Logan Huntzburger and Rory Gilmore have been best friends since they were in diapers. Rory and Logan were inseparable. Rory and Logan practically lived at each others houses they even had keys to each others front doors. Neither of there parents were really home, so from a young age they learned that they needed each other.

There junior year of high school had just started. Rory had a reputation as the girl next door who hung out with the Gang from hell, well that's what the teachers called them anyway. Logan and Rory's best friends Finn, Colin and Stephanie were always together. They all were high class Hartford kids and they felt they could only Trust each other. Stephanie and Colin were a couple. They fell in love in the sandbox, apparently Colin Kissed her and she decked him, Love at first swing they called it. Finn had a fetish for redheads that no one could explain, even though he did make an occasionally pass at Rory every now and then.

"Ms. Gilmore and Mr. Huntzburger" Finn said strolling up to them casually as Rory searched for a book in her locker. "Hey Finn, How are you this morning?" Rory asked. "Wonderful , Love!" Finn said grinning from ear to ear. "Looks like someone got some last night." Colin said walking up. "Ahh, Indeed I did" Finn said patting Colin on the back. Rory rolled her eyes as she continued to search for her Physics book. "Rory, I saw that look!" Finn said pretending to be shocked "You cannot comment on my love of making love until you've experienced it!" "Huh?" Rory said confused considering she had stopped listening . "Oh nothing Ror." Logan assured her as he handed her, her text book. "Life Saver!" She exclaimed as she kissed his cheek waves goodbye to everyone and bolted towards the library.

"Once a Mary, Always a Mary." Finn mumbled. "Hey, Just because she's not easy liked the rest of the girls in this school doesn't mean she's a Mary." Logan said defensively. "I am not easy thank you very much and are you talking about Rory?" Steph walked up kissing Colins cheek . Logan gave her glare. "Oh common Logan!" she said "Rory is head over heels in love with you, She said she's waiting for love. But shes waiting for you." Logan shook his head "This is ridiculous! You guys are crazy!" he said as he walked away. "He'll sleep with every girl under the sun but he won't admit her loves Her" Finn observed.

Logan walked in to the library and searched for Rory, She was where she always was. Sitting at the table but to his surprise she wasn't studying she had her head down in her arms . "Hey" he said pulling the chair out next to her but she didn't look up. Rory Recognized his voice "Logan Go Away, I'm not in the mood" she said quietly but he could tell she was muffling her tears. "Ror, Please. Look at me." She lifted her head up to display her running mascara and puffy red eyes. He hated seeing her cry ever since he was little he couldn't stand to see his best friend cry. "What's wrong?" he asked gently. "What do you think? They're not coming home not for my birthday, not for homecoming, not for anything! And oh god! Homecoming that's just the icing on the cake now isn't it!" Logan knew exactly what she was talking about. He parents, though they loved her they weren't really around Rory acted so mature that they figured she could take care of herself and as for homecoming she didn't have a date, Which he didn't understand cause he himself had heard several guys asked her to the dance. "Rory, You don't need them! You have Me!" Logan said confidently. "So I can call you daddy and you'll tuck me in at bedtime?" she said sarcastically. "Well, As a matter of fact I recall tucking you in to bed last year but as for the daddy thing, I'd rather you didn't" He chuckled. Rory smiled "I was drunk you put me in bed because I couldn't walk!" "Potato, Patato" He smirked. "Thanks Logan" She hugged him. As she let go Tristan DuGrey walked up. "Logan." Tristan said "Can I borrow Rory for a moment?" he asked. "Umm, yeah go ahead I have to get to class anyways." He waves to Rory and walked away. If there was anyone in the school that Logan did not want to leave Rory alone with was Tristan DuGrey, He hated Tristan, Finn said it was because Tristan liked Rory and Logan was jealous, Logan didn't think that was it but he did know he didn't like Tristan.

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