It sits on the polished wooden table innocently.

Slowly, gingerly, her fingers slide towards the box, but the mere sight of its glossy pink wrapping and frilly ribbons halt the movement. Instead, she throws Athrun a skeptical look. "Are you sure this isn't what you got for Kira?"

"Why don't you open it and see," he suggests, a smile playing across his lips.

"Why don't you open it for me?" Cagalli counters.

When Athrun only blinks back at her, she sighs resignedly, suppressing a shudder as she finally tugs at the ribbon. The sheer pinkness of it sends a million unpleasant sensations throughout her body—Hasn't Athrun learned better than to give me something so… so… girly for my birthday? It's not like I even asked him for anything…

"Hey, hey, Cagalli, don't get too excited!" cuts through her mental griping, and she realizes that she's been tearing at the wrapper, fingernails digging into the flagrantly pink paper and peeling it off, leaving her with—

A pink box.

She scowls at him. "I really think this was meant for Kira."

"You haven't finished opening it," Athrun points out patiently.

Left with no other option, Cagalli opens the box.
The watch isn't pink. It's pristine silver, and it gleams in the sunlight. She picks it up, admiring its elegance.

"Like it?" Athrun's tone is tinged with anxiety.

She grins, and pulls the watch around her wrist. It snaps close with a soft click. "Yeah. It's wonderful. Thanks."

"I know you're really busy and you don't have much time for me," the Coordinator is saying, "so I thought I'd give you a memory of time—of this moment."

The chairs and table shift and creak as they lean forward to kiss, then: "So what'd you get Kira for his birthday?"