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"So, Carter?" O'Neill asked casually as the team walked through the clearing to the forest. "What exactly are we supposed to find here?"

Carter flashed O'Neill one of the smiles reserved especially for him. "Well, sir, if the UAV was correct, then there's a village nearby. We're hoping to set up contact with them. You know, the usual, see if they're friendly - see the inside of their jail if they're not. That kind of thing."

"Ah," Colonel O'Neill replied, that explained everything.

A few minutes later they were in the forest. The ambush was clean and surprisingly good considering the level of technology the planet's people were at. Not even Teal'c was able to hear any noise. Oh, he felt their presence there, but he wasn't able to hear them and that made all the difference.

The group of attackers was comprised of seven men, dressed in very little clothing, each holding some form of weapon. One of them carried a crossbow it was obvious he was the leader.

"Who are you?" the stocky, bald man demanded. "You're dress reveals that you're not from around here. Where are you from? Speak!"

It was Daniel who took the initiative, "Hello, my name's Daniel Jackson –"

"Are you the leader?" the man interrupted.

Daniel shook his head, "No, but…"

"I will only take this information from your leader. The next one of you who speaks better be them."

O'Neill's infamous temper was flaring. It was fine and dandy for him and the rest of the team to tease Daniel, but when someone else insulted him – there was hell to pay. "Oh, the leader would be me. We're peaceful explorers from the planet Earth."

The man's black eyes balked at this news and all seven of the men were down on their knees faster than you could say "Kree."

"Forgive me Great Ones, we did not expect you to come. The Mistress always said her people would come from the planet Earth, but we did not actually expect you to."

O'Neill glanced at Carter to gage her reaction to his man's proclamation. She looked back at him and he nodded to her silent question, "Who is your Mistress?"

The bald man looked up again, "We do not know her name, Great One. She said her name was dangerous and refused to tell us. Our Mistress is our leader. Ever since she came, only good happens."

"Well then," Jack said, "Take us to your leader."

SG1 was led through the rest of the forest to a walled, circular city. The city dwellers had all heard about the arrivals of the strange people who claimed to be from Earth and had come out to the street, hoping for a glimpse of them as they passed by.

Jack felt very uncomfortable about all the eyes boring into his back and was mentally singing 'We're Off to See the Wizard' in his head.

Sam was feeling very self-conscious as she silently wondered; Maybe I should have worn the baby blue eye shadow today. Jack – the Colonel – seems to like it better than this brownish one

Daniel was wide-eyed as he wondered what era the people on this planet had been taken from Earth.

Teal'c paid attention to their surroundings, checking for danger as they approached the central building of the city; he assumed it was the palace.

When the group got to the palace gate, the leader of the scouting party turned to SG-1, "You'll have to leave your weapons here. We may not get very many visitors through the Great Ring, but one can never be too careful."

Jack nodded, subtly feeling if his hidden hand gun and knife were where he'd left them and not going to be found. As he met Teal'c's eyes, he knew the big Jaffa was doing the same.

After being disarmed, the group was led through a long maze of corridors and rooms before coming to rest in front of a set of stained glass French-style doors. They were opened by a set of eunuchs before SG-1 was led into the room beyond.

The woman at the other end of the room was like an apparition to Jack. She seemed so familiar, yet he couldn't place his memory of her anywhere. Dressed in a long, black toga with gold accents, her alabaster skin seemed as white as snow. Her big black eyes were carefully done up with kohl and a gold eye shadow which made her look like a goddess combined with her curly raven colored hair.

When SG-1 was less than ten feet away from her throne, she smiled warmly, instantly recognizing Jack. Before she could open her mouth to speak, the bald man knelt down at her feet and paid reverence to her:

"Great and Wise Mistress."

"Rise, Hani. You have done well in bringing these travelers to me. You and your group of hunters shall be rewarded," the bald man, Hani, bowed again as he rose and left at the woman's unspoken command.

It was only as she spoke that Jack was able to place her within his memories. Her thoughtful gaze turned to him, "Hello, Morpheus. It's been a while." She stood from her throne and walked up to Jack until she was inches in front of him, "Do you remember me?"

Jack nodded slowly as he looked at his team to see their reaction, "Only one person has ever called me Morpheus. Not to mention I pinned you down the moment I saw you, Katell."

The woman, Katell, grinned, showing all of her white teeth. "I've missed you," she said as Jack and her hugged tightly.

"I've missed you, too," he whispered into her hair. When they finally parted, he glared at her, "What the hell happened to you to let you end up here?"

Katell looked down at her feet, "Oma Desala brought me here." She met his eyes again, "She said these people could help me, and I could help them."

Daniel's wide eyes locked with Sam's as he interrupted the conversation; "Oma put you here? Isn't that interfering?"

Katell looked at Daniel, forgoing introductions (she would make Morpheus do them later) she answered the doctor's question, "It's a very fine line, sir. In truth she didn't put me here physically, but put within my hands the means to get here. I was contacted by an alien of the Asgard race, I believe, who called himself Heimdall. He put me here."

"And who are you?" Sam asked, trying to keep her voice level after seeing the embrace her Colonel and this strange woman had just shared.

She smiled before speaking her native French, "My name is Katell. I was born on Earth in Brittany, France." Looking around the room quickly, Katell noticed that she still had guards posted in the room. Turning back to her visitors, she said in English; "Come, I'll show you to quarters where you may reside during the duration of your stay here." Before leaving, she turned to the remaining guards in the room, "Go and bring me their weapons. They're friends."

Two of the guards bowed and left, returning moments later with the previously confiscated weapons. Jack sent a small smile of thanks to Katell as he geared up.

Katell motioned towards another door to the left of her throne, "Come, your rooms await."

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