Title: Jack's Treachery
Rating: NC-17
Pairing: Captain Jack Sparrow / Will Turner (FPS)
Warnings: violence, non-con
Summary: Jack captures Will on the Black Pearl with a little help from Barbossa's men to cover up his lascivious intents.
Disclaimer: At no point do I claim any form of ownership of any of the characters depicted in this piece. My representations of them are not necessarily indicative of the intentions of their original creators. The plot in which I place these characters holds no relationship to their original context. I make no profit from borrowed characters. Don't sue me.
Word Count: This Chapter: 2,680 Total: 15,489
Notes: This story is assumed to take place sometime after Will and Jack commandeer the Interceptor, but before Will knows about the curse. Elizabeth is carried by Barbossa's crew from the Pearl to the Interceptor after the Interceptor is captured and the Pearl returned to Jack as per their exchange. Will and Jack never arrive in Tortuga. Think of it as an alternate ending, if you will.

Happy Valentine's Day! Here is the last installment of the story. I hope you enyoy it! Thanks for all your wonderful comments over the last few weeks. I'm already working on a second (unrelated) POTC fic, the first chapter of which should be posted sometime around the end of this month. Check back for it!

V. Happy Endings

The next few days Will and Jack took turns feeling ill at ease. Jack didn't want to make Will feel like a possession anymore than Will wanted to feel like one. Jack knew he'd lost his cool, but he was unsure how to make Will feel better about it. Will was confused by his feelings for Jack, continually haunted by his own responses and by the rage he'd flung Jack into. Will worried less and less about Elizabeth as Jack assured him that Barbossa didn't give his word often, but when he did it was always kept. The sun and the sea breeze and the hard work of manning the ship kept Will from feeling too guilty about letting Elizabeth slip from his mind. Jack, however, was not out of sight and what had happened between them seemed more pressing and more complicated than anything Will had ever felt with Elizabeth. Will was constantly lost in his thoughts on these matters.

Jack, on the other hand, was in good spirits much more often. The whelp had been deflowered, albeit a little harshly, but Will had enjoyed it after all. Jack could tell by the way Will's pride healed along with his spirits. In fact, the boy healed remarkably quickly in a variety of ways, and he was about the ship the morning after his breaking in, as it were. Will was a bit stiff, but he was determined to pull his weight and although he wasn't able to do a lot of heavy work, he busied himself most of the day without complaint. Jack talked to Will almost constantly when they were in the same areas of the ship, shouting thinly veiled nautical innuendos about barnacles and tackle and the like. A few times Jack thought he heard Will chuckle, but he couldn't be quite sure.

Three nights after the spicket incident, Will felt enough confidence to have a bit of grog with Jack. He felt it loosen his tongue and his heart, even though he was hesitant to admit it to himself. Jack was sitting across from him at the table in the Captain's quarters of the Pearl. The blaze from several candles lit up Jack's tan face, making him look quite the intense shade of bronze. The light spilled also onto a little piece of paper with a hand-drawn map that Jack made to show Will how they'd come to Tortuga. Will knew that it was serious business for a pirate to be giving up his secrets and so he relished it when Jack had taught him how to use the compass that had appeared to be broken at first glance. Will wasn't sure if Jack considered it an offering of armistice or not, but he liked to imagine it as such.

Jack noticed that Will wasn't listening and so he lifted his face from the map. His gaze traveled up Will's sweat-damp skin, the pulse beating rapidly in his neck, up to his face. Jack's eyes glinted almost black in the candlelight, sparkling like gems, lined thickly with smudged kohl. His beads clanked gently as his head raised and they caught the light almost delicately. As silly and exaggerated as they looked in daylight, Jack's beads were dually transformed to trinkets of startling beauty when coupled with candlelight and grog. Will was astounded when he caught himself contemplating how stunning Jack looked to him at that very moment. Will blushed slightly, which made Jack grin. Jack knew very well where this was all going and he feigned calm by rolling the ends of his moustache between his fingers. Jack curled the hairs up into little twisted points to match the edges of his mouth which raised in a smile that flashed a bit of his wickedly gold teeth.

Jack swaggered up from his seat across from Will and sat down beside him on the other bench. Jack eyed Will cautiously before placing a hand lightly on Will's thigh. Jack didn't move the hand. Even though his intentions were lascivious, he didn't want to frighten Will. He wanted Will to be ready before Jack really touched him again. For this reason, Jack had even let Will sleep in the other quarters unguarded. Will had appreciated the gesture, and though three days had seemed like almost enough time to sort himself out, Jack's touch stunted his progress and made him feel sheepish and unsure of himself.

Will's lashes fluttered teasingly over the widened pupils of his eyes and he looked down at Jack's hand. Will sighed and the lines of his forehead etched above his brows in the distinct pattern Jack had become so accustomed to. They furrowed horizontally across his brow line like rippling waves and seemed to mush a bit in the center. Jack was relieved but slightly disappointed to see them melt slightly away. He liked watching Will's emotions flutter across his face, but he didn't really want Will to be upset. Will looked from his own lap over to Jack's without moving his head, trying to subtly detect any hint of Jack's arousal, but not quite being able to tell through the flickering dark. He listened for clues in Jack's breathing, but it was deep and even, unhurried. Then, Will made up his mind. He needed to know all about the nature of his interactions with Jack. More than that, he needed to feel Jack's touch. For days, no matter how much Will ate, he hungered for something, and no matter how much grog he had, he was never as drunk as he had been when Jack touched him. Will flicked his head up and caught Jack's eyes with his own.

"Jack," Will spoke softly, but with purpose, "I want you to teach me."

Jack knew he was pushing his luck, but he couldn't help himself. "Teach you what, luv?"

"Teach me to… Teach me about what you meant when you said, 'pirates know these things.'" Will could feel his face and ears flush crimson. Jack smirked a bit.

"I won't be givin' up all me secrets just yet," he said. Will's mouth hung open rather stupidly for a second, and Jack took the opportunity to kiss him. The kiss was tender, but it made Will swoon and sway. Jack caught him about the shoulders to steady him and pulled away a few inches.

He spoke quietly into Will's open mouth, "come on to the bed, luv. Lay and calm down." Will nodded and allowed himself to be led.

Will opened his eyes from the softness of the bed and looked at Jack, who was half-propped on one elbow. Will reached out and caught a piece of Jack's beaded hair. He rolled the beads about between his fingers and then let it go in favor of running his hand up the side of Jack's head, through the tangled hair as best he could. Jack's eye contact was steady and Will set his jaw, doggedly intent on achieving his aim. Will was going to show Jack how much he wanted him. And Will knew he wanted Jack because there was an undeniable bodily response each time Jack walked into a room, and especially now with Jack on the bed with him. Will grasped his hand around Jack's hair and pulled him forward, inching their bodies closer together. He tugged at Jack cautiously, not wanting Jack to think he was being insincere.

Jack took the hint. He pushed his body flush against Will's and wrapped one arm about the boy's back. Jack's eyes were blazing with lust as Will used both hands to pull Jack to his face. Will kissed him desperately, clinging to his neck and shoulders, hands roaming frantically. Jack voiced a low and depraved-sounding groan and Will helped Jack on top of him. Jack was pent up from a few days of watching the boy climbing dexterously in the riggings, to include the time when he'd walked right into one of the smaller masts watching Will's thighs move as he wandered about the ropes, nearly mashing his refined-looking nose. Will, however, had Jack beat in that area. Will had been pent up for years with just a few exceptions under Jack's hands in the last week. In spite of his burning need, Will forced himself to pull away from Jack's lips for just a moment.

"Jack," Will whispered, "I need you." Jack's eyes widened with surprise and hunger. He got up abruptly, flinging his clothes about the little cabin with abandon. The pistol in his belt clattered to the floor and twirled across the room, spinning dangerously to a halt, but Jack paid it no heed. He fairly leaped back into the bed, skin gleaming with sweat. He didn't need to be told twice, but Will told him anyway.

"Oh, God, Jack. I need you," he breathed. Jack's skin had tensed and twisted as he writhed out of his clothes and it drove Will nearly mad with want. Will's head rolled back and he hardly noticed when he expressed his desire with rather loud moaning. Jack wasted absolutely no time in undressing the boy and did so with astounding speed, despite nearly having to tear Will's shirt asunder in his haste.

Will pushed himself up at Jack shamelessly, smoldering with passion he felt could only be quenched by Jack's skin. Jack took a moment to kiss Will before he turned him over and propped him up on his hands and knees. Will was nervous about Jack intruding upon him again, but Jack did something totally unexpected. Jack put his hands on Will's rump, kneading gently. And then Will felt something quite wet where he was expecting something quite hard. Will felt the wet and coarse hair on his skin and he realized that Jack had his face… Unthinkable. Will yelped in surprise.

"Jack, what are you-- ?" Will squawked, twisting about, but Jack held him fast. Jack inhaled deeply through his nose, which made Will terribly self conscious until Jack growled in satisfaction and extended his tongue. The sensation was stunning, unlike anything he'd ever felt, not that he was terribly experienced. Indeed, he wasn't experienced at all, but he was shocked in a most fascinating way by the sensation of Jack licking him there. Then, Jack pushed himself even closer, darting his tongue out firmly. Will shuddered when Jack pushed his tongue to just the right place.

Jack breathed through his nose, letting his hot breath spill over Will's skin. Will's smell was like the smell of his groin where Jack had nuzzled his face days before, but highly concentrated and infinitely better. It was musky and heady and masculine, but not overpowering -- an aphrodisiac of the highest order for Jack. He continued to lick at Will, alternately daintily and aggressively, until Will begged for release.

"Mercy, Jack… Please, touch me…" Will croaked, twitching and writhing. He was too out of sorts to hold himself up with a single hand and could not touch himself without lifting one. Jack pulled his tongue back into his mouth and grinned in victory. He coerced one last shudder from Will before placing his hands on Will's hips and turning him over. Will laid on his back panting, looking up at Jack, waiting for Jack's next move. Jack, however, got up from the bed. He poured himself a bit of rum from the carafe on the table and downed it quickly. Then he went to the little compartment in the ceiling and removed some oil. He decided to let Will watch and he poured some oil into his hand, giving himself a good once, twice, thrice over. Will's jaw dropped. Then, Jack stalked back to the bed, oil shimmering brightly on his skin in the candlelight. He climbed into the bed, situating himself between Will's legs and placing the unstoppered bottle on the shelf next to him.

With abrasive, dirty fingernails, Jack traced little patterns along Will's torso. Will shivered with goose pimples as the hands raked over his heated skin and again he begged for Jack to touch him.

"Patience, Will," Jack soothed. "Hold out as long as you can and I promise you the most amazing things you've ever felt." Will nodded rapidly and bit down on his lip, trying to stifle his moans when Jack licked his merciless tongue up Will's thigh. Jack teased Will for a few moments before he relented and swirled his tongue around Will's stiffness several times. Will gasped, but refused to spend. Seeing the boy's determination, Jack rubbed some oil onto both his hands. The first hand was used to stroke Will and the other to prepare him for Jack. Will was exceptionally responsive, even more than he had been the first time Jack had touched him, because this time Will was ready. Will relaxed quickly and Jack turned him so that the lower half of his body hung over the low bed. It was just that right height that if Jack got on his knees…

Will held his breath as Jack pushed forward, but at the first burst of movement, he shouted. For a moment, Jack wished they were in earshot of a shore just so he could imagine the looks of the people listening. Will was hot and nearly crushing and his motions revealed a franticly desperate erotic craze that spun Jack's head around and threatened to send him spiraling to his orgasm all too soon. Will arched and thrashed and clawed at Jack, pulling him closer and then being unable to hold still long enough to embrace him. Jack was positively sure that the Pearl was rocking to more than the rhythm of the waves and he was forced to cling to Will's legs to keep from being tossed.

The floor under Jack's knees was hard and bruising, but Jack was so far gone he didn't even blink. He was far too busy drinking in the most amazing thing he'd ever seen: Will Turner in the throes of passion. It was incredible. Will had gone feral, clawing and screaming and using any leverage he could get to push himself harder at Jack. Jack, of course, was only too glad to oblige. The cadence was frenzied and Jack bent himself over Will's chest, tasting the sweat of their sex. He licked Will's nipple and Will growled. Will unclenched his fingers from the blankets and wrapped them in Jack's hair, pulling it gently. Jack moaned against the boy's chest and Jack could tell from the way Will ceased to be able to make noise that he was very close to peaking. Carefully avoiding Will's undulating leg, Jack reached down and grabbed Will's groin.

Will's breath hitched in his throat and he whined, going stiff all over. Will pulsed in Jack's hand and all his muscles went taught. Jack tightened his grip and angled his pelvis as Will went careening toward oblivion. Jack grunted his own orgasm in between Will's hysterical screams and spent. Will moaned and Jack pushed a bit against the now-sensitive spot inside Will, which made Will's glazed eyes fly open to meet Jack's. Jack smiled. He didn't grin or smirk or curl a lip. He smiled. It was unexpected and loving and genuine. Will gladly returned it.

Jack reached around near his knees and retrieved a cloth before standing up. He cleaned himself a bit and gave the cloth to Will, pivoting the boy around until he was righted in the bed. Jack blew out the candles on the table and staggered back to the bed, flopping down beside Will. Fortuitously, the moon was bright and he could just see the blush forming on Will's cheeks, which he kissed. Will held Jack's face and kissed him back, and Jack struggled to cover their rapidly cooling bodies with blanket. Jack touched Will's hair, toying with a stray curl before tucking it behind Will's ear.

"I may be a pirate, but I'll never take from you again what you don't want to give," Jack whispered.

"Aye, but I want to give you everything, Jack," Will answered.