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The elderly midwife exited the castle bedroom. The bedroom had been made up special, just for the Queen Lili to give birth. Her husband, the Prince Consort Jack, waited outside and stood when he saw the midwife.

"What of Lili? Of my child?" he asked anxiously.

The midwife smiled at Jack. He had once been nothing more but a Forest Child in love with a princess. But now, he was a concerned husband and father. However, he had never lost his touch with the forest. On a silver chain around his neck he wore a simply acorn as a charm. It lived always to remind him of his heritage. He now fiddled with it nervously.

"They are fine. Her highness, the Queen, and--" the midwife paused and grinned broadly at Jack, "both of the babes."

Jack's eyes lit with joy, shock, and excitement. "Two children?" he asked.

"Aye. Twins. Both the most beautiful girls I have ever seen. You both have been truly blessed by the spirits," the midwife said.

She bowed her head and walked on. Jack watched her for a moment, then slipped inside the room. His wife lay back on large, feather pillows. In each of her crooked arms lay a baby. Sweat glistened on her forehead and her dark brown hair fell haphazardly about her. Jack could not remember a time she had looked more lovely.

"Lili," he said in awe as he came to sit by her side, "look at our little ones. What wonders you have given us!"

Lili smiled. "What shall we name them?"

Jack thought for but a moment. "Hope," he said, pointing at the dark haired baby to Lily's right. He then pointed the other dark haired baby and said, "And Faith. For they are our hope and faith for the future."

Lili's smile widen. "Those are wonderful names. Now, I need my rest, my love. Take our children and put them in the bassinet. A week from now, we will christen them."

"Of course, my dear," Jack said, kissing her forehead.

As he slipped each baby out of her arms, Lili fell fast asleep. The babies did not cry out at being moved, but rather made small cooing noises. Jack smiled at his daughters. As he laid them down, he whispered, "My Hope and Faith, the two of you will do great things."


The night before the christening had arrived, and Lili and Jack had received some fantastic news. The Unicorn Mare, the symbol of Royal Feminine in the kingdom, was going to be apart of the blessing.

"Gump and the rest of the Forest Children will be attending as well. It was Gump who told me of the Mare attending," Jack said as he slipped into bed alongside his wife.

"That's wonderful, Jack!" she said, kissing him lightly. "Are the twins asleep?"

"Yes, and their nanny is with them. Good night."

Two hours later, Jack and Lily were awakened by the most horrible noise…and the most horrible news. From the direction of the babies room, there had been a loud crashing. And then the nanny began screaming. At first, as Lili and Jack dove out of their bed in the direction of the room, they could not make out the woman's words. Then, as they entered, they became clear.

"Princess Faith! Some monster has stolen Princess Faith!" she cried, holding tightly to the other twin.

The Queen and her husband looked quickly about the room to find, in despair, that the nanny was correct. Lili immediately broke into sobs. She took Hope and held her close to her. The infant was crying as hard as her mother.

"What monster did this?" Jack demanded of the nanny. "What did it look like!"

"T'was a devilish creature, indeed! It spoke with a human tongue but looked nothing of the like! It called itself the servant of Darkness and spoke a name I only dare to say now!"

"The name! Out with it!" Jack shouted.

"Blix! I cannot say it again!" the nanny said, covering her mouth. "I tried, sir! I tried to save the child, but I could only grab the one!"
Jack said nothing to the woman, but instead cast a sympathetic eye towards his wife. Then, he marched into the corridor and shouted for a search party to be formed. Then, turning to Lili, he whispered, "We'll find Faith. Keep Hope close."


It had taken Blix the rest of that night, but the ghoul eventually arrived at the destination intended. The Great Tree. He commanded the infant in his arms to "shush" once more. And once more, it did nothing. The child cried on.

Blix was eyed by the various demons as he made his way through the Great Tree to his Lord…the Lord of Darkness. Finally, he came to two large, black double doors. He instructed the guards that had been placed there to grant him entrance. The doors swung open, and Blix approached his Lord.

His great figure--glorious to Bilix--with his crimson skin and ebony horns, loomed over the demon. He kneeled down and held the baby up.

"Jack and Lili's daughter, Milord. Forgive me, for I could only grab the one," he said.

Darkness took the baby in one of his great hands, and the infant sobbed even louder. He smiled, his fangs showing.

"One will suffice," his voice boomed. "Prepare the ritual."


Lili looked on with red-rimmed eyes as Hope was laid upon a lace covered pillow upon a table. The Unicorn Mare rubbed her snout against the baby's stomach and made her laugh.

Gump, the Forest Children, and the Unicorn Mare had insisted on coming anyway. Their argument had been that the blessing that the Unicorn Mare wished to bestow upon Hope would help her defend herself and the kingdom. There was not a great crowd in the room, only Jack, Lili, and their guest. The rest were either out, still searching for Faith, or simply had not the heart to attend. Gump stepped forward.

"The Mare wishes to begin the ceremony. She has instructed me to translate for her," he said.


Faith had been laid upon an ebony carved table, Darkness standing before her. He held above his head a staff as black or blacker than anything that had ever existed.

"We will begin," he announced to his audience of demons.

He began to wave the staff over the baby…a great black cloud formed and hid her from view.


The Unicorn had began to swing her head over the baby. Hope was then eclipsed by a bright, white light.

"What's happening!" Lili asked, alarmed.

"Shh, darling. Tis all apart of the ceremony…" Jack said.


"Oh, Powers of Darkness and Evil!" Darkness shouted. "Heed my command!"


"We call upon the Powers of Light and Good," Gump translated, as the Mare began to neigh. "Heed our request!"


"Infuse this child, corrupted by Light, with your great Power! Allow her to rule in your name!" Darkness cried.

The cloud grew darker.


"Envelope this child, still innocent, with your gift! Allow her to be kind in times of turmoil and strife!"

The light grew brighter.


"Erase her light!"


"Enhance her light!"


"So that only dark deeds will be done!"


"So that only good deeds will be done!"


"I will it! Be done!" Darkness cried with a great roar.

He slammed the staff down and the cloud disappeared. The baby looked up at Darkness, not a tear in her eye, which had been turned solid black. Not even the natural white was left. Darkness smiled. The baby laughed.

"She is Faith no more. Henceforth, she is the messenger of Darkness. She is Coal."


Jack, Gump, the Forest Children, and even the Unicorn seemed to gasp in pain.

"What is it?" Lili asked, taking her husband's hand.

"I--I don't know," he said.

Gump looked up with worried and sad eyes. The Mare continued, and Gump finished his translation.

"We ask for it. Be done!"

And with that, the light dimmed and seemed to be absorbed by the baby. She looked up at her parents, and Lili gasped.

"Her eyes…" she said in a tiny voice.

The infant's eyes had turned white. No color remained. The pupil did not even seem to be there. Jack stepped forward and took her into his arms.

The Mare nickered. Gump translated.

"She is Hope no more. She is a great messenger of the light. She is now Diamond. Take care of her, for only she will be able to care for the kingdom when you are both gone."

Gump paused, and then turned to the Children. Then, he translated only for their ears.

"And she alone will save her sister…"

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