The Third Generation

Disclaimer: I do not own the original cast, but most of the second and third generations belong to me, their names do not necessarily belong to me.

Note-What if there were no short cuts, no 'ten-year jumps'. Just conventional warp, it would take a long time to get home, correct?



Main Characters

First Generation-

Captain Kathryn Janeway-Deceased

Captain Chakotay-Deceased

Captain Tuvok-Acting Captain

Commander Tom Paris-First Officer

Commander B'Elanna Torres-Chief of Engineering

Commander Harry Kim-Senior OPS Officer

Commander Seven of Nine-Senior Astrometrics Officer

Commander Michael Ayala-Chief Tactical and Security Officer

The Doctor-Chief Medical Officer

Ambassador Neelix-Ambassador, Master Chef, and Senior Morale Officer

Commander Vorik-Deputy Chief of Engineering

Second Generation-

Lieutenant Commander Naomi Wildman-Deptuy Chief Medical Officer

Lieutenant Commander Icheb-Senior Stellar Cryptologist

Lieutenant Commander Miral Paris-Junior Engineer

Lieutenant Derek Kim-Junior OPS Officer-son of Harry Kim and Seven of Nine

Lieutenant Owen Paris-Senior Pilot-son of Tom Paris and B'Elanna Torres

Lieutenant Jason Ayala-Junior Security Officer-son of Michael Ayala and Megan Delaney

Third Generation-

Jared Ayala-15-son of Jason Ayala and Kate Parson

James Stevens-15-son of Andy Stevens and Naomi Wildman

Benjamin Stevens-15-son of Andy Stevens and Naomi Wildman

Jessica Stevens-14-daughter of Andy Stevens and Naomi Wildman

Carrie Kim-14-daughter of Derek Kim and Miral Paris

Cass Ayala-13-daughter of Jason Ayala and Kate Parson

Eric Paris-13-son of Owen Paris and Lucille Huntley