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Summary:McGonagall's Point of view durning what I think is the sadest part of HBP

A Fallen Hero

As i look on from my point in the crowd, I can see him, as he kneels before the body of the greatest man many of us has ever known. If you look close enough, you can see he's falling apart. Once sparkling green eyes now dead and haunted as they pour crystle tears down his young face.

He's not ready for this. He has power, oh yes, so much power that his fragle body cant hold it. You can feel it when you are near him, the waves of unseen magic pouring off him in waves. The only other person I have ever known the do this was A-Albus. He cant do it alone. Can't fight the monster, without a light to guide him. Yet it seems that everyone who tries to help, to be his light, dies.

He refuses to tell me where they went, as frustating as it is, I take pride in his loyalty. In everything he does, from his bravery, to his unwavering knowlege and belief in what is right, He is my pride and joy. The child Albus and I could never have. On day he will become a strong powerful leader, but for now he is just a boy. And as I look on at this startiling green eyes, I can see it now, more than ever.