Okay, hi, I'm back with another episode from my series 3. Technically this fic should be a couple of fics inbetween this one and 'A bundle of Joy' (the last one I posted) but I thought you wouldn't want to wait so...yeah. Hope you enjoy it.


'What could be better?' thought Sinbad. 'Time off on a deserted beach with white sand, crystal clear water and a beautiful Sorceress to admire.'

Sinbad was sat on a small, white sand beach gazing at the sunbathing Celtic Sorceress from afar. Maeve was lying further down the beach, on her back, soaking up the sun's rays. Dermott was off exploring whilst Doubar, Firouz and Rongar were messing about in the sea. Life was good.

As he sat there, Sinbad got an evil idea. He got up grinning, took his shirt off, and made his way to the sea. When he was done thoroughly soaking his shirt he crept towards Maeve, making absolutely sure his shadow wasn't cast over her. Doubar, Rongar and Firouz just watched in amusement as their captain got nearer to his prey. When he was close enough he wrung out his shirt all over the sunbathing sorceress.

Maeve let out a shriek and leapt to her feet, instantly racing after Sinbad, yelling a string of curses and insults at him. He led her into the sea as the rest of the crew just laughed. Suddenly Sinbad noticed something out towards the horizon. They were already out of their depth and Sinbad trod water to try and see what it was. To his horror he realized it was a humungous wave, this wouldn't normally worry him, but he realized that he was in its path. He knew what would happen if it sucked him under and he didn't like the implications. He turned to try and swim back to shore when he noticed the fiery sorceress catching up.

"Maeve" he yelled. "Turn around and swim as fast as you can to shore"

"I'm not falling for that sailor" she yelled. "You are so dead when I catch up with you!"

"Maeve, I'm serious. See for yourself, there's a giant wave headed our way. We have to get to shore before it reaches us or we'll be pulled under."

Just then she heard shouts from the shore as Firouz and Doubar, who had also spotted it, tried to warn them.

"Doubar, head for the cliffs, don't wait for us, we'll be fine" yelled Sinbad.

"But Little Brother…" protested Doubar.

"That's an order" he yelled back to silence him. As Doubar, Rongar and Firouz turned and fled towards the cliffs, Maeve and Sinbad started swimming as hard as they could for shore. But the massive wave was gaining, and Sinbad suddenly had flashbacks of Lea's death mixed with when Maeve fell overboard and he realized that no matter what happened to him; she was going to survive. He swam up to her just as the wave was almost upon them. Taking a long breath, Sinbad grabbed hold of Maeve's waist and threw her, with as much force as he could, over the tidal wave.

Doubar and group watched with mixed horror and relief as they saw Maeve safe from the wave and their captain being plunged beneath it.

When Maeve realized that the wave had passed and that she'd survived she started clapping and looked around for Sinbad.

"We made it Sinbad!" Maeve smiled with joy, before realizing that she couldn't actually see her captain. "Sinbad?" she called. It was only when she couldn't see him that she realized what he had done. Looking towards the shore she saw the washed up body of her captain. With complete horror she cried out at the top of her voice as she misted herself next to his body and bent over it to try and hear a beat. She wasn't reassured much when she heard an incredibly weak heartbeat. She knew she had no choice, crew or no crew, she owed this to Sinbad. Taking a deep breath she put her lips to his.

Doubar, Firouz and Rongar watched anxiously as they saw Maeve perform the kiss of life. They had long since started running towards Sinbad's body, but they couldn't compete with Maeve's misting capabilities. They had heard her scream and realized then that only she was close enough to save him. So they waited, and watched, hoping that she could bring him back.