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Summary: The gang discover a secret Odd was keeping from them, but they find out too late. Now he could possibly die, and they're scared. Meanwhile, love blooms in and unexpected place.

Ok. You may need to forget a few details from some episodes, like the one where they have their medical exams. I might have changed a few things. Enjoy!

"Odd, you have three hornets headed your way," Jeremie said as Odd finished destroying two other monsters. "You almost have Aelita to the tower. Do you think you can handle this without Ulrich and Yumi?"

"Sure thing Einstein," Odd said. "Come on Aelita. Let's make a break for it before those hornets show up."

Aelita nodded and they both ran to the tower. It was already in view when Odd heard the hornets and saw a laser narrowly miss his head. "I'll take care of this! Go Aelita!" He turned and shot an arrow, destroying a hornet instantly. The other two, however, were chasing after Aelita. "Hurry!"

She was no more than 10 feet from the tower, but the hornets were aiming at her. "Oh no!" she cried as a laser struck near her feet.

Odd ran after the hornets, shooting arrows at them, a distraction long enough to allow Aelita entry to the tower. He then ran past the tower to escape the hornets. A laser hit him in the back and he slipped off of the edge of a cliff. Fortunately his cat-like reflexes allowed him to grab the ledge and he found himself hanging above the digital void. "Jeremie I really wish you'd have let me know about this cliff," he said through gritted teeth.

"Just hang on a minute longer," Jeremie's voice said. "She's almost done."

"Ican't… I'm slippi- AHHH!"

Just as Odd fell, Jeremie said, "Return to the past," and a white light overtook everything.

Odd opened his eyes where he rested his head on his desk in Math class. He normally would have smiled after surviving the digital void, but he felt more reason to groan at his exhaustion and discomfort. Ulrich looked at him with concern. "Odd are you alright?"

Odd nodded feebly and closed his eyes, taking in a deep breath. His lungs felt as if they were restricting him of air, causing him to feel a bit nauseous, and he wasn't doing well at hiding it. Ulrich raised his hand urgently. "I think Odd needs to go to the nurse," he said to the teacher.

The blonde looked up slowly. "I'm fine," he lied.

The teacher looked at Odd in visual examination and noted the circles under his eyes and his flushed cheeks. "You do look pretty ill Mr. Della Robia. If you don't want to go to the infirmary then go to your room and lie down. I'm sure Mr. Stern will bring your missed work to you."

Odd groaned as he stood and left the room, leaving behind a worried friend.

At dinner, strong, silent Ulrich Stern found himself reaching all new levels of concern when Odd failed to show up. Ulrich, Yumi, Aelita, and Jeremie all sat at their usual table when the others began to worry as well. "He's going to miss dinner," Yumi said.

"It's not like Odd to pass up spaghetti!" Jeremie said.

"Jeremie, I'm worried," Aelita said. "He did almost get deleted in the void. Maybe he was shaken up."

"As reckless as Odd is he's nearly fallen into the void many times," Yumi said. "It's never scared him before."

"He didn't seem upset to me," Ulrich said. "Just sick." He then sighed and stood with his untouched tray. "I'm not really hungry. I think I'm going to take this up to the dorm to see if Odd wants it."

"Tell him that we hope he feels better," Aelita said thoughtfully.

Ulrich nodded to them before leaving. Lost in thought, he barely took notice as his feet carried him to the room he shared with Odd. He pushed the door open and saw the blonde sprawled across his bed sleeping. "I brought you dinner," Ulrich announced.

Odd stayed asleep and Ulrich set the tray on the bedside table. Ulrich quickly took a second look at him when he realized he heard no snoring. "Odd?" After gaining no response he came closer to his friend and saw sweat on his face as he took shallow breaths. "Odd, wake up!" Ulrich said as he shook him gently. Odd's breathing was way too labored for his liking. "Odd!"