Hi all! you might know me from my other story but I'm switching to other cat. Yami No Matsuei! okay, I hope you'll enjoy this...R&R!

Tsuzuki looked at Hisoka innocently - I want some...please just one little--

Hisoka looked at Tsuzuki then at Tatsumi rolling his eyes - no

Tatsumi sighed pushing up his glasses - Kurosaki, just give him some. He'll probably shut up if you give him some.

Hisoka looked back at Tsuzuki then at Tatsumi - which side or you on? He'll be fat if I give him some!

Tsuzuki starts to sob - but but, I always eat like a pig and never get fat.

Tatsumi looked at Tsuzuki then at Hisoka - he's right you know.

Hisoka looked angrily at Tatsumi then at Tsuzuki again - fine, here. gives Tsuzuki his peice of cake

Tsuzuki squeals - yay!

Tatsumi smiles at the two of them - good, no get back to work!

Tsuzuki huddles near Hisoka - eek! he scares me!

Hisoka rolled his eyes pushing Tsuzuki away from him - you idiot, he means we have a job.

Tsuzuki looks at Hisoka - we do?

Hisoka sighed pulling out a piece of paper and holds out infront of Tsuzuki - yes, we do. It's in Kyoto.

Tsuzuki looks scared and holds on to his cake - I'm not going! you know what happened to me, and Tatsumi does too. Why do we have to do this job!

Hisoka looked at the paper then points to a paragraph on the paper - because it's easy, and it's a one day job.

Tsuzuki sighed taking one more bite of his cake - fine, I'll go. But if I get into trouble I'm blaming Watari.

Watari looks up from his computer angry - what about me?

Tsuzuki moves towards the door pushing Hisoka - nothing! singing just go back to work!

Watari sighed looking back down at the computer - whatever

Hisoka pulls away from the pushing Tsuzuki - why do we have to blame everything on Watari when we go to Kyoto

Tsuzuki gave Hisoka a boyish grin - because he's from there, and you know me. He never gets out so we say he does and he gets introuble.

Hisoka rolled his eyes walking down the hallway - you mean you get in trouble for wrecking things.

Tsuzuki looked away with a slight sob - your so cold...

Hisoka smiles - I know.

Okay! how's that? I hope you guys like it, because I'm going to write more of this one. cya next time.