Title:Angels, Lovers, and Warriors 1-3?
Author: SeulWolfe/Vasaio/infocalanor
Rating: Mature (M)
Pairing: Snape/Harry,
Contains: angst, drama, romance, wings...
Warnings: spoilers for OOTP... what Half Blood Prince?
Disclaimer:Jk owns Harry and company.
A/N: The plot bunnie is blamed on infocoeurdemavie. Just don't ask me where it's going... this is by betaed infojadzia7667
Summary: Harry has come into his inheritance...


I:The Birth

For every generation is born an Angel...a Fallen Angel. A warrior, a lover and a hope for those who battle against the shadows that threaten to cover this world in darkness.

The legends tell of a beautiful man with wings black as night or white as falling snow. Wings that shimmer in the darkness of the Angel's anger. Or bright as a summer sun when joyful.

But beware when this angel comes of age and joins the brotherhood. He will be fierce as an avenging angel.


Privet Drive was quiet on the eve of Harry's eighteenth birthday, his family ready to be rid of their freakish nephew. A mere waste of space taking up precious space in their normal home. In their normal neighborhood. In a few days they would be rid of his presence forever.

And good riddance, they say.

What they should have been was blessed by his very presence on this night of all nights. For as the clock ticked closer to midnight there were those who held their breath. For they knew that one of their own would come into his own this night.

Rise from the ashes of his former life, stronger and more fierce a warrior there ever was.

At the stroke of midnight the heavens opened up as rain began falling. Lightening and thunder crashed all around, shaking the ground.

A blue hue of light formed around the sleeping form of Harry Potter. The signs of years of neglect and abuse at the hand of his only living relatives washed away.

As the storm raged outside, Harry Potter came into his inheritance.

And across the lands of Britain, the others knew that this warrior would be the one to hold back the shadows. To hold back the darkness.

The others would flock to his side when he called. He was the one they had waited for. The one to lead them in their battle against the one who would only try to lead them into the darkness.

All they could do now is wait for his call.

Wait for the one once known as Harry Potter.

But in the heavens, his name is written as Vasaio.


II:The Awakening

The raven haired man rolled over, bleary eyed, and blinked away the heavy sleep of the night. In the past twenty years, Severus Snape hadn't slept straight through a night without waking from restlessness, the need to move around the castle, or the calling of one or the other of his masters.


Or Voldemort.

Only this night had he slept until the weak light of dawn stirred him.

In the shadows of his dreams, a vague memory of a husky voice murmuring to him. To remain strong. To remain unbreakable. Reminding him he was not alone in the darkness any longer.

Calling to him mind, body and soul. Soothing his troubled thoughts. Claiming a part of him, he thought lost forever.

He felt himself enfolded in the soft and gentle warmth of wings. His body was humming, almost purring in contentment. He did not, at first, recognize the emotion thrumming through his spirit. Then he did.

It was happiness.

A feeling of complete and utter belonging to someone for the first time in his life.

Severus could still hear the faded whispers in his mind.

Whispers he couldn't understand. Sitting up against the headboard of his large four poster bed, Severus knew something had changed during the night. There was an awareness that wasn't there before.

Severus wondered as he watched the sun rise above the trees of the Forbidden Forest how long he would have to wait to find out what had changed.


The storm that raged outside Privet Drive continued into the morning hours. One figure moved quietly and swiftly through the house, shrinking things and placing them inside an old battered rucksack that had seen better days.

Hedwig had been out delivering mail and most likely stayed at Remus' cottage for the rest of the night because of the storm.

His hand on the door knob, Harry turned glowing green eyes upon his cage for the past seventeen years. The cupboard.

A wave of his hand, the door disappeared. The memories sealed forever.

He turned the knob and stepped outside into the gentle rain. Walking down the sidewalk towards freedom and a new home, Harry didn't look back as a bright light lit up around the house, then darkness surrounded it.

The blood wards disappeared as Harry Potter Apparated away.


Alarms blared across the castle, waking all those who resided there. Albus Dumbledore came running into his office to see what had happened. One glance at a small replica of Privet Drive told him what had set the alarms off.

The glass that covered the small house was shattered.

The wards had fallen.

Harry Potter was in danger or being attacked at this moment.

What had the boy done this time, Albus Dumbledore grumbled as Severus and Minerva rushed into his office.


In London, a few stories below the city streets, in the secret location of the Ministry of Magic, more alarms were blaring. Not the ordinary ones that they were used to.

Men and women looked at each other in surprise. These alarms in all of seventeen years not once had blared.

The Boy Who Lived. Their only hope for survival in this Dark War was under attack.

The Dark Lord had kept a low profile by confining his attacks to Wizards only. A direct hit on Harry Potter was calling it open war.

A direct hit in Muggle London was calling for open war.

It was a frenzy of chaos. Amongst the disorder were those in control. Taking up arms for a battle they had been waiting for. The first of many to come. The beginning that had been a long time coming as they disappeared and reappeared at Privet Drive where flames were beginning to consume the house where Harry Potter once lived.


Albus, Minerva and Severus appeared at Privet Drive at a breakfast table full of Dursleys.

The largest man of the gathered family stood, his face purpling in uncontrollable rage, "FREAKS! LEAVE MY HOME NOW!"

"Severus, Minerva check on Harry, please," Albus quietly ordered. Turning his attention towards the Dursleys, "You must leave now. The wards have fallen and I don't know why. You are all in danger."

"Harry's room is the last door to the right," Dudley told the two teachers as they moved to do the Headmaster's bidding.

"Dudley...," Vernon bit down.

"Give it a rest," Dudley growled back.

Severus nodded and left the room with Minerva behind him. They flew up the stairs to the landing...Minerva gasped out in surprise when she saw the locks and the cat flap.


"Let's get the boy and leave," Severus said as he swallowed hard against the bile rising in his throat. He pulled his wand to unlock the door as he heard the sounds of Apparition inside the house. "Damnation!"

"Hurry Severus!"

A whispered spell and the door flew open. "Lumos." The room brightened as Severus stepped through the doorway, "Potter! We must leave now!"

Only there was no Potter, but a floor covered in soft white and black feathers. Frowning at his surroundings, Severus never heard the spell that hit him in the back as he fell fast first into the feathers scattered around the room.