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Sakura opened her eyes and took a quick glance at her bed side clock, 8:10.

OK I still have 5 minutes before I have to get up she thought.

It was hard for her to wake up in the mornings, she was not a morning person. But it didn't help that she stayed up till 3AM.

She looked at the clock again, 8:13. She decided it was pointless to lay there any longer so she turned off the alarm and got up slowly.

Her body still in the deep depths of sleep.

Dressing in a black tank top dark purple mini skirt and a matching purple jacket she was ready.

Running down stairs she grabbed her messenger bag and stole a glance at herself in the mirror.

Looking good Sakura She thought to herself before deciding she would look better with her pink shoulder length hair down rather than tied

Tightly in a bun. Don't be late Inner Sakura told her.

"Right!" She said aloud as she glanced at the clock on the wall above her. 8:25

"Crap!" She cursed as she realised she was going to be late...Again.

She ran out her door, locking it then sprinting for the bus.

As she got there she saw the bus about to leave.

"Wait! Stop!" She called waving her arms around wildly. "Hey, wait!"

Running behind the bus she tried to catch it, it stopped so suddenly she didn't have have time to stop and run into the bus.

"Ow" she said as she stood and dusted herself off.

The bus driver came and apologise then helped her onto the bus

"Thankyou" she said half-heartily as she found Ino and Tenten sitting at the back where they always sat.

"Ohayou Ino-chan Tenten-chan!" she called loudly from the front.

Which earned her a glare from Sasuke and Neji.

"What are you looking at?" she said coldly and made her way to the back of the bus. Sitting beside Tenten.

Who was now staring intently at Neji. Sakura looked at her and sighed.

"Tenten? Tenten!" Sakura said raising her voice and shaking her friend from her daydream.

"Huh? What?" She said looking bewildered at her friend.

"You do remember the pact right?" She asked her.

"Well, yes" she said looking away.

"Not unless he makes the first move OK?"

Tenten nodded and sighed slumping back into the seat

Sakura sighed Tenten had had a crush on Neji for a long time. Well she guessed she couldn't call it a crush, it had more blossomed into love now.

She thought Neji had to be the most dense guy in the world. Or maybe it was Naruto?

Speak of the devil, at that moment stepped onto the bus with Hinata following close behind.

Hinata was blushing when Naruto took his seat a she continued to make her way to the back of the bus where Ino, Tenten and Sakura where sitting.

The four girls talked for a while until they reached school where they went into their class.

"Bet you Kakashi-sensei is late" Ino she as she opened the door.

"Well I think I'm about right on time" came a voice from behind they making them all freeze.

"Ka-Kakshi-sensei!" Ino began but didn't know what else to add so she walked into class and sat down.

Sakura laughed and sat next to here.

Ino glared at her but soon began laughing with her.

Sakura could feel someones eyes burning into her, upon turning around she saw Sasuke turn away.

She shook her head and smiled.

What are you smiling about? inner Sakura chimed in

'What me?'

Yes you!

'Nothing' she lied innocently

"SAKURA!" Ino yelled into her ear

"WHAT!" she yelled back

Everyone stared at her but she just dismissed it and looked back at Ino

"What?" she said a little more quietly.

"I said Hinata is having a sleep over tomorrow, you coming?" she said forcefully.

"Uh? Yeah sure, I guess. Who's coming?"

"Well there will be Hinata, you, me, Tenten as well as Neji, because he lives there as you know"

"Yeah" she said nodding.

"And Neji invited Sasuke, Naruto and Shikamaru."

"What!" She yelled, standing up.

"Sakura, please don't make me tell you again to be quiet!"

"Sorry Kakashi-sensei" She said sitting down.

Now the whole class really was looking at her.

"I know I'm fabulous but please, I think you need to listen to kakashi-sensei." Sakura said

Just then the bell rang.

"Saved by the bell!" Sakura yelled and punched the air before running out.

At lunch Ino, Tenten and Hinata found Sakura sitting in a tree.

"Yo!" she called from the tree

"How the hell did you get up there?" Ino said looking up at the tree

"Well you see, I was abducted by aliens and..." Sakura began

Ino sighed "Whatever just come down" She said sitting under the tree with her back against trunk.

"I would, but here comes the Pansy club." she said pointing to Sasuke, Naruto, Neji and Shikamaru coming towards them.

"Welcome Panies, to the world of Sakura!" Sakura said when the guy where within ear shot.

"Shut it, monkey" Sasuke said coldly looking a Sakura in the tree.

"That hurt Sasuke" She said putting on her best sad face and putting her hand to her heart.

"That was painful and cold." she said sniffing back fake tears.

"Sakura-chan! Don't cry" Naruto said.

Sakura smiled. "I'm OK Naruto" She said wiping away fake tears.

Sakura jumped back and walked over to Sasuke and wrapped her arms around Sasuke waist

Sasuke tried to pull her hands apart and push her away but she wouldn't let go.

She moved her head forward until her lips almost touched his. He could feel her breath

He tried again to pull her hands off.

She tilted her head slightly to whisper in his ear

"What's wrong Sa-su-ke-ku-n" She said emphasising each syllable.

Sasuke was blushing now and still tried to push her away again.

Laughing she let go and pushed him away.

"Sorry Sa-su-ke-ku-n" She teased

Sasuke glared at her, although still blushing furiously.

How could she, Haruno Sakura make him, Uchiha Sasuke blush!

It wasn't possible! He was always so calm.

Maybe he had something for her?

"No, that couldn't be. He couldn't feel Anything for her. Could he?

To be continued