Title: Loud-Mouthed

Author: PhoenixKaen

Genre: Romance/Humor

Summary: Ritsuko Amano's biggest flaw is that she badmouths people then she gets in trouble. So when her boss, Seto Kaiba, catches her bad-mouthing him in front of his employees; Ritsuko wished that she kept her big mouth shut. KxOC

Rated: T

Disclaimer: Kazuki Takahashi owns the Yu-Gi-Oh series.

Here he was, appearing to be busy creating a new computer program. When in reality, he was staring at a blank word processor. He was trying to think of words for a sappy poem that he was going to write. He just can't think of any yet. He tapped his fingers impatiently on his desk. He looked around his office to get some inspiration; he spotted a pen. He picked and looked at his silver pen. His name was engraved on the side. I like your hair. Whenever I look at your beautiful hair, I am reminded of precious silver. Okay, so Seto Kaiba was a genius at computer and game programming but when it came to love poems; he wasn't as great. He threw the pen aside in frustration.

"I sound like an idiot," he muttered to himself, clicking away at his mouse. He peered surreptitiously around his office. No one was here but him.

He clicked on the icon marked 'My Documents' and then on a folder marked confidential. Once again, he made sure that he was completely alone. Once the folder opened, he clicked on an icon called 'BEWD'. Instead of the picture of his favorite duel monster, out came a picture of a 16-year-old girl with blonde hair and green eyes. The girl's identity was Amano, Ritsuko but it was named BEWD, just in case, someone was to discover this file.

"Hi, nii-sama! What are you doing?" A familiar voice broke into Kaiba's thoughts.

"Mokuba! What are you doing here!" Kaiba asked, jumping a little. He tried to cover up the computer screen with his body. "I mean, what are you doing here?" He asked more calmly, trying to appear nonchalant. His little brother, however, wasn't easily fooled.

"What are you looking at, nii-sama?" Mokuba asked with a wide smile on his face.

"Nothing," lied Kaiba. He was blushing. He was still standing in front of his computer, blocking the picture of his youngest employee.

"Okay, then," Mokuba said, appearing none too interested. His older brother let out a sigh of relief as he walked out of the door. "I'll leave you and Ritsuko-san's picture alone." The last sentence made Kaiba to yell his little brother's name but the latter had already ran off, snickering. Kaiba sat down again on his comfortable leather chair, looking briefly at Ritsuko's picture. He sighed.

It had been a year since he had hired this girl. He didn't exactly know what it was about her. After about two months, he found himself daydreaming about her sometimes. Sure, she had a habit of coming to work late. Almost everybody in the company loses focus because of her playfulness. Although, she was a hard worker and her knowledge in the game field was amazing. She was pretty with her long and straight blonde hair, her green-eyed gaze and her pink lips. She was also a boisterous person who couldn't shut her mouth if her life had depended on it. Still, he still found her to be alluring. The only problem is that the said girl doesn't seem to have an interest in him at all.

So today he was going to try to woo her with a sappy poem. He had no experience in this field but heard that women love it when men write them poems, no matter how horrible. Another idea of Kaiba's was to buy her flowers and candy but he had overheard her saying to another employee that it was "corny and cliched." Mokuba had suggested the idea of writing a poem. Writing a poem wasn't exactly original though the poem itself would be original as it is in his own words. No "roses are red and violets are blue" crap but his own words. And he is not a cliched person at all. Now if only he was a poem kind of a person...

"All right. Write a poem. I can do this. This'll be easy. A poem is just an expression of my feelings, my emotions, so..." Kaiba said to himself. His fingers were positioned above the keyboard, ready to type. He stared at the blank word processor again and then the keyboard. A picture of Ritsuko appeared in his mind and he was ready to go.

Your hair is like...rays of golden sunshine. That is cliched! He pressed the backspace button. The screen was blank again.

Sometimes when I catch you sleeping, slumped over your desk

Your golden hair is in disarray and I brush it back

When I do, my fingers feel how silky your hair is

Sometimes when I hear you talking,

I imagine myself kissing you so you can quiet down

Sometimes when I see you come to work wearing that tight blouse,

Your chest is...He stopped typing. I'll be lucky if she doesn't slap me. Once again, he pressed the backspace button.

This is hard! He put his head down on his desk. He closed his eyes. One of his eyes opened again. What was that sound? He listened intently. He could hear laughter and if he wasn't mistaken, he could also hear Ritsuko's voice. He got up and walked out of his office.

"...carry a horse's child than carry his!" Ritsuko said. Her co-workers laughed uproariously. "I'd rather become a lesbian than be with that pompous jackass!" Once again, Kaiba's employees laughed at their boss' expense. "No, wait, wait! I mean, really, I would go out with him if he would gain more weight. If he was so rich, why doesn't he hit the gym once in a while? If he wants, I'll even buy him a membership at a gym!"

"Ritsuko-chan, don't be so mean! I don't think he's that bad. If I was a few years younger and he was interested in me..." one of her female colleagues, Jennifer, said.

Ritsuko put her arm around Jennifer. "Jenny-chan, you're such a good person. I think that if you went out with him, it would so good for him." Jennifer blushed at this comment.

"I really mean it. At least that way, Kaiba would get laid and wouldn't be as uptight!" The laughter suddenly subsided. Ritsuko looked at every one of her colleagues' previously happy now turned grim faces.

"He's right behind me, isn't he?" Her fellow employees nodded and pointed behind her. She slowly turned around, afraid of whom she knows she'll see.

"Oops," Ritsuko said.


"You made fun of him and got caught!" Ritsuko's sister, Kyoko exclaimed. Ritsuko just nodded and lowered her head in shame.

"I've always talked about him behind his back. I never thought he'd actually catch me this time!" Ritsuko said, covering her face.

"He didn't fire you, did he?" Kyoko said cautiously.

"Surprisingly, no...Not yet anyway." Ritsuko sat in silence with her fingers interlaced. Her green eyes scanned the ceiling in thought. "What do you think he's got planned? I mean, he's not gonna exactly let this go. He is Seto Kaiba, for Kami-sama's sake! He will get his revenge on me one way or another!"

"I'm actually glad you got caught," Kyoko said, surprising her little sister. She casually crossed her legs and started to read a magazine. "WHAT! What kind of sister are you? Why would you wanna unleash that kind of hell on your own sister!" Ritsuko said dramatically.

"This is a good lesson. This teaches you to stop saying such awful things about people. Maybe now you'll actually grow up," Kyoko said calmly. Ritsuko looked ready to pounce on her sister. However, the light-blonde 16-year-old thought that would appear unprofessional. I'll just have to pound on her later. She thought. She made herself comfortable on the red felt sofa and turned on the television. She flipped to her favorite sitcom and tried to concentrate. Although, she couldn't help but remember her boss' livid face. He was more than mad; he was downright pissed off. Ritsuko groaned inwardly. Why the hell did I have to open my big mouth!

One of her biggest flaws is that she could never seem to express her dislike for certain people without badmouthing them. The worst part was that she always managed to get caught.

The next morning, Ritsuko woke up feeling much better compared to yesterday's feeling of anxiety. She went into the kitchen after doing her bathroom duties, where Kyoko was making breakfast, eggs and bacon. The siblings said their 'good mornings' cheerfully though on the inside, Ritsuko was a wreck. He's gonna fire me today. He's gonna fire me today. He's gonna fire me today. She didn't pay attention to her coffee, which Kyoko had placed in front of her. It wasn't until the searing pain that she felt from the steaming hot coffee that she realized she had knocked over her coffee mug. Great, now she had to dread being fired and walk with numb thighs.

Standing on the crowded bus, Ritsuko was preoccupied so that a hand reached out to touch her leg but she brought her heavy briefcase down on the owner's head. The lecher withdrew his hand with a pained groan. The bus halted to her stop. She kicked the lecher's shin with her high-heeled boots before getting off. From her stop, she ran all the way to KaibaCorp. She wasn't officially late, that is, if she can reach within five minutes. Ritsuko checked her silver watch and shrieked, gaining more speed.

"Damn! I'm gonna be late!" Her high heels clicked loudly as she raced to the building's entrance. She finally reached it, ran in and to the elevator, repeatedly pressed the up button, cursing under her breath. She and other employees waited until one of the elevators opened. The former tapped her left foot impatiently. Finally, an elevator started to open. Ritsuko brightened up slightly but her expression dropped rapidly. "Damn it! Why you!" The words just tumbled out of her mouth. She gasped and clapped her hands to her mouth. Unemployment office, here I come.

"Why me?" She asked audibly. Her co-workers could hear her and so could her boss. The latter cleared his throat and beckoned her into the elevator. This gesture signaled privacy; everybody except Kaiba on the elevator got off and Ritsuko got in while the others waited for another available elevator. She could see the sympathy on her co-workers' faces. Once the doors closed, the silence between the two started. Ritsuko wanted to say something to rectify the situation though all she could think of now was I'm not that late. She rolled her eyes. Sure, that'll really convince him to keep me. She peered at him anxiously, wishing that he would say something.

He just stood there stiffly, seeing if the elevator had reached the 90th floor yet. Ritsuko sighed. Earlier she was sure that she was getting fired so she made sure to dress nicely. This way, she would just go straight to the unemployment office straight from KaibaCorp. She was wearing a light pink blazer, a white blouse underneath and a light pink skirt. Her layered blonde hair was tied back into a half ponytail. On her feet were dark high-heeled boots.

The silence was pressing in on Ritsuko. She was about to burst from boredom when "'So you'd rather and I quote "become a lesbian than be with that pompous jackass?'" Kaiba suddenly said, his blue eyes glaring at her. She shrunk visibly under his gaze. "Um..."She uttered, avoiding his face altogether. "'If the world was to end, you'd rather bear a horse's child than mine?'" He continued to quote her. Ritsuko didn't think that she had sweated that much in her life. "If I was so rich, why don't I hit the gym once in a while?" She could hear the anger rising in his tone now. "'Kaiba wouldn't be so uptight if he got laid!'"

The silence was so much better...Ritsuko thought as she endured his yelling.

A/N: I know that Kaiba is out-of-character here but for some reason, it's hard for me to write him in character. Though I will try my best. As for Ritsuko, I know that some of you might think that she's a trash-talking bitch but that's the kind of character I was aiming for. I wanted to create a love interest that's different than most. She doesn't like Kaiba in a romantic or in a normal way; she hates him. She dropped out of school but her IQ is equivalent to Kaiba's, loves to work and is quite independent. She still lives with her parents and her older sis though (only because her parents forced her to.) Anyway, I hope all of you will remain with me and endure Ritsuko's loudmouth. Please review.