A drabble written at one in the morning by Digitaldreamer

This is why I shouldn't write drabbles. They usually come out…well, not good. I'll probably hate this tomorrow.

But I was depressed and I needed to write…so I did. And it proved to be rather therapeutic, so I suppose it's served it's purpose.

I hope you all at least get some enjoyment from it, at any rate.


It always started and eventually came back to him.

It didn't matter what it was. It always came back to him.

Regardless of what it was or how it happened, Zoro could always mentally trace it back to his captain.

There was that time when all the meat in that shop had gone mysteriously missing and he'd been recruited to go search for the little imp throughout the entire damn island.

Of course he'd been the cause of the mess. It had gone right back to him.

Then there was the time when all of weights had disappeared and he eventually found the captain, doctor, and sharpshooter using them for some kind of stupid game.

Somehow it'd been Luffy's idea. It came right back to him.

And there was that moment where his harsh gaze had met those wide, innocent eyes and he'd felt so drawn to them, that moment when he was pressed to throw denial to wind and crush his lips to the younger boys.

Even if Zoro had been the one to take the initiative, it had been Luffy to begin it.

He could recall those cold nights together where his captain would latch his arms around him and he would pull the boy onto the old, beat up couch with him. Those nights where their hearts would beat as one, entwined within each others arms.

It was that boy. He started the circle, and then he brought it to a close.

So when Zoro would take a moment to reflect on how much he'd changed, how much more often he smiled, how much more alive he felt now than he had in years, he wasn't too surprised when he already knew the cause of it.

It always came back to him.