Title: Not Alone
Word Count: 147
Warning: Future Fic
Notes: Following the same vine as "A Few Regrets" and "Beer Lessons", only with Aang

When Aang, a child of 112, had daydreamed about the future, he never thought it would be like this. For one thing, in his day dreams, they were all together, as though nothing had changed aside from simply getting taller.

In Aang's daydreams, Sokka was a mighty warrior, his named feared by enemies and praised by allies, not dead at 17 and lied to rest in a shallow grave to be dug up and pulled apart by scavengers.

In Aang's daydreams, lemurs would not run away to mate and flying bison would live forever.

In Aang's daydreams, Katara would walk beside him and he would make her daisy chains and put them in her hair. In Aang's daydreams, she would not have abandoned him, she would not have blamed him for her brother's death, she would have loved him back.

In Aang's daydreams, he was not alone.