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A/N This is just a short little thing from Cragens POV.

I can't believe this. I look at her like my own daughter, why did she have to go? She had a rough life, knowing the only reason she was here because her mom was violated, being beaten all her life up until the day her mother died, never knowing her father, the man that raped her mother, and now this. She was kidnapped, raped, beaten and tortured, just because some sick bastard told her he had a girl hostage and was going to kill her, and if she told anyone or brought any back up with her, he was going to rape and kill the girl. Turns out that the freak didn't even have a girl, it was all a sick game by a guy she put away to get back at her. She showed up on my door stop at three a clock in the morning, bloody, beaten, and her clothes barley covered anything. I knew that she hated me to see her like this, but right then she didn't care, and neither did I. She collapsed in my arms and stopped breathing, but the one thing she said before she died was that she was sorry for not being strong enough and that she loved me, then she became unconscious. I knew it wasn't love like she loved Elliot, her husband, but I was like a father to her and the only positive male role model she probably ever had. And I loved her back, not like I loved Marge, but it was a daughter father love, a bond. I called for an ambulance but they got there to late, she died, in my arms, and it was my fault. Why couldn't it have been me? I gladly would have gone through all her pain and then some if I could have prevented her from going though living hell. It's not fair, she had so much to live for, she was beautiful, young, had a loving husband, and I found out later that she was one month pregnant, and her job. Not many people can handle our type of work, but she showed up every day to work, ready to tackle the bastards that did these unspeakable crimes. Many times she put herself in harms way just to get the guy. She did it all for the victims, but more importantly her mother. She told me after I went to her apartment the night after her mother was killed that she felt so bad because she let her mom down because she didn't catch her father. And that was the main reason she wanted in SVU, to actually prove to her mother that she did have a purpose in this world, and that she could do more for her then cause pain. But she died before she had a chance for Olivia to catch him, and that tore her up to no end. Thats part of the reason why I did what I did after she was murdered, because she never had a chance to find the man that created her. But most of it was because he took something from me that I could never get back, my daughter. I loved her as a daughter, I treated her like a best friend, and I respected her to no end. And that cruel, insane, heartless, cruel bastard took her from me, I wasn't read to give her up yet. Hell, I wasn't ready when I gave her up at her wedding day, and later I whispered to Elliot that f he ever hurt her in anyway, I'd kill him, and I kept my promise. Any man that tried to hurt her I would kill, and this demon hurt her more then I could ever imagined.

"Don Cragen, do you have any last words" the man said to me, interrupting my thought as I laid there, strapped on the cold bed with a needle in my arm.

"Yes, I'm not sorry for what I did, that bastard deserved to die. Tell my squad that I'm sorry for leaving them, but I'm not sorry about why. And also tell them, that I'm going to be with her, and she won't feel any more pain. Good bye every one, hope to See you soon." Then I sigh one last time as I think to myself

"I'm coming Olivia, just hold on, your fathers here."

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