Began: January 23, 2006

Finished: January 23, 2006


Darkness covered the tree tops in the Spine, as the sun descended below the horizon. A slight breeze spread through the trees, rustling the delicate leaves upon the branches. But the breeze ceased, leaving the Spine blanketed in a deafening silence.

The few who traveled through here found the silence maddening and menacing. They believed the Spine to be inhabited by monsters of the night. This was the reason why even the bravest of souls never went in – and those who did, never came out.

But beyond the threatening branches, which loomed forebodingly above, and beyond the terrifying sounds heard throughout the Spine, there was a calm serenity. This tranquility, however, was not found in the shallow parts of the Spine, but deep in the heart of it, where none had dared venture.

Little did anyone know, that in the middle of the treacherous forest, lay a small population. Not of deer or monsters – but of mystical creatures, long believed to be lost in the ages.

Deep in the heart of the Spine, lived dragons.

Eek, I know. It's really boring and really short. But I promise that the next chapter will be longer and more entertaining.