It was a week since Dermott was freed and the crew was out at sea again. Maeve was sitting on deck, reading one of her magic books when Dermott came over to her.

"Uh, Maeve, can we talk?" He asked timidly.

"Sure" replied Maeve, closing her book. "What did you want to talk about?"

"Well, I know you won't like this, and I've given it some hard thought, but I really want you to turn me back into a hawk" pleaded Dermott really quickly as Maeve smiled.

"Dermott" she sighed. "It's only been a week, of course you miss it, you were a hawk, what, over 10 years? It's going to be hard to adjust, but you've got to give it time"

"I know" he admitted. "But this just doesn't feel right; this isn't who I am anymore. Here I feel constantly trapped and exhibited, I miss being a hawk. I miss flying through the clouds, having no boundaries, being able to spy on people and being the hero when no one else could"

"But you can talk now" she sniffed, finally realising that he was serious. "Yo..o..ou can walk, a..a..nd run, and you've got arms. You don't have to be separate anymore; you can truly be a part of the crew"

"Don't you understand?" smiled Dermott. "I always was a member of the crew. Everyone accepted me and, sure, there were a few insults, but they were all good willed. I mean, look at all the teasing Sinbad gets, and he's the captain! But this isn't me; inside I'm still a hawk. As a hawk I could fly so high, there were no rules that you have, I was truly free, and it was like heaven. But here, there are these rules, it's like I'm trapped and everyone is looking and… this is my hell."

"You really want this, don't you" sniffled Maeve, letting a lone tear fall unnoticed.

"Yes" he said seriously.

"Well, I'm your sister, and I want what's best for you, and if that's as a hawk, then who am I to stop it?" she smiled. "You're certain this is what you want? The probability is that I won't be able to reverse it"

"More certain then I've ever been" He nodded.

"Okay" she agreed as she took her book and reopened it, turning the pages to the right page and beginning to chant.

It was sunset, and Maeve was stood at the bow, looking out over the colourful horizon. Sinbad walked up to her and stood next to her.

"Are you okay Maeve?" he asked gently. The only reply he got was a small nod as she continued to gaze at the sky. "Where's Dermott?"

"Back where he belongs" she smiled as she pointed towards the horizon.

"Huh?" Sinbad asked confused as she followed her pointing finger and saw a lone hawk circling the sunset. "Oh"

"I mean" started Maeve. "I know this is what makes him happy; I guess I'm just being selfish"

"If that was Doubar, I'd feel exactly the same" comforted Sinbad. "It's not selfish of you to want your baby brother back"

"Still, I just wish I could have had him back for longer" she sighed.

"Look at it this way, you did. You defeated Rumina and you got a week that you never thought you would that was amazing. But don't you think that now you've got your real brother back. You look out there and tell me what you see" smiled Maeve, pointing towards Dermott, and for the first time, Maeve actually saw something.

"I see my brother" laughed Maeve. "The way he's meant to be" She turned to Sinbad and threw her arms around him. "Thank you so much"

"I didn't do anything" he smiled. "I just offered you another point of view"

"I don't care what you did, I finally see what Dermott was saying, I understand, and I've never felt better"

"I'm glad I could do that" smiled Sinbad gently. Cautiously he leant in forward as Maeve did the same. Slowly edging closer and closer until…

"Sinbad" yelled Firouz. "Could we go over these coordinates? I don't think they're…" He stopped as he finally saw the blushing forms of Maeve and Sinbad. "Correct" he finished.

"I've got to go check on this…yeah…I'll see you guys later" smiled Maeve as she quickly disappeared. Firouz watched her leave, completely oblivious to the glare Sinbad was throwing his way. He turned back to Sinbad.

"Did I interrupt something" He asked, again turning his gaze back to Maeve's retreating form, entirely missing the obvious daggers Sinbad's eyes were shooting at him.

Ok guys, I'm afraid thats it. Sorry to disappoint that our fav love birds didn't end up together - but as you may or may not know this is part of a series andobviously I want to wait until the very end. I'm going to try and get more of my fics done soon, but those of you who know me will know it's probably going to take a while!

About Dermott, I don't know why but I just felt like he was better as a hawk. I dunno if that sounds weird, butI couldn't really imagine him as a human you know? Hope you aren't too upset by that. Thanks for all your lovely reviews, especially to dshortklutz who replied to every chapter. Hope you all enjoyed it. Nessiexxx