A completely pointless bit of post-game Lloyd and Colette fluff. Lloyd's thoughts as he wakes up on a sunny weekend morning.

Dedication: to my "Lloyd" who I love very much. :)

Disclaimer: I don't own Tales of Symphonia. Namco own it I believe.

It was funny, Lloyd thought. People would probably assume that the people who reunited the two worlds would enjoy pastimes that involved adrenalin rushes, maybe even a bit of danger, but he was doing one of his favourite things in the world right now and the worst danger he faced was dog, or rather arshis, slobber.

He sighed and snuggled up even closer to Colette. She was still asleep, dozing peacefully with a content smile on her face. The sunlight that was being very persistent about shining through the curtains hadn't woken her up yet. He frowned and thought that it wasn't very kind of the sunshine to wake him up. Then he decided that, actually, it was nice and warm and being awake meant that he was aware of how blissfully cosy he was right now.

The warmth of Colette's body next to his own made him feel very relaxed and content. He closed his eyes and concentrated on the pleasant sensation.

At some point during the night Noishe had snuck into the room. The arshis was now hidden under the blanket by the couples' feet, the tip of his snout poking out from under the warm fabric. Despite the fact that he had a nice bed of his own in another room the large dog-like creature seemed to like curling up in their bed from time to time.

"Silly mutt," Lloyd grumbled good naturedly as the bottom of his feet were tickled by Noishe's lazily swishing tail.

Somewhere outside the window a bird began to chirp happily. It seemed, Lloyd thought, like today was going to be a nice day. It was the weekend so they had the whole day to themselves to do whatever they wanted. He might go for a walk with Colette later, possibly even take a picnic. Or maybe when she was awake he might ask if she wanted to go and see if there was going to be any music playing at the bandstand this afternoon. Or maybe, he thought as he drank in her scent and ran his hands along her smooth, soft skin, he might just stay cuddled up to her.

His stomach grumbled and his thoughts turned to breakfast. He wondered whether Colette would like him to get her breakfast in bed. A bowl of cereal, some toast with butter melting into it and some freshly squeezed fruit juice perhaps. That, he decided, would be nice. He could feed her pieces of toast. But right now he was very comfortable and still a little sleepy. He'd see to breakfast in a minute.

Time slowly slipped by and, eventually, Lloyd decided it was time to get up and make breakfast. The trouble was, however, was that Colette didn't seem to agree. As he started to move she wrapped her arms more tightly around him and mumbled something that sounded like an extremely sleepy protest against him leaving the bed.

Noishe seemed to agree with Colette. The large dog-like creature moved a little and managed to trap Lloyd's leg, pinning it down firmly.

Well, Lloyd thought as he snuggled up to Colette again and let his eyelids slip closed, five more minutes wouldn't hurt.