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Baby Blues

Chapter 1

It was a quiet morning in the city which held it's very safety in debt to five amazingly powerful teens, who took up residence in a giant "T"-shaped tower. The skies were blue, giant, puffy clouds floated harmlessly in the former. Even the occasional boat sailed through the harbor, underneath the large, stretching, suspension bridge that connected the two halfs of the city. While these things were just a part of daily life for the citizens of the city, it wasn't too doubtful to say that at least some of them chalked it all up to the protection from those five teenagers, who always bravely fought against their super-powered villians with concern for the people(Though not always their property...).

But, despite such powers that the teens exhibited, they, just as any other teen, tried to live as normal lives as possible. They would luagh, play games, eat foods not always as healthy as they should be; and of course, like most of others of their age. Give into their temptations.

In this case, curiosity.

"As long as she's back in the lobby..." Beastboy mumbled to himself, standing in the middle of one of the innumerable hallways that ran through the tower he and his friends lived in. In front of him on one side of the wall was a door. As most doors do, this one led into a room, but not just any room. Not a storage room for storing unwanted or currently not-used things. No, in this case, this room was a bedroom.

And the plaque on the door read Raven.

Beastboy tried to gulp down any other thoughts of turning back. No, he'd gotten this far with it. Leaving the lobby just as he was about to finally beat Cyborg in a racing game. Making sure there was an extra pot of tea of the stove so Raven would be stalled for more than her usual time drinking. He had even thought of ways to keep Robin and Starfire away from here, telling them the name of a cute cafe that they might want to go to today, as there were discounts for couples.

Though, it wasn't like they were going to admit to the others they liked each other, much less a couple. Beastboy grinned at his friends' discomfort of discussing their feelings for each other with the others. Why, if it had been him and some other girl, he would've done it right then and there, told the whole world, even!

But then, he was Beastboy, he didn't think of long-term problems caused by such.

The green Titan swallowed any saliva still caught in his throat, trying to make it as dry as possible, as if that would remove any fears of what could go wrong with going through with what he wanted to do. He placed one gloved hand on the door, and pushed it aside, the door's mechanics allowing it to slide to the side without a hitch. Beastboy tenatively took one unsure step into the room, then another.

Then, he was in it. Raven's room. Quite possibly the scariest place one could be in all the Tower. Beastboy had dreamed many a scary thought of what the girl empath did in here; read dusty, old books without light; spend hours practicing her latest spell to do prank Beastboy with; perhaps even going into that freaky mirror of hers and talk to herself. Whatever she did do in this room, it surely wasn't his business, though he wanted to know anyway.

His footsteps echoed throughout the room softly, only mere "taps" on the floor. But it was loud enough to unnerve him, causing him to spin around on his heels, as if expecting Raven to be in the doorway, livid with anger and ready to tear him to pieces, meaning he would ha ve to abort the mission and run for his life. But no one was there, just solid air in front and behind him. He turned back, joking to himself to try to keep himself in better spirits.

"Come on, ole' Beastboy, what's the worst that could happen if she caught you in here?" Beastboy's thoughts were interrupted with ideas of just what she could do, Robin trying to protect Beastboy or not.

"Anyways, she's probably too drawn over that pot of tea you made, it's not like it'd be a suprise if she drank the entire thing before she came up! And then she'd have to go to the bathroom, so that'd buy you even more time! See, there's nothing to worry about, nothing at all..."

Beastboy approached the main dresser, closest to Raven's bed. He looked at the objects laid out on it. Some books, a candle or two, partially melted. Nothing much of interest, in fact. Beastboy however, did spot some containers that looked suspiciously like makeup. But he didn't want to chance it, opening them up and possibly releasing a demon to chew on his bones out of hunger.

Then he spotted the freaky mirror Cyborg and he hda been dragged into after the Titans' first fight with Doctor Light. Back then, there had been some sort of evil presence in it, some dark form of Raven trapped inside. But now, with her defeating her father, that shade of her was probably gone now, too weak to interfere with her daily routine. Beastboy picked up the mirror, looking into it. No strange red eyes gazed back at him even as he examined his face and few studs of hair growing off his chin.

Proud of such shows of maturity, Beastboy put the down the mirror and strolled down the main aisle more confidently. He made his way over to the bed, and looked it over. Nothing out of place to find, just an unusually-shaped bed in the fashion of her hood, with covers over it. In fact, there was nothing so far other than the makeup jars that had interested Beastboy. He was slightly disappointed in Raven, hoping for there to be at least something to suprise him.

Then he spotted it.

On one edge of the bed was something partially covered by the covers. Beastboy reached over and uncovered it. It was a simple leather-clad book, with a bit of blue lining on the sides. Beastboy looked at the blank cover, almost immediately becoming disinterested again. He then opened it up, and nearly through the book onto the floor, freaked out by what it contained than almost anything else had ever been able to do in his entire fifteen years of life.

He twitched a bit after throwing it away, the images still burned into his mind. But he then stopped, and realized if he didn't put the things back the way they were, Raven would suspect something had happened. And usually she didn't wait for proof.

Cautiously, Beastboy moved over to the book, picking it up by its spine. He was about to put it back under the covers when he then stopped, thinking about something.

Maybe he could just take one more look at whatever he had seen. Maybe the first go hadn't been clear, and it might not have been as bad as he had thought it to be. Slowly, but surely, Beastboy turned the book back over, so that the open pages faced up to him. He held his face away, trying at first to not look. But then, once he realized that defeated the purpose, he moved his head as slow as he could, to take another look at the picture.

What he saw shocked him.

Babies. An entire picture of babies. One side of the two pages was nothing but strangely-spelled words, and the other contained a huge portrait shrunken for the book of babies in various stages of life, from early just-born stages to several months old. After looking at it for several more seconds, Beastboy's fear was lessened greatly, though the pictures in his mind were still drawn creepy-like. Not thinking, Beastboy began to read from the page, getting up off the bed as he was doing so.

"Nim... forta... sezen..." Beastboy read aloud, not knowing what the words would do, if they would do anything at all. He was soon almost at the door, buried in the bottom of the page opposite the pictures when the door to the room swung open on another's accord.

"Beastboy..." Came an almost inhuman growl from the person standing in the doorway, hand still holding a cup of herbal tea. Beastboy looked up from the page while still reading the book, staring into the eyes of a completely livid Raven, veins throbbing.

"Stefa- RAVEN!" Beastboy blurted out, shocked and terrified at the same time. The girl looked ready to kill, her hand around the cup looking as if it would shatter the glass carrier in a single burst of rage. She moved towards him in one step, Beastboy swearing the ground felt like it was shaking with her every step.

"WHAT WERE YOU DOING IN MY-" Normally, Raven's speech would have been screechingly horrific, scaring Beastboy to no end. But in this case, that didn't happen, and for the same reason it caused Raven to stop, grasping at her throat.

IN fact, it caused Beastboy to crack a small nervous grin, not being able to help himself at the situation.

"My voice... WHAT DID YOU DO!" But Raven's scream again had little impact as it might have had had it been her normal voice. But it wasn't, Raven's voice suddenly sounded smaller, younger, less-mature. She then looked down at the book Beastboy had just read the final word from the page he had been on.

"NO!" she shrieked, trying to make a grab at it. But instead she tripped over her own cloak, now being slightly too small for it. Beastboy then looked down at the book; a small trail of sparkling dust was floating from it, and into the mess that was Raven, who had become lost in the folds of her cloak. In a few minutes of confused silence, Beastboy watched as Raven's struggles in her clothing got less and less, until, there were no more. He then bent down, afraid something had happened to the girl who's room he was invading.

He reached for a fold of the fabric, and opened it up to reveal the person inside.

He screamed.

Beastboy walked into the lobby, looking extremely shaken. The other three Titans ran up to him, worried about whatever had just happened to him. In his arms were was Raven's cloak in a bundle, with some sort of object clothed over inside it. Robin was the first to say anything.

"Beastboy, what was that scream? What happened?" Beastboy could only mumble a few expressions and jumbled-up words to his leader, still too numb to make out any correct sentences, let alone an explanation.

"Please friend Beastboy, what has happened?" Starfire was the next to question him. Beastboy turned to her, his face still wearing a shocked expression few could match.

"Star, you're good with kids, right?" he asked, sounding emotionless from the shock.

"Well, I would say I am good with children from your planet, but why?" she asked back, confused by his question even moreso than the other two young men.

"Here." Beastboy said simply, handing her the cloak bundle. He then walked off numbly to the couch, lost for thought. The other two boys, however, crowded around Starfire even as she gently moved the cloak in her arms, trying to figure out what was in it.

"Goo." A tiny, baby-like voice said through the cloth. Starfire, immediately alarmed, slowly lifted the cloth away, revealing the cloak's contents. Both of the young men next to her jumped away at the shock of the revealing, Starfire merely stood dumbfounded to no known degree, staring down at the tiny person in her arms..

At the tiny Raven in her arms.

End of Chapter 1