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The Road to Home

I started out on my road;
A lone wanderer was me.
I followed no borne path known,
Tread new ground beneath my feet.

I searched for home on my road,
My long, treacherous journey.
Almost found it, this I know,
But then my love betrayed me.

With one flick of her strong bow
Kikyo bound me to the tree.
Fifty years I spent unknown,
Cold, dead and solitary.

Then one day, a young girl came,
And like waking from a dream,
She freed me from my prone state
And has never let me be.

I didn't want her beside
Me; I loathed her company
For she carried the same face
Of the one who destroyed me.

Here I was, alive and free
But what good did that do me?
I still had a road to go
On a yet untold journey.

But that young girl wouldn't leave
My side, so stubborn is she.
So I took her for the ride
Believing that she would see.

But Kagome never left
My side, never strayed from me.
No matter how many times
The road changed beneath my feet,
I was finally at home
As long as she was near me.

It took me so long to know,
It took my whole life to see:
If you travel all alone,
It's a lonely home you'll keep.