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Baby Blues Chapter X

"When we get to the house, make sure you're ready."


"Understood, Robin."

Robin flew past dozens of cars on the streets of Jump City, keeping his bike's speed dangerously high. He had half-a-mind to slow down, but with the situation as it was now, there wasn't any time to do it. The week was up, and according to Beast Boy's last report, it couldn't have ended at a worse time.

'Come on, we have to get there, we can't let anything happen to her.' The cars up ahead were beginning to slow down, as a traffic light hanging above the nearest intersection flickered from green to yellow, then red. Robin's eyebrows furrowed as he went right inbetween rows of cars, trying to continue forward. He could see the path ahead narrowing though, next-to impossible to slide through.

Thinking quick, he turned his R-Cycle and drove straight into an alley, barely avoiding a car pulling up right where he had been seconds before. He could hear yelling behind him, his fast manuever still giving the drivers enough time to catch a glimpse of him. Robin ignored them though, he was on a mission, and a little dissatisfied public opinion could wait till later.

The front of his R-Cycle smashed through the wooden barricade that seperated the alley in-half. He kept driving, before turning again and getting onto a main street. A few people on the sidewalk jumped back as he zoomed out and down onto the street beside them, intent on getting out of the way of whatever it was. Robin looked over at his onboard map, making sure he was on the right path.

'Just a few more seconds.'

He soon pulled up to the old house, remarkably attracting few onlookers with his presence. Starfire arrived soon after, landing beside him. Cyborg a few moments later, getting out of his T-Car and slamming the door shut. The three quickly approached the front door of the place. Robin raised his hand and rapped on its surface. They waited.


"Starfire." Robin said out of the corner of his mouth. The Tamaranean girl nodded, and her eyes glowed. She tightened her fist.

The wooden door flew off its hinges and slammed into another across the hallway. Starfire floated back to the ground, lowering her arm. Robin and Cyborg ran in, Birdarang and Sonic Cannon at the ready. They looked around the now-dirty place, the dust still settling.

"No sign of them on this floor, or the one above it. I'm guessing the door Beast Boy said they went into goes down." Cyborg commented, looking at one of his several devices on his left forearm. Robin nodded, taking a look into the room off to the left. The fireplace was still going, and a book or two were open, as if the people here had been reading and left before finishing. Starfire explored the kitchen just a tad, before reporting back and saying nothing was of suspicion there.

Beast Boy suddenly re-morphed at their side, rubbing his head. He pointed with his free hand to the door on the right side of the hallway.

"They went down... that one." he said, grimacing.

"Beast Boy, you alright, man?" Cyborg asked. Beast Boy nodded.

"Yeah, but that door has some sort of weird electro-whatzitit's guard thingie on it! When I went to touch it and follow those guys with Raven, I got electrocuted!"

"We'll have to be more careful around it then." Robin said, looking over at the door Beast Boy was referring to. He couldn't see anything that looked suspicious on its surface, or around its edges. He doubted Beast Boy had just gotten shock from static cling though. "Cyborg, Starfire, one of you fire at the door."

Simultaneous green and blue blasts of energy collided with the door, blowing it to pieces. Robin saw sparks fly out from where the top of the frame was, and noticed a small, ripped cord attached. Beast Boy was right, some sort of security feature. But why on this door, and not the entrance?

"Come on, Robin!" Robin snapped out of his thinking as Cyborg called to him. The others had already begun to go into the room, and descend down the stairs beyond. Robin followed them, quickly catching up to Cyborg.

"Any scans showing we're close to Raven?" he asked, matching Cyborg's stride down the constantly shifting staircase. Cyborg looked at his arm again, and nodded.

"Yeah, she seems to be below us, so as long as we follow this staircase, we should get to her."

"If we get down the staircase; it's like they go on forever!" Beast Boy howled, just as the group turned another bend. The others had to agree with him. They'd already been running for a few minutes, and didn't seem to be an closer to getting finished than when they had started their descent. It was easy to tell they were getting deeper and deeper underground with each row of stairs though. The thought of being under more and more Earth didn't give Robin any comfort; there was too much... familiarity in it. The thought wasn't helped at all when Robin wondered why an old man would have such an elaborate "basement" in his house, or when he noticed the wooden panels making up the walls had become steel. He hoped this didn't mean what he thought it did.

The Titans finally descended the last of the stairs, and reached another hallway. They ran through it, getting to the steel and iron-banded door at the end. Robin looked over at the control panel next to the gate. Definitely something you didn't see everyday. His suspicions increased in volume, and he could see the others were thinking along the same lines.

"I definitely don't like where this is headed." Cyborg murmured, pulling out his sonic cannon and aiming at the door. Robin took a step back, getting out of the way. Cyborg fired, the blast hitting the door and disappaiting without leaving a mark. The large teen put down his weapon, staring blankly. Starfire moved over and threw several starbolts, gaining the same result with her attack.

"Dudes, outta' the way!" The three teens skirted to the side just as a green rhino charged past them, smashing into the wall. The barrier went flying off its hinges, and smashed into the floor of the next room. The four went racing into the room after it.

"Man, why's it so dark in here?" Beast Boy asked, morphing back. He was right, the entire room was pitch-black, the only light coming from the hallway outside. The door had disappeared from their view, somewhere further in. Robin looked around as he withdrew a bo staff, the sinking feeling in him coming to a head.

"Guys, be ready for anything."



Complete silence followed. Robin had half expected a snide response from somewhere in the room. There was no doubt left anymore. Whoever owned this house, whoever had Raven, definitely worked for him, for--

"Slade!" Robin shouted. Lights had immediately sprung up across the chamber, illuminating the other side. The Titans' archfoe sat casually in his throne of a chair, staring at them in a detached manner.

"Robin," Slade said idly back. "I was wondering when you'd show up. I must say though, taking a full week to put the few pieces together did lower my opinion of your intellect."

Robin ignored the insult and looked with the most determined gaze he could muster. "Where's Raven?"

"That doesn't matter right now, all that does is--"

"You wanna' make a bet?" Cyborg interrupted the man, setting his sonic cannon to its highest setting. Starfire aimed alongside Cyborg at the enemy, though neither of them attacked. They were in his territory right now; he had someone important to them; they couldn't take any risks. Slade tilted his head forward.

"I know you won't attack, so you might as well put those away."

"What do you want with her?" Beast Boy shouted out, unexpectedly. He hadn't taken an animal shape yet, but the other Titans knew that he was just as ready to attack Slade as they were, even if he didn't morph.

"What do I want? I would think by now you'd catch on to my goals." Robin felt the bo staff slip in his hands for second, before grasping it more firmly than before.

"You want Raven for... an apprentice?"

"Precisely, Robin. A mind that I can mold before it can even control its own thoughts. A legacy completely loyal to my goals, honed by years of training."

"Uhh, you do know that Raven's gonna'--" Beast Boy's next line was interrupted by an swift elbow to his midsection by Beast Boy. The Green changeling looked at his leader through the pain. "Dude, why'd you--" Robin interrupted him again, this time in whisper loud enough that all the Titans could hear.

"He doesn't know Raven will transform back today, Beast Boy; he's not planning for it! We just need to hold off until Raven changes back, and then can get out!"

"You know," Slade spoke up again, catching the Titans attention. "I don't exactly remember inviting you here, and being that you no longer fit into my plans, I am afraid you are going to have to leave."

"Not without Raven." Cyborg retorted, keeping his cannon steadily aimed at Slade. The villain stood still for a few moments, then, moved his arms out from behind him. Robin could see his body going tense, readying himself.

"If you won't leave voluntarily, I suppose then I'll have to show you--"

An explosion suddenly rocked the complex, throwing all of the combatants into disarray. The Titans protected their faces against the dust and small debris flying towards them, as they tried to gather themselves. They could barely make out Slade still across from them, facing their right from where the sound had originated.

"I didn't know you had invited more of your... friends, Robin." Slade said, turning his head back towards the Titans. Robin looked at the others, the dust clearing enough for him to remove his hand from his face.

"Did you guys call in any Honoraries?" The others shook their heads in response, prompting him to speculate. He knew they'd discussed the idea beforehand, but had decided against it. No one was close enough or available to help (And it'd take too long to explain the situation). So who was this?

"Uhh, that isn't who I think it is, is it?" Robin nodded grimly towards Cyborg as enough of the dust had disappaited so whoever was behind it could be seen. Seven figures stood across from them, right in front of the large hole they had moments before blown into existance. They couldn't be here, especially not now.

The Hive Five.

"Hey! What are you guys doing here!" Beast Boy shouted over, hands to his mouth.

Gizmo sneered at the yell. "Same thing you're here for, peas-for-brain."

"Wait, you guys want Raven too?" Cyborg said.

"That's right man, she's our ticket to doing whatever we want in this city, without you stopping us!" See-More yelled, smirking. The Titans stared at the other teens, realizing they had no more of a clue than Slade. Robin motioned for Cyborg, pointing at his wrist. The metallic teen soon got the hint and looked at his wrist.

"About a half-hour more." Robin let a smile grow on his face, getting into a fighting position. Good, not much longer then. Slade noticed the Titans readying themselves again, and called out to them.

"I see you're happy Robin. But if you think that you'll be able to get Raven away from me thanks to their intervention, you're sadly--"

"Ah, put a pipe in it, pumpkin-head!" Gizmo yelled, interrupting Slade. Silence filled the chamber, with all the stares moving over to the mechanized midget. Slade motioned to the Titans with his index finger.

"Excuse me for a moment."

Slade punctuated the comment by immediately jumping into the air, disappearing among the dark spaces and beams above head. The Hive Five began to spin around, trying to find a glimpse of the masked villain.

"Hey, where'd he- AUHH!" Gizmo jumped back as Slade landed in front of him. He reared back with a gloved hand, then threw it forward, catching the bald child in the stomach. Gizmo flew back at the hit, his spider-pack smashing into the wall behind him. The other Hive Five members took a few seconds to collect themselves, still staring forward at the villain.

"I'll give you one chance. Leave now, or prepare to be destroyed."

No response, the Hive Five were still in shock at Slade's lightning-fast moves. Billy Numerous finally gathered himself up, and pointed at the man.

"Hive Five, attack 'im now!"

Slade jumped up into a back flip away as Private Hive and Mammoth came at him from opposite sides. The two bulky teens collided into each other, stumbling back. Slade landed on his feet, and delivered a devastating kick to one of the Billy Numerous, throwing him into the others. He looked around, trying to find the other delinquents.

Angel Girl suddenly appeared behind him, coming out of one of Kyd Wykkyd's portals. Slade turned on his heels and backhanded the teen, sending her reeling and into Kyd, the two falling to the ground. Slade then looked over at the last standing Hive Five member, who's bulbous eye flashed into an exclamation point upon being seen.

"Uhhh, you wouldn't really hit someone with one eye, would you?" See-More asked, beginning to back away. Slade said nothing and charged at the teen, who panicked.

"Now now, no need to be hasty."

A figure suddenly jumped in between the cowering See-More and Slade, blocking the thunderous punch aimed for the young villain with a swift movement of his right arm. Slade pulled back from the interruption, staring along with the Titans at the new interloper.

"Sebastian." Slade said dryly, readying himself for his new opponent. The Hive Headmaster, in full blood-red regalia, cybernetic parts flashing as thoughts surged through his mind. The man grinned at his enemy.


The two villains spared no more time and immediately ran at each other. The Titans simply looked on as the two traded and avoided blow after blow, jumping up even after a hit that seemed sure to lay them out for hours.


"This is our chance," Robin started, pulling himself away from the brawl and turning to his teammates. "We need to find Raven, now!"

"Fat chance, traffic light wonder!" The four Titans swung around to the voice behind them. Gizmo and the rest of the Hive Five were there, all grinning as smug as their former teacher had. "The Hive Five's still gonna' get Raven, and there's nothing you can do about it!"


"Oh dear." Wintergreen said, watching the growing conflict from the safe-room. Truthfully, it was more of a small room that connected to the hallways leading to his master's layer proper. Gray cement flooring and steel siding matched the rest of the place, with a small table up against the wall and one-way mirror that looked out to the master chamber. It was one of the few oddities in the whole household, without an exact purpose other than, really what it was being used for now, though Wintergreen could never imagine his master using it so. Penelope was standing beside him, hands on the table in front of them, seemingly irate at the newest person's entrance.

"What's he doing here!" The Headmistress shouted. She reached behind her ear and pulled out a small mechanical device. Wintergreen saw as she tossed it onto the ground and angrily crushed it with her heel. "Probably monitored where I was through that and followed me here."

"If it's any consolation," Wintergreen began, "I'm quite sure he won't get what he's here for."

Penelope looked over at the small child across the room from them. She was sleeping peacefully, oblivious to anything occurring just a door away. If it wasn't for the sound-dampeners in the wall, no doubt the child would be crying at all the noise from the fight. Penelope and William couldn't help but smile despite the dire situation just a wall beyond them.

Suddenly, the infant awoke, her eyes opening quickly. She opened her mouth for a second, making an involuntary yawn or two before starting to tear up. Penelope went over to pick her up, the crying starting in earnest.

"Do you think we should move her farther back in the complex?" The Hive Headmistress asked. Wintergreen shook his head, arms folded in front oh him.

"No, I'm afraid Master Slade wouldn't approve of that, even if the racket outside is starting is disturbing her."

Penelope tried to soothe the babe in her arms. The small child's crying got no less fervent with her attempts, in fact only picking up in ferocity. Penelope moved the child so she could look at her more fully.

"She doesn't need to be changed, William, what could be the problem?"

"I'm not sure. It's possible she's caught something, though." Penelope felt the child's head at Wintergreen's discretion. She shook hers.

"No, her temperature's fine." The Headmistress said. She put the child back to her body, rocking it gently. It wasn't working. Wintergreen moved over to the other door leading out the room, and into the rest of the complex.

"I'll try to find something for her to eat in the spare pantry. Shouldn't be too long."


"Arghh!" Robin ducked as the small green midget flew overhead, his backpack malfunctioning. He looked over to Cyborg, who gave him a thumbs up as his hand changed back from a sonic cannon. Robin nodded, looking around to make sure none of the other Five Hive were planning to get him from behind.

'We've only got fifteen minutes before Raven changes back.' Robin made a mental note, keeping track of the time left while the fight progressed. The Hive Five was giving them a harder time than usual. Of course, they had their full team here; the Titans were minus a member.

"Robin, watch out!" The Boy Wonder was already aware of the danger before Beast Boy's warning came through. He ducked and rolled, Kyd Wykkyd's energy claw coming up just short of grabbing him. Robin stopped and turned on his knees, launching a birdarang at the opposing teen. Wykkyd disappeared back into his portal as soon as he had appeared. Robin waited for some sign of him popping up again, weapons ready once more.

It didn't come. Robin saw Wykkyd pop out behind Starfire, who was already preoccupied with fighting off Mammoth. Robin launched his birdarang without any hesitation, letting the winged gadget fly as unnoticed as he could. The portal-jumper almost took the hit, hearing the whizzing sound from the projectile at the last second. The Hive Five member threw up his hand, a portal sucking up the weapon. Robin jumped to the side before the birdarang shot back out at him. He'd already seen that happen more than once in this battle.

He was the most problematic member of the Hive Five. With Raven here they could've countered his control over dimensions. As it was, they had to avoid him as much as possible. It wasn't easy though, considering how much the rest of the Hive Five members were using him in team moves against the Titans.

Robin snapped out of his contemplation as Angel Girl came from behind. He jumped off the ground and behind the villainess, just as she clapped her giant wings together. Extending his bo staff, the Boy Wonder took a swing at her, hitting the foe in her side. With an "oof!" the girl stumbled to her side. She stayed on her feet however, and her left wing suddenly slapped back at the Titans' leader. Robin tried to block with his bo staff, but too late. He went skidding back on the floor, bo staff flying from his grasp. The Hive Five member followed after him. Robin rolled to the side just before her wings slammed the ground in front of her. She retracted them and stared at the Boy Wonder as he got up annoyed, as if she had expected him to just stay there and be hit.

"Not going to be that easy." Robin growled. He reached for his utility belt and pulled out a small disk. He threw it towards the foe, who instinctively protected herself with her wings. The explosion went short just a foot or two away from her, as the Titans' leader had intended for. The small explosion rocked the girl out of the sky and onto the floor. Robin stood back up as the Hive Five member struggled to stir. He immediately turned his attention to anther Hive Fiver, satisfied that Angel Girl wouldn't attack again.

"Cyborg, duck!" Cyborg did just as Robin shouted, letting a birdarang pass over his head and hit Private Hive's shield. The soldier stood dumbfounded at the embedded projectile.

"Now what in the heck did you do that for, just had this shield pol--" The birdarang exploded after a second of ticking, launching Private Hive from his spot.

"Yeah! Three down, four more to go!" Cyborg yelled, looking for a new target. Robin grinned in spite of knowing they now had only about ten more minutes before Raven changed back. Provided they could take down Kyd Wykkyd (who was busy leading Beast Boy in circles), the rest of the Hive Five would be easy.

And Slade was too preoccupied to give them much notice, either.


Slade caught a fist aimed for his face, gripping it in his right hand.

"This must be disappointing for you, Sebastian. Even with all those enhancements you still can't defeat me."

Brother Blood let out a roar and shot forward with the other arm. Slade let go and jumped back, the punch missing by a mile. He was enjoying the fight so far, Brother Blood hadn't managed to land a single blow on him. Of course, reversely neither had he, but countering everything Blood did seemed to get him much angrier than pummeling him would.

"I've come here for my student and I don't intend to leave without her!" Blood shouted, running at Slade.

"I'm afraid you'll have to postpone her enrollment indefinitely." Slade taunted, stooping low and kicking the legs out from under Blood. Sebastian landed with his hands and pushed himself away before Slade could do more. This time though, Slade decided to chase after Blood. He broke out into a run, just as Brother Blood was standing back upright. He launched a punch aiming for Blood's chest plate. The schoolmaster though, just as Slade had been doing to him, caught the punch with precision. Blood then aimed his elbow for Slade's lower right arm, intent on breaking something. Slade blocked the attempt with his other hand. The two combatants stood facing one another, intent on forcing the other to try to break first.

A loud pitched cry suddenly broke into the two's fight. They stayed staring at one another, though they couldn't help but let the question sink onto their faces.

"That wouldn't be my- ugh -student, would it?" Blood asked through a grunt.

"She's not your student." Slade retorted. Brother Blood looked ready to break the deathgirp and try to follow up with an attack for the comment, but an explosion suddenly rocked the complex. All of the fighters looked up from their bouts (Including the two adults), and over to where it had taken place.

A hole was firmly blasted behind what had been Slade's throne-chair. A figure floated out from it, draped in a black leotard. Her face showed nothing but lividness. She turned to the two arch villains of the Titans first.

"You." Raven spoke quietly, menacingly. Slade had no chance for a response, before he was flung into the wall, encased in obsidian energy. Instead of falling into the ground, he kept being pushed through the concrete, negative energy taking some of the brunt.

With a sweep of her hand the rest of the villains in the room went flying. Kyd Wykkyd tried to appear beneath the empath, but a well-placed stomp pushed him back into his portal, stunned. Raven turned to the other Titans, still standing in awe at her presence.

"We leave. Now." Was all she said. The Titans nodded glumly, before feeling the the negative energy of their friend enshroud them and whisk them off to another place.


Wintergreen slowly emerged from the hole the babe- no, not babe anymore - had made. The people in the other room were still gathering themselves up as he made his way over to his master, who was just crawling out of his own hole, tattered and bruised.

"Sir, what is that you would to--"

"The compound has been compromised," his master stated the obvious, but Wintergreen felt no compunction to point it out. "Destroy any files we still have here in the back, and pull out to the escape hatches. You'll hire a courier if you wish to retain any personables from your room upstairs."

"Yes sir, very good sir." Wintergreen said briskly, the tone out-of-place in the scene all around them. He turned as a figure made his way to the two.

"Well Slade, seems like neither of us won this round." Sebastian said. It wasn't meant as a taunt, but in a way it was for the both of them. Wintergreen could see the frustration beginning to boil on his face, but he remarkably was able to keep a lid on it. He turned to the hole the departing ba- titan - had made in the complex.

"Lord! I know you were hiding with the butler back there! We're going back to the Hive!"

Wintergreen frowned at the almost telling-off of the grown woman by someone probably of the same age. He said nothing though, as Penelope exited the hole, straightening her blouse as she came. She had a frustrated look at Brother Blood as she came over to him. She said nothing though to the man she shared the villain-in-training school with.

Evidently though, Blood could tell what was annoying her so.

"We will... talk about the bugging once we return to the Hive."

"Remember Sebastian, no mind control." This time it was Slade speaking. Brother Blood grinned, cocking an eyebrow.

"Still acting as the protector of your butler's... love interest?" this comment put both Wintergreen and Lord at a discomfort. Slade said nothing, not letting the war of words escalate any further. He stood tall and at the ready; even the empathic teen's last attack had failed to put him away, or at a point where he didn't feel like covering any weakness he might have felt physically.

The show of fortitude was enough to take away Blood's hopes for a possible renewed fight. With the Hive graduates to his back, he commanded Kyd Wykkyd to whisk them away, which the teen did without a word. Wintergreen watched them go, sending a curt nod to Lord's direction. She smiled back a bit, not letting the graduated students catch it. In a moment, they were gone, leaving just Wintergreen and his master in the chamber.

"Let's get moving, there's no telling if the Titans will show up again." Slade spoke up as soon the Hive people had left, not missing a beat. "Get to the files, I'll be waiting at the escape hatches."

"Yes sir," Wintergreen said once again, taking just one last look at the now-ruined compound, taking it in for one last time. His and his master's home for the past year or so. "Very good sir."


"So..." Beast Boy started up, looking around at the other Titans. No one looked up at him. The four were gathered in the main lobby, sitting in quiet. Raven wasn't present, she'd gone straight to her room as soon as they'd materialized in the Tower. The other Titans had almost wanted to try to talk to her at first, but Robin had decided against it. Best to try to let her blow off any steam she had before attempting some sort of apology.

And, depending on how much she remembered from the past week, she could have a lot of steam to a monumental amount of steam.

"Perhaps we should now..." Starfire began another lead-up. Robin shook his head, something the other boys soon joined with him in doing. Starfire looked at the floor, distressed at the plight. After a while, Cyborg tried to make a reason to break the situation and go to their friend.

"It's not like Raven was really in anything bad, you know." he started. "I mean, how much trouble could she have gotten into when she was a baby?"

"She was kidnapped from us by Dr. Light, and then put in the hands of our arch-enemy, and only got out because the week ran through. We failed to save her from anything she might have had to deal with." Robin said, hands folded and in front of his face. Whatever had happened to her during the week was on their shoulders, and it was something they had to answer to Raven for.

After about another half hour of sitting there, Robin agreed with one of Starfire's proposals. All of the Titans got up from their seats, and slowly made their way over to the door leading out of the main lobby. They had to talk to Raven, try to explain for what had happened. Try to apologize, and make it up. Somehow.

Just as they reached the door it slid open. Raven walked in, almost making them take a step back in surprise. She looked at them with a blank stare on her face.

"Raven," Robin began. "This past week, we're--"


The four Titans waited nervously as Raven sighed, and started talking.

"I wasn't brainwashed or conditioned when I was a... " Raven didn't seem to want to say the word, so she just went on without saying it. "And I don't remember anything from it, so it really doesn't matter. Right now I just want to go and get something to drink.

"How about some herbal tea?!" Beast Boy and Cyborg immediately ran over to the kitchen, almost beginning to fight over making the stuff. Starfire and Robin stayed near Raven however, smiling.

"So, you are well then, Raven?" Starfire asked. Raven nodded at her, which earned her a yelp of joy and a lunging hug from the Tamaranean. Raven looked over Starfire's shoulder at Robin.

"What day is it, exactly?"

Robin racked his brain for a moment.

"Third Sunday of June." he said, before realizing how strange that sounded. He couldn't think of the exact date though, for some reason it escaped his mind at the moment. Raven nodded, before gently pushing Starfire away.

"There's... something I have to do then. I'm just going to go back to my room for a few minutes."

The other Titans looked up at Raven as she left the room. Beast Boy and Cyborg put down the cup they had been wrestling over, before turning to Robin and Starfire. The Titans' leader simply shrugged, just glad Raven was back with them and safe. He walked over to the couch and sat down on it, turning on the T.V. The others soon joined him, just as glad as he was.

End of Chapter 10


Wintergreen walked down the hallway in the new home his master had found. He was the only one up in the regular floors of course, his master having already started on underground workings and the like. He didn't mind it though, there wouldn't have been much he could help with as his master was settings up below the house. He passed a small three-legged table in the hallway; a phone with attached telescreen sat on it. He'd already used it to contact Penelope and talk to her about what had happened in the past few days. She seemed good enough about it, though there was a hint of disappointment in her voice. Even if the babe had been a Teen Titan in reality, she had enjoyed the time with her as much as Wintergreen had. He refused to deny he'd enjoyed just as fervently as Lord did. The girl had given them little reason to deny it, at any rate. When she'd changed back, she'd left them alone and simply floated out of the room, ripping the much too-small cloak from her neck before doing so. So, nothing other than the transformation itself had really caused them any disappointment over the whole thing.

Wintergreen looked over to the front door of the house before turning to go into the parlor. He was surprised to find a letter had been deposited through the mail slot. Curious that someone had already mailed him something (When only he, his master, and Penelope knew of his new whereabouts), he went over to pick it up. He quickly ripped open the top and pulled out, even more surprisingly, a card.

"Happy Father's Day" The card read in embellished golden letters. Wintergreen was speechless for a few moments. He had no children to speak of, as he'd never met the right woman, and he didn't have any godchildren, so...

He opened the card up, and then smiled, understanding. Walking back over to the three-legged stand, he looked at the card a little bit more, before putting it down. He walked away after doing so, going back to his chores. The card laid open on the table next to the phone. The inside flap read;

"Thanks for the past week."

No reason to complain. At. All.


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