it."

Some days later Lady Ino found herself frowning, Sasuke was avoiding her. She could feel it and was mad. She liked Sasuke a lot but she would not allow herself to be ignored. Her daddy said she was too special to be taken lightly. Which means Sasuke should NOT be ignoring her!!

She stomped all thrpugh the courtyard looking around angrily. "Sasuke? Sasuke where are you we need to talk NOW!" She stomped her foot down for emphasis in a bratty way. She turned around a tree still calling for him. "Sasuke? Sas-MMMMM!!" A hand enclosed around her mouth, she struggled.

"QUIET!" A voice hissed in his ear. "Don't say anything." He took his hand off her and glared at her sternly in warning. She flinched. The boy holding her was definetly not Sasuke. He was cute, even she could admit that, but he was creepy. His eyes were white and stern, she felt like he could see everything. And his frown was scarier than her daddy's. She gulped. "I am Hyuuga Neji. Another guest here, and one of Sasuke's friends. If you're looking for Sasuke than look over there but DO NOT disturb him."

Ino nodded, not willing to do anything to piss this kid off but she just had to know first… "What's d-disturb?"

Neji gave her a blank stare before answering. "It means don't bother him. Or I'll come after you."

She wasn't exactly sure what he meant by 'come after' but she'd heard her daddy tell his sparring partners that. And after her daddy's spars his partners always came out looking half dead. So by guess she was assuming that Neji's version of 'come after' would hurt just as much as her daddy's. So again she nodded. And sure enough she spotted Sasuke, she stepped on her own foot hard to remind herself not to run after him.

Sasuke himself stood under a Sakura tree, string up at with a worried frown.

He looked almost panicky.

Neji moved suddenly striding over to Sasuke with a frown and for once Ino lost her fear of the boy. "Hey why do you get to go to Sasuke and I can't?"

Neji paused and whipped around, his eyes narrowed in anger. He bit out, "Shut up. Go get Lord Uchiha NOW!" His voice left no room for argument. And Ino was wise enough to give none. She ran into the main hall out of breath and started to do what her mom would have scolded her for. She started to make unlady like shouts. "Lord Uchiha!!! Lord Uchiha! Somebody!" She snapped at passing servants. "Find Lord Uchiha! It's Sasuke! He's in trouble!"

Instantly servants spread out till eventually Lord Uchiha was out frowning. "Lady Ino? What in the world is-"

"No time sir! The freaky kid told me to some get you. Something about my Sasuke!" She grabbed the man's hand and yanked him to the same spot she had left and froze. Standing wobbily and pale, Sasuke looked like he saw death in the eye. Immediately Lord Uchiha ran to him, showing his concern for once.

"I can't find her. I can't feel her!" Sasuke glanced at his father with wild eyes. "I can't feel her!"

"Feel who Sasuke?" Lord Uchiha asked gently.

"Her, my bride. I can't feel her, I can't…." Sasuke snapped straight and looked dazed. "She's gone, she's gone, she's…." Sasuke rpeated in a daze, his body going limp. Lord Uchiha caught his son in his arms and hauled him up. Turning on his heel he never looked back at the stiff Hyuuga or the pale and concerned Yamanaka.

5 years later

"Shikamaru, have you heard anything about your bride?" The hyper first and only son of Lord Uzumaki bounced up and down. "Did ya, did ya, did ya?"

Nara Shikamaru wrinkled his nose and growled. "No now shut up and quit jumping up and down."

Naruto pouted. "But I told you at least something about Hinata!" He whined. "Can't you at least tell me one thing about Ino? Please!!" He gave the puppy dog look.

Shikamaru grimanced. Damn did he hate that look. "Fine," He muttered, "She's a girl."

Naruto frowned. "No shit dummy. But what else? Tell me something else!!! Please you stubborn, lazy, pig headed, "

"Oh, sure. I'm definetly going to tell you something now." Shikamaru drawled sarcastically.


"Don't you dare call me that."


"Fine… she's loud. Really loud. It was suggested I wear ear plugs when she's around."

"Oh? Mine's is quiet, from what I've heard. She's really quiet."

"Well look where she lives."

"True…so does this mean we're marrying polar opposites?"

"Looks that way."

"Do you think they'll get along?"

"Right now I'm more concerned with how troublesome they'll be."

Naruto looked at him dully. "No offense but you think everything is troublesome." He chuckled when Shikamaru shrugged.

Elsewhere in town the most annoying thing to hit Sasuke's ears ran in the air. "Oh Sasukeeeee….."

Neji hid his smirk when all the blood seemed to leave Sasuke's face. Sasuke groaned. "Why me?"

Neji shrugged, somewhat enjoying his friend's torment. And being glad it wasn't being done to him. "If I was you, I'd run."

"Wouldn't that be cowardly then?"

"No, because not even our greatest enemy could stand her." He glanced at his cousin Hinata when he said that. A sneer on his lips. Sasuke said nothing. "Here's Lady Ino now."

Never before had Neji seen anyone, including his uncle , a powerful warrior in his own right, run as fast as Sasuke did. Neji blinked in awe as Sasuke litteraly left him in the dust.

"Oi? Neji?" Neji turned around to see the rumored beauty of Konoha. And indeed she was a beauty, just a loud somewhat bratty one. Definetly not Neji's cup of tea. "Where's Sasuke?"

Neji smirked. "Shouldn't you stop stalking him already? Your already a marked bride to that Nara."

Ino snorted. "No way! Like I'm going to let that happed? No I want to know where my Sasuke is! Now!"

Neji blinked at her his eyes and expression gone impassive. "Excuse me, are you talking to me?" He inched torward her. "From any woman, man, or child no one can speak to me that way and live." His voice was layered with ice.

Ino flinched, finally remembering why she was so scared of this boy. "Forgive my Lord. I forgot my place. May I please see Sasuke?"

"Find him yourself." Neji said coolly. "I have things to do." With that he coolly made an exit.

Ino watched after him for a moment before scolwing. "If that boy wasn't so damn scary I'd hit him!"

She had been running around every corridor and still hadn't found him. "Damn it!!" She screeched. Turning she glanced at her birthmark and growled growing angry. "And damn that stupid man I'm suppose to marry too!"

Back where Shikamaru was he sneezed loudly, causing him to stumble. Luckily Naruto was there to catch him. "Yo, you alright?"

Shikamaru nodded. "Yea. But I think someone was talking about me."

Naruto looked at him with a knowing grin. "And that's troublesome right?"

Shikamaru glared at the blond before walking off leaving a laughing Naruto behind him.

7 years later

"Ino, stop being stubborn!"

"I am not being stubborn!"

"Yes you are!"

"No I'm not!"

Lord Yamanaka cursed, turning to his wife. "You talk to her! She's your daughter!"

Lady Yamanaka gave her husband a glare before turning her attention to her pig headed daughter. "Ino, dear, we love you. But you ARE being stubborn. It is your birthday, granted, but we've already invited your fiancée and that means you will have to meet, talk, eat, and yes, dance with him." Before her daughter could open her mouth she added, "That also means that the first dance goes to your fiancée Lord Nara Shikamaru."

"NOOO!!" Ino cried out dramatically. "I promised Sasuke I'd give him my first dance."

"She really should remember to be formal with the poor boy. He is Lord Uchiha Sasuke." Lord Yamanaka muttered.

Lady Yamanaka glared her husband into silence. "He'll understand." And probably be thankful, she thought. It was a known fact that Ino practically stalked the poor boy and the said boy did NOT like it. "Your duty to your fiancée come first."

"But mother.."

"No buts Ino." Her mother quickly interrupted. "Lord Shikamaru is your fiancée, not Lord Sasuke. Remember that!"

Ino didn't respond for a moment, her only action being tearful before she dramtically began to sob and eventually run out the room. Her two parents sighed after her. "Lord Nara was right." Lord Yamanaka told his wife. "This will be troublesome." His wife nodded, for the first time agreeing with her husband.

Shikamaru sat on the banks outside of the Yamanaka palace, not exactly exited about meeting his bride.

Looking up he could tell, this was a good spot. He could see the clouds quite clearly. He smiled, his comfortable thoughts turning hazy and drunk now.

"DAMN HIM!!" He shot up as a loud curse filled the air. His eyes spotting blond hair. "DAMN NARA SHIKAMARU, WHY'D I HAVE TO BE BORN WITH HIS BIRTHMARK?! IT ISN'T FAIR!"

Shikamaru sighed, so the person yelling was his fiancée. She was loud. "Damn,.." He muttered. "How troublesome."

Ino stood on a hill ranting, her chest heaving with her fury. Fates, she decided were cruel, they put her near her dream man but engaged her to some moron. Damn it! "THIS SUCKS!! DAMN THAT STUPID NARA!! THAT DUMB, FILTHY PRICK! THAT IDIOTIC-"

"Sounds like you like me a lot. Thanks" A voice drawled behind Ino. She spun around and gaped. "But I am not filthy, I did take a bath. I'm not dumb, it's been proven that I have brains. And yes I may be lazy but your pretty damn loud. And to be honest it's interrupting my cloud watching. So can you rant about me somewhere else?"

Ino blinked stupidly as realizationj slowly hit her. "Y-Your Nara Shikamaru aren't you? You're my fiancée."

"Unfortunately for you and my ears, yes."

"Oh my God." Ino flushed. "I-"

"No need, I know your opinion of me. I think everyone knows now. But that's alright." He smiled, which was in his opinion troublesome but, he'd rather not see her get all soft and sorry and start to cry. "Just forget about it. It is your birthday right?" He walked laid back down, not bothering to glance back.

For the fist time in a long time Ino felt dumb, very dumb. And she felt something different, something she had never felt before. She actually felt warm and caring such as she had never felt before for the one and only Shikamaru. She could nearly say that for once Sasuke was not on her mind. Shikamaru was. In fact she couldn't care less about Sasuke at the moment, the only thing on her mind was that she had to say sorry to Shikamaru and then just be near him for hopefully eternity. "Whoa.." She whispered. "I think I love Shikamaru. Is this.. the birthmark thing?" It might be, she'd heard her mother tell her before that the bond between a marked bride and her groom were strong and the feeling of love was strong. But she had never belived it, till now.

"Can I sit next to you?" She asked silently.

To her surprise Shikamaru eyes her and murmured, "Sure."

Three weeks later the two were married and thankfully, to the parents relief, the two married without protest and with honest love.

The End.

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