True feelings, Artificial Hearts

Based on artwork and creative input from Metal Dragon Kiryu.

Based on the Kim Possible series, property of Disney Corporation and used without permission.

Based on the Chobits series, property of TokyoPop and used without permission.

Alternate universe Kigo fic.

Kim Possible walked the streets of Middleton. The streets were quiet; thanks to the invention of the hover pod technology in the early twenty-first century, most traffic went on overhead. According to the vid-mails her parents and her twin brothers sent from the moon, the cities on the moon didn't even HAVE streets, just walkways.

Kim regretted her decision to stay in Middleton to finish her schooling, while her family moved. She had wanted to stay with her friends, and for a chance to prove she could support herself. Unfortunately, her job at Club Banana barely made enough to pay for her apartment, clothes, and food. She couldn't afford to buy a persocom, and she couldn't bring herself to beg her parents for one.

Persocoms had only become available to the public market a few years ago, and already they seemed to be a 'must have' item. Extremely humanoid robots, complete with the latest in portable computer systems. Even her friend Ron, who she had known since Pre-K, had a persocom... a miniature 'pocket-model' he had named Rufus. Ron had managed to find a way to be unique even when it came to persocoms... his pocket-model was one of a short-lived 'rodent' line, designed to look like a naked mole rat.

I really wish I had a persocom thought Kim. It's not like one is going to fall from the sky, however


"Ma'am, they're still chasing us!" reported one of the blue-suited goons. He could see three bright red and blue painted air-cycles pursuing them.

"Hold on!" snarled Adrenna Lynn. A short period in her youth of doing dangerous, illegal stunts had blossomed into a full career as an evil sidekick. She stomped on the accelerator pedal of the modified cargo hover-van and pushed the control yoke forward, diving down toward the edge of a nearby building.

In the back of the van, three of the goons grabbed unto support straps. Adrenna Lynn's steering was a little off... instead of dodging down behind the building like she had planned, the bottom edge of the van scraped against the edge of the building's roof. The rear doors of the van, damaged by disabler bolts fired from the Global Justice air-cycles following them, sprung open.

A humanoid figure, wrapped in green plastic, began to slide out of the van bed. One of the goon reached down to grab the figure, but a moment too late. The bundle slid from the back of the van, the movement hidden from the pursuing air-cycle by the building.

"Ma'am, we lost the main target... we have to circle around!" reported the goon.

Adrenna Lynn swore... she could see the air-cycles following them. "No time... Dr. D will have to be happy with the data disks."


Kim looked up, seeing three Global Justice hover-cycles rushing through the sky. The building next to her hid whoever they were chasing from Kim's view. Kim sighed. Part of her wished she could be a Global Justice agent... it must be such an adrenaline rush flying a hover-cycle and bringing down criminals.

She turned the edge of the building, heading toward her apartment building, and gasped.

Next to the building was a pile of litter. On top of the pile was a green wrapped bundle. A gap in the wrappings showed pale skin.

"Ma'am? Are you ok?" said Kim. She went over to the figure, moving the wrappings. The color of the skin she could see looked unhealthy. Bluish usually meant a person couldn't breathe, but what did greenish skin mean? She pulled the wrapping off the figure's face and gasped. The face she was looking at was that of a young teenager, facial features smooth and calm. Her eyelids were closed, so Kim had no idea what color her eyes were, but the girl's hair was luxurious and black Two locks of hair, in the front, were held in place by two green metal rings. Her ears...

Kim blinked. The woman's ears were metal cones; dark gray on the top two-thirds of the cones, and bright green on the bottom third. The woman she was worried about was a persocom.

"Whew... I was getting all worried about someone unconscious in a trash pile, and it turns out she's a robot." said Kim. She blinked, then looked around. Someone had apparently thrown away a persocom... that meant noone would mind if Kim took it, right? She was sure that Ron could help her get it working, or at least would know someone who could help her get it going. Ron was always talking about modifications he had made to Rufus, anyway.

Kim gathered up the figure; for her size, the robot girl was surprisingly heavy. Fortunately, Kim had build up her muscles with cheerleading and moving freight at Club Banana. She carried the figure toward her apartment.


Dr. Drakken paced the confines of his latest lab/lair. His bluish visage twisted as he gnashed his teeth. "I send you out to steal ONE military-grade prototype persocom, and you manage to LOSE IT?" he snarls. "I practically gift wrapped it for you!"

"Hey! Not my fault!" said Adrenna Lynn. "Those GJ agents guarding it were FREAKY. And anyway, we did get you the data disk."

"Yes... with this, I will be able to create my own persocoms... programmed for combat and covert entry." said Dr. Drakken. He sighed. "Very well... hopefully, Global Justice will be satisfied when they recover the Global Operative prototype and not pursue further, giving me time to build my persocom army... AND TAKE OVER THE WORLD!"


Will Du growled as he lost sight of the van they were trailing. None of their disruptor bolts had managed to hit the vehicle's hover pods or main engine compartment. He activated his communicator.

"Yes?" came the voice of Dr. Director.

"Ma'am... we've lost one of the Global Operative prototypes." said Will Du. "They looked like Dr. Drakken's hoods, led by Adrenna Lynn."

"Understood." said Dr. Director. "Which prototype did they take?"

"S.H.E. / G.O." reported Will.

Dr. Director winced. Any one of the four prototypes would have been news in the hand of Dr. Drakken, but S.H.E./G.O. was probably the worst. Hero Emulation Global Operative (H.E./G.O.) had been equipped with super strength, with the most powerful simulated muscle tissue and solar-receptive skin that science could device. Micro-Emulation Global Operative (M.E./G.O.) had been constructed of special materials, which when properly triggered allowed the M.E./G.O. to 'shrink', going from about six feet tall to a theoretical minimum size of six centimeters. Wall-to-wall Emulation Global Operation (W.E./G.O.) featured a replicating engine... as long as it could access sufficient power, the W.E./G.O. could produce energy based 'clones' of itself, which appeared as real as the original W.E./G.O. The S.H.E./G.O. (Second Hero Emulation / Global Operative), though, was the only G.O. prototype with long range capability. Its skin was a new, experimental solar energy absorbing material, which was able to much more efficiently convert sunlight into energy then any persocom ever created. Its internal power pack could store that power as electricity, or create highly-charged matter. From S.H.E./G.O.s hands could come blasts of plasma, hot and powerful enough to melt through steel walls.

"Did they get the data disk also?" asked Dr. Director.

"Afraid so, ma'am." said Will. "Complete instructions on how to build another one, along with the memory files on advanced personal combat and infiltration techniques."

Dr. Director sighed. "Return at once. Inform Justine Flanner that she and her team may have to prepare the remaining G.O. prototypes to track down and defeat the S.H.E./G.O. model."

"Understood." said Will. He signaled for the two agents following him that they were going to return to the local Global Justice labs.


Kim Possible set the figure down on her bed. She knew that persocoms were supposed to be the next thing to human, but this was the first time she had even been this close to one. If it wasn't for the girl's ears and the greenish cast of her skin, Kim would have been sure she was holding a human girl... the persocom's skin even felt warm under the thin layer of plastic she was wrapped in. Kim flushed in embarrassment. "Calm down" she told herself. "It's just a robot, there's no reason to be blushing just because she's naked."

Kim pulled the wrappings off, to examine the girl. Naked was not quite accurate; in addition to the green rings on her hair, the persocom wore a black collar around her neck. Kim examined the collar; Kim couldn't see any markings on it or any way to remove it.

Kim examined the persocom carefully. One of the things Ron had told her about persocoms was that they were transported in a deactivated state, and that the only external control was a power-up/power-down button located somewhere on the persocom's body. Additional commands were even given verbally or through the data-cables stored inside a persocom's "ears".

Kim felt herself blushing as her hands stroked over the girl's naked body. There's no reason to be arr... embarrassed about this! she told herself firmly. Just think of it is looking for the on button of a toaster or a video set. A very attractive video set... wish I had skin this smooth, even if it was green...

Kim's exploration continues over the figure's torso, arms, legs, and head. She was feeling frantic... so far she hadn't found any sign of an on/off switch. There was only one area she hadn't tried yet, and surely no one... NO ONE... would locate an on/off switch down THERE.

Kim gulped nervously. She could just wait to contact Ron, but it was Friday evening. The earliest she would see him would be in class, Monday. She didn't think her curiosity could last that long. Kim pushed the last remnants of plastic wrap away, exposing the olive-tinted girl's body completely. Trying not to look too close at the very human seeming, hairless crotch, Kim probes experimentally. Much to Kim's disappointment, this seemed to do nothing to turn the robot girl on.

Kim sighed, pulling her hand away. She looked at the girl's collar. "Not even an instruction tag." Kim said, touching the front of the collar. A hidden latch, pressed by Kim's fingers, clicked open. The two halves of the collar, connected by a hidden hinge, opened up.

Kim jerked in surprise. She pulled the black plastic collar away and felt around the figure's neck. Feeling under the long, flowing hair at the back of the robot's neck, she felt a small bump. She pressed it.

The robot's eyes snapped open, revealing dark green eyes the exact same shade as Kim's. Kim jumped back, startled, as the female persocom stood gracefully it. She seemed totally unaware of the fact that she was naked, just turning her head and looking around the room.

Kim backed up and tripped on Pandaroo, a small stuffed toy. She sat down abruptly on the ground, eyes staring at the activated persocom.

The nude robot turned at the noise, staring at Kim.













The persocom knelt down, so that its dark green eyes were level with Kim's, and began crawling toward her on all fours. "She... go?" it asked hesitantly.

"Shego? Is that your name?" said Kim.

"Shego..." the persocom repeated, this time connecting the two syllable.

"Ok, so you're Shego." said Kim. "I'm Kim. Can you say Kim?"




"Kim" the persocom, Shego, said obediently.

Kim smiled eagerly. "Ok... now, stand up."



Shego stared at Kim, her facial expression that of puzzlement.

Kim stood up. "Come on... stand up, you were standing a moment ago.".

Kim reached out and tried to help Shego to its... her feet.

The persocom stood, standing a few inches shorter then Kim.


Kim glanced down, then found herself blushing again. "First thing we have to do, is get you some clothes."

Not understanding what her new user was saying, Shego followed Kim to Kim's closet.

Kim pulled a dark gray shirt from her closet and handed it to Shego. Shego took the shirt but just stared at it, as if not knowing what to do.

Kim sighed. "Hands up..." she said, then took Shego's hands and pointed them up in the air. No wonder the persocom had been in the trash, it didn't seem able to understand English. She was obedient, though... Shego held still as Kim pulled the shirt on over her body. The shirt hung down to Shego's thighs.

Kim looked at Shego. The persocom's figure was almost prepubescent. While Kim had yet to develop the full curves of womanhood, Kim doubted that any of her underwear or pants would fit on Shego. "We can worry about the other items later." Kim said. She bent down and picked up the black collar, from where it had fallen on the floor. "I guess this must be to make sure no one pushes your power button by accident" Kim said, as she closed the collar around Shego's neck.

Much to Kim's surprise, Shego rubbed the side of her face against Kim's hands as Kim fastened the collar in place. It was such a cat-like gesture that Kim found herself lifting one hand to stroke the top of Shego's head.

"Well... that's dressed enough for now." said Kim. "Let's see what you can do."