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The Line Between Love and Love

Chapter One: Midnight

It was midnight. The rain fell in sheets across the rooftops, softly tapping the houses as it passed by. Briar rose sleepily from his bed having heard a distinctive clatter outside his room.

He knew it was not one of his foster sisters. Sandry was still living with the Duke and Daja and Tris had both gone to Lightsbridge for the night. Daja to visit a smith mage professor who was giving a lecture and Tris to study their books at the library there. So it was just him looking after the house, his foster sisters did not trust him enough to let the maids stay the night alone with him.

He rapidly shook the sleep from his head and quietly inched towards the door, ready to throw a net of power at the intruder. He heard the creak of footsteps on the floorboard outside his room and flung open his bedroom door.

He blinked.


There she stood, shivering, her sunstreaked hair fell loose around her shoulders, dripping with water. Her face was wet with tears and rain and her deep blue eyes were red from crying. She wore a soft pink nightgown that was still dry due to Sandry's amazing skill with cloth, and clutched a crumpled piece of paper in her hand.

Briar's eyes widened with surprise.

"Sandry? Geez I could have hurt you. Some people do have to sleep you know, now what's happened?"

She whimpered softly and fell into his arms.

"An-Antin...he-he sent me this letter and it said..." she began to sob, unable to continue.

Briar snatched the letter from her icy fingers. His eye's quickly scanned the page, growling he crumpled the letter in his hands and hugged her tighter.

"I-I thought that he was it Briar...I thought...I don't understand...maybe...I'm not meant for anybody..."

"How could you think that just because of one idiot?" Briar asked, surprised how a greedy mony lover could shatter Sandry's confidence with just a letter.

Antin had been courting Sandry for six months now. He was one of the few people Sandry had let through her protective guard and she had begun to trust and love him. Briar fumed silently. It seems he had left her for a wealthy duchess in some foreign country he was visiting. Personally, he'd never liked the guy, he was unbearably boring with absolutely no sense of humour what-so-ever. Although, Briar admitted grudgingly, he was a bit better looking than most, nothing on himself of course.

"I really believed that he-" she choked, a new set of tears began to flow.

"C'mon Sandry, you're made of stronger stuff than that. He was never good enough for you - and plus, his nose was off center."

Sandry spluttered, half between a chuckle and a sob.

He grinned, "A guy like that could never make you happy."

Sandry sniffled, "If not him then who?"

"What about me?" He joked, "The handsomest guy you know, everyone else should just look like oafs compared to me."

"Oh you are so full of yourself." Sandry replied, managing a small smile.

She looked up at him, studying him closely. And Briar realised in that moment, that he'd never really appreciated how beautiful she was. Even with swollen red eyes and hair plastered to her face she still managed to look perfectly stunning.

"Briar..." Sandry whispered as she pulled him towards her, closer and closer until her mouth met his. She kissed him softly and sweetly. And though he was leaning down she still had to stand on tiptoe to kiss him.

As she pulled away he looked down at her in surprise. But before either of them could process what had just happed, they drew together again and kissed for longer. Sandry closed her eyes, letting herself forget everything else.

When they finally parted she smiled at him, leaning on his shoulder she closed her eyes contently. Briar lifted her up and placed her gently down on the mattress on the floor that was his bed, stroking her hair softly.

"For goodness sakes Briar, won't you sleep on a bed for once?" she mumbled as she fell asleep.

Yes, I've finally read WoTE (twice just to be sure), and I have concluded that it is not a Tris/Briar thing (I have no idea what those people were talking about). But it seems it isn't a Sandry/Briar thing either. I think Tammy just wants them to be brother and sister...well, I have other ideas heheh...