*This is a revamp of a story I tried a while ago. I must warn you that I've never read the Outsiders and have only seen the movie once so this really is just a bit of fun so please don't take it too seriously. I own nothing apart from original characters.*

The rain was lashing down upon the lake that surrounded Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Small boats crossed it, rocking unsteadily as the first years made their way to the school for the sorting ceremony. Despite the weather, the first years were glowing and were clearly desperate to enter the grounds. By the time that the rest of the students had taken their seats in the great hall, the first years were standing just outside in the Entrance hall, dripping wet and awfully nervous. Then, after minutes that seemed like hours, a stern looking Witch opened the doors to the hall.

The sight that awaited the eager students was astonishing, even to those accustomed to magic. Floating candles lit the path through a sea of turned heads, there appeared to be no ceiling, just the storm brewing outside, and at the top of the hall a desk filled with the widest variety of people imaginable. The room was silent as the first years gazed around the hall, until suddenly the silence was broken when an old hat placed upon a stool broke into song. They were amazed, and listened carefully to the words. The hat explained that they were to head to the front of the hall where they would be sorted into one of four house groups depending on their personal traits. Once the hat had finished its song, the students understood what they had to do and were quick to assemble before it. The stern looking witch, who they learnt to be a fairly new teacher, Professor McGonagall, gave a brief summary of what the instructions were and proceeded to read names from a long list, requesting the children to come and be sorted. "Hannah Anderson," was the first name to be read out, and a small, timid looking girl stood up and sat on the stool. Without a moment of hesitation the Hat made its decision and shouted out "Hufflepuff."

Gradually the group decreased until there were only six students remaining. But the sight of the six was peculiar, not one of them looked as though they should be in first year, and in fact two of the strangers looked old enough to have long passed their time in education. But nevertheless the sorting proceeded. "Johnny Cade," Professor McGonagall called and a rather timid looking boy left the group and shyly sat upon the stool. The hat was placed upon his greased back hair and there was a pause, "Hmmmm, what to do? What to do? You have bravery, true enough but what else? Hmmm, I know…Gryffindor!" The boy looked slightly scared but relieved and headed over to the house table where he was greeted with cheers. After the Gryffindors had greeted there new member silence fell and Professor McGonagall called out "Ponyboy Curtis," A boy who looked about the same as Johnny approached the hat and sat cautiously on the stool, but without hesitation the hat yelled "Gryffindor!" Ponyboy smiled and headed over to the table to join Johnny. Again, the Gryffindors broke out in applause, to which both of the boys grinned. The name "Sodapop Curtis" made the room fall silent once more. Heads turned and stared at the boy now sitting on the stool and several girls broke out in smiles. A red headed girl on the Gryffindor table whispered to her friend, "I'll not be complaining if he's put in our house, it's a definite improvement from Potter." Sure enough, the hat quickly sorted Sodapop into Gryffindor and the cheers of the girls were clearly heard, to which Sodapop just flashed a charming smile. After Sodapop had settled down with Johnny and Ponyboy, all heads turned to the remaining three 'first years.' "Keith Mathews," A grinning boy with heavily greased hair approached and sat down on the seat and stared around the hall. The hat was placed upon his head and it shouted after a moment of debate "Hufflepuff!" The boy looked up with an expression of disgust on his face, but McGonagall removed the hat before he raised his hand. He stood up and stepped towards her and said "Hey, listen, you seem like a pretty nice broad, if you could just get your hat to sort me out properly, I'd appreciate it something awful." The Hall erupted with laughter and Keith grinned and lapped up the attention.

"I'm sorry Mr Mathews but…" Professor McGonagall began,

"Oh please call me Two-Bit." Keith responded,

"Two-Bit then, I'm sorry but the hats decision is final." She sighed, with a look of exasperation. Two-Bit sighed, shrugged his shoulders and headed toward the Hufflepuff table, apparently content with the amount of comedy he had produced.

After the episode with Two-Bit, the hall settled and turned to see the two boys remaining. One of them was a lean, tall boy with his hair greased into a complicated style and the other a blonde haired, tough looking boy. "Steve Randle," was distinguished as the lean boy and immediately sorted into Slytherin. The boy stared over at the Gryffindor table and looked disappointed to be split from his companions, but headed over to the Slytherin table moodily. Finally, Professor McGonagall called out "Dallas Winston," the boy approached the stool with a confident strut. The hat was placed on his head and was in great debate, "Hmmm, this is a tricky one, yes, you have potential, you could be great," Dallas smirked and muttered "I know that." The hat continued "hmmm, I think…Slytherin." With a final smirk and a slight shrug Dallas waited for McGonagall to remove the hat before he strolled over to the house table and sat down with Steve.