His and Her Circumstances

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Summary: Haruno Sakura, a young female actress, was granted a year vacation away from the cameras! She settles in her new home... Okinawa High! To her unawareness, the famous band, Golden Phoenix, also studies there. All she wanted was freedom but now it was worse! Fanboys, glaring fangirls and many more. On the other side, Uchiha Sasuke, the heartthrob, and a girl's man, decided to test her if she was different from the others... after proving... He now wanted her to be his...

Chapter 1: Sakura and the bet

'Finally! Rest for a year! NO ACTING!' The pink-haired actress happily told herself as she stares at the big gates of Okinawa High and holding her cute, white, furry, cuddly, lovable, irresistable cat named Belle.

She got her luggage and entered the school. She immediately approached the Dormitory Clerk.

"Good Morning, I would like to get my keys for my suite dormitory. Haruno Sakura, 17 years-old." She said politely with her soft, gentle voice. The clerk looked at her and returned the smile.

"Combination is 889065, room 2."

"Hey Sasuke, have you heard?" A blond approached the raven-haired guy who was lazily sitting in the couch, watching sports.

"Iie, nani desu ka?" He asked, not even bothering to look at the blond. As if his eyes were glued to the TV.

"Ok, Do you know the actress whose playing Ikinichi's role in Spring Flower? (hehehe, just making up names...)" Naruto asked, the guy playing the keyboard in the band.

"Haruno Sakura, what's with her?" He asked, interested now. Well since she got the looks, Sasuke liked her since she started acting for the role of Ikinichi, the main character of Spring Flower.

"Well, she is having her year vacation and..."


"I just saw her pass our room and entered Room2"

Sakura unpacked her things, putting this here and that there. After 10minutes of unpacking, she decided to take a shower then watch TV. After her shower, she went out of the CR and looked at the old script on her bed table. Spring Flower The shooting was over and after a week, the TV drama would have it's last episode. The TV drama was all about love and Sakura never liked ROMANCE. So when she performs, she tells herself that it is not Sakura but it was Ikinichi. She was also never fond of music... but she liked the song entitled, "The golden tear" by the most famous band, Golden Phoenix

Unfortunately, she never liked anyone in that band. And she didn't know why...

Sakura dismissed her thoughts and sat on the couch, humming the tune of her only one favorite song. Unaware, she fell into a deep slumber.

Morning came when she woke up, so she started preparing for her first day in school. She wore a one sleeve yellow blouse, a pink flared mini-skirt and white high heels. She tied her hair into a high ponytail with her long red ribbon. She looks very beautiful... she was breath taking...

When she came out of the room, she suddenly remembered that she didn't know the location of her first class. Luckily, the door in room1 opened and came out the band, Golden Phoenix

Nauto jaw dropped upon seeing what looked like a goddess infront of him. The other band members looked at her blankly.

"Um... excuse me... but do you mind helping me to my first class... I don't know where it is..." Sakura told Naruto who was the nearest.

Naruto couldn't believe it... Sasuke told him yesterday that he was dreaming but he was true! The actress Haruno Sakura was really here! Sasuke too couldn't believe his eyes, he really thought that Naruto was imagining things but he was right!

"S-sure!" Naruto said, he only likes him as a friend and likes Hinata better.

"Thankyou." Sakura smiled.

"Well then... what's your first class?" Sasuke asked. This got Neji and Shikamaru's attention. They knew that he was up to something...

"Uhh... anatomy." She told him. Sasuke nodded and the group started walking with Sakura tailing them. All eyes were on then as they passed the corridors. The others couldn't believe it, they were seeing not only Golden Phoenix but also the famous Ikinichi in Spring Flower and in reality, the star Haruno Sakura! Neji went to a separate way for he was older than the others along with Shikamaru were while Naruto, Sasuke and Sakura went to the other way.

"You know, we have the same class." Sasuke finally broke the thick silence between them.

"Really... I should thank God then..." Sakura smiled. They stopped infront of a classroom, bigger than her suite and the three went inside. Sakura sat in a chair, not knowing that Sasuke owns the chair.

"That's my chair but I don't mind having you in my lap then if you want to stay there." A deep husky voice whispered in her ear as two arms was wrapped on her waist. Sakura blushed and said, "Sorry, I'll just go..." As she tries to remove Sasuke's arms but it wouldn't budge.

"You sure? You know most girls like this..." He whispered, selling chills down to her spine.

"I am not one of them, jerk, and yes I am sure." She said harshly. The arms retreated and she immediately got up and faced Sasuke. He was smirking... Oh how she wanted to wipe that smirk off...

"Asshole!" She hissed and his smirk grew wider.

"You're! Ugh!" She controlled her anger and left. He has decide... he was going to make her his... his only... He will make her fall for him...

Sakura looked at Kakashi and he smiled.

"Ms. Haruno, pls. Introduce yourself to the class." Sakura went infront and looked at the class.

"Good Morning... uhh... my name is Haruno Sakura, 17 year old." She said. Boys started to cheer and this made Sasuke wince.

'Don't worry... she'll be ours... just wait...'

' I know...'

"Ok, Ms. Haruno, pls. Sit beside Mr. Uchiha." Kakashi told her. She glared at Sasuke who was smirking again and went to the sit beside him.

'Great! And I thought he's a gentle man! Oh, I hate him!' Sakura screamed in her mind. Kakashi looked at Sakura and whispered, "this will be an interesting year…"

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