Romeo and Juliet

Chapter 15 AKA Epilogue: A Christmas to Remember (Part 5)

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(Arriving at the Gilmore residence, Christmas morning)

As soon as they pulled in to the Driveway at Rorys place Lorelai bolted out the front door and started jumping up and down as she waited impatiently for her daughter to get out of the car.

"I have GOT to see this ring!" she grasped Rorys hand and shrieked with excitement. "It's just like I predicted!" she fingered the ring and let her daughter's hand go. "It's huge!"


Tristan chuckled and kissed Rory on the forehead. "I'll meet you inside Rory."

She nodded and watched him until he disappeared into the house.

"So, how did he propose?"

"Well," Rory smiled. "We were sitting in the library at his parents house and we were talking about random stuff, I brought up the fight we had had earlier and then he just kind of said it."

"That is soo cute!" Lorelai smiled and clapped her hands together. "I won the bet too then!"

"There was a bet going?"

"Off course there was. Tasha started the whole thing."

"I'm going to have a talk with her later then."

"Whatever." She pulled her daughter in for a hug and squeezed. "My baby's getting married!" she let go before talking again. "And even better, she's getting married to Brad Pitts mini me!"

"His name is Tristan mom, and we should get in there."

"You just don't want to talk about my getting to see some grandbabies sometime in the future."

"No, and shouldn't you be more concerned with helping me pick out a wedding dress or something?"

"No, not really, we can do that later, right now I want to bug you about grandbabies."

"Do you have to use the word grandbabies?"

She nodded. "Alright, I'll stop."

"Thank you." She started up the front steps.

"But we will continue this conversation later."

"Sure thing mom."

About fifteen minutes and several conversations later Lorelai stood up from the couch and announced, "Present time!"

Tristan looked up at Lorelai and smirked before pulling Rory into his lap.

After she slid the Santa hat on her head she ran over to the tree like a little kid and grabbed a present.

"What is she doing?" Tristan whispered to Rory.

"It's a little tradition, the person handing out Christmas presents has to wear the Santa hat. Its her turn this year I believe."

He nodded and chuckled.

Rory leaned into Tristans shoulder and he wrapped an arm around her.

He watched as Lorelai ran back and forth between the tree and the present's owner's feet, and when the small pile that had been under the Christmas tree was finally dispersed and lying at people's feet around the room she sat down between Luke and Rory and smiled.

Rory ripped away at the packaging for a present from Tristan and giggled at the sight of a 'Ken Doll.' "Cool." She kissed him on the cheek and watched as he opened a small jewelers case she hadn't bothered to wrap. Inside was a thick gold chain. He fingered it lightly before Rory took it out of his hand and placed it around his neck.

"Thanks Mary." He kissed her lightly on the cheek as she had done to him.

"You still don't know when to stop with the nickname do you."

He shrugged.

"Your welcome Tris."

Lorelai had already finished opening hers and had gone into the kitchen to try and help Luke with the Christmas brunch.

Tristan pulled her closer as she pulled tissue paper from a box. "Gourmet chocolate covered coffee beans!" she searched around in the bag and unearthed a piece of paper. "What's this?"

"I don't know, maybe you should open it." He said into her ear, sending goosebumps across her arms.

She smiled and carefully unfolded the paper to read it; the small smile had slowly turned into a Cheshire grin. When she had finally finished reading it she threw her arms around his neck and shrieked, "You're transferring to Yale!"

"I thought you would like this one." He nibbled on her ear, "I have a room already too, and it's just down the hall from yours."

"That's just pure luck for you right there."

"I know…" he kissed her neck. "I couldn't be luckier, I get you, a transfer to Yale, and you."

"You said that twice."


"Aren't you romantic this morning."

"This is the first Christmas I've ever truly spent with a family, and one I'll be able to claim as my own soon enough."

"This already is your family, we claimed you."

"I think it goes both ways."

She smiled at him and looked down at the ring on her finger. "I still can't believe I'm getting married."

"Believe it." He touched his lips to hers and she tunneled her fingers through his hair, making the connection of their mouths firmer.

Tristan pulled away when he heard Lorelai enter the room and turn away gagging.

Rory blushed. "Sorry mom."

"Hopefully you guys will get sick of each other eventually and this kissing in other peoples homes thing will wear off."

Tristan laughed. "I hope not."

"I came out here to tell you guys that the foods on the table."

"Alright." Rory went to move off of his lap but Tristan gripped her hips and kept her from following her mom out of the living room.

"You still have one more present." He said.

"But I only got you one thing."
"One expensive thing." He smiled at her. "Open it, it's not much anyway."

She fingered the flat, square object and tried a guess at what it was. "A CD?"

"Just open it already."

She smiled at him and ripped the paper off. "No way!"

"Yes way." He smirked.

"How did you get this?" she traced the signature through the CD case. "I didn't think it was possible to get Coldplay's autograph, and on his X&Y CD?"

"One of my friends was out in London where they were doing a show and I asked him to do me this favor…basically, I have some connections."

"This is incredible."

"Your welcome."

She traced his signature again in disbelief before rising from her place on his lap and smiling. "We should get in there, the food might get cold."

He nodded and followed her out into the kitchen where he sat down to eat a breakfast with the new addition to his family.


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