I apologize because I didn't make my other C.S. Lewis fic, 'The Lioness' kinda religious. One of my reviewers (Child of the Seine) told me that and that's why I made this.Oh yeah, Child of the Seine, I didn'tmake my character's name evolve from your character's name. I just read the name Saphira in a random book.

Saphira sighed as she looked through the pages of a picture bible in the library. She was reading on where Judas betrayed Jesus and Jesus was forced to be nailed on the cross. Soon, Saphira came to the picture where Jesus was nailed on the cross and ladies were supposed to be sobbing on front of his cross. Then Saphira gasped.

Instead of Jesus on the cross, there was a lion on a stone table. He was shaved and looked dead. And instead of the ladies sobbing in front of Jesus' cross, there were two girls crying with their arms over the lion. Tears formed in Saphira's eyes. She couldn't help feeling sad. She blinked and the picture of the lion, the stone table and the two girls disappeared.

In its place was Jesus on the cross and ladies sobbing in front of him. Saphira wiped her eyes and closed the bible. She stood up, placed the bible on the shelf, and started walking home. Later, that night… Saphira couldn't sleep. The picture of the lion, the stone table and the girls stayed in her mind. She tossed and turned in her bed.

Then she sat up and got out of bed. She went to her desk, opened a drawer and got out a pencil and a clear white paper. She sat down, opened her desk lamp and started sketching the picture in her mind. When she was finished, she gaped on how the drawing matched the picture in her mind. She taped it over her bed, closed the desk lamp and went to bed.

The next day… "Saphira! You left your bag of marbles downstairs and Mrs. Macreedy slipped on them!" the Professor said as he opened the door of Saphira's room, carrying a bag of marbles. Saphira was still asleep and not responding to a single thing the Professor said. The Professor looked at the picture over Saphira's bed and his eyes widened.

Then he smiled, placed the marbles on the foot of Saphira's bed and then he went out of the room. "Narnia…" Saphira mumbled.