Fandom: Kill Bill
Rating: PG
Pairing: O-Ren Ishii/Gogo Yubari
Disclaimer: I don't own Kill Bill, or any of the places or characters mentioned in that series and this piece of fanfiction. No profit is being made, I write for free.

Notes: For 15minuteficlets' latest word challenge, over on Livejournal.


Seeing Shibuya at night is like watching the opening of a flower. The edges, the bud is dull and worn, but the petals bloom colourful--pink and green, smudges of near fluorescence.

Gogo Yubari watches with distant interest, chewing on the nails of her right hand and taking slow steps into the thick of it all. Her skirt lifts and parts around her thighs like waves, and she can almost feel the warm lap of water as she walks. Her mind is occupied by thoughts such as these: she is never quite sure why, in a city such as this, she thinks so much of nature.

But the Shibuya of her thoughts is comprised of the greens, the pink belly of a Venus Fly Trap ready to snap; it is a cat, stretching its claws, eyes flashing light back to the sky. Other girls see lilies and candy stripes and kittens. Gogo sees instinct.

Similarly, O-Ren Ishii is a product of modern day Tokyo; but when Gogo touches her she feels no trace of the sugar and false light of the city. Her hips are solid bone, and her skin is cool against Gogo's--there is none of the bitter aftertaste of too much candy.

Gogo Yubari watches the city unfurl as night falls, and thinks once more of instinct.