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Chapter 4 - Dude, it's Muraki!

Tsuzuki looked at Muraki scared "how? where did you come from?"

Muraki just smirked making his way towards Tsuzuki

Tsuzuki backed up "don't come near me!" Tsuzuki yelped

Muraki stopped and looked over at the exausted Hisoka "my my, I guess the boys tired...good, he won't hear you scream"

Tsuzuki started to panic and scramble over to Hisoka and shaked him "Hisoka! wake up!"

Hisoka was passed out and under Muraki's spell

Muraki knelt beside Tsuzuki "such a small boy...but I don't care, but I care about you Mr. Tsuzuki" Muraki said shifting his hand and touching Tsuzuki cheek

Tsuzuki slapped Muraki's hand off of his cheek "you-- what's your problem!"

Muraki stood up staring at Tsuzuki "because of you"

Tsuzuki looked angry "that's your excuse everytime! what are you really after that involves me! Muraki spill it!" Tsuzuki yelled at Muraki

Muraki narrowed his eyes and stepped closer making Tsuzuki step back "the same reason everytime, it's you... Mr. Tsuzuki your mine" he said reaching out for Tsuzuki

Tsuzuki dodged Muraki's hand and grabbed Hisoka running down the steps and out the doors.

Muraki stood at the top of the steps "you'll be mine Mr. Tsuzuki. I swear over your grave"

:2 hours later:

Hisoka woke up in a hotel and sat up looking at Tsuzuki sleeping in the chair "Tsuzuki?"

Tsuzuki opened his eyes and looked at Hisoka "yes?"

Hisoka looked down with tears in his eyes "I'm so sorry, I heard everything back I just couldn't get up"

Tsusuki stood up hugging Hisoka "it's okay, he can't find us because we're going back to the Ministry tomorrow"

Hisoka blushed and pushed Tsuzuki off of him "don't do that!"

Tsuzuki looked confused "do what? this?" he said falling over Hisoka

Hisoka blushed even redder "yes!" pushing Tsuzuki off the bed with a loud thud

Tsuzuki sat on floor sobbing "that wasn't nice..."

Hisoka covered his face crying "you idiot"


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Muraki clentched his fist - I can't punch you

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Muraki - I hate you

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