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The Line Between Love and Love

Chapter Four: Out of the Darkness and into the Frying Pan (cheesy title, I know)

The horrified screams and pleadings from the well finally ceased and in its place was now an eerie silence.

Jaken shifted uncomfortably, he had no idea her fear was this extreme.

"That's it! I'm bringing her out of there!" he cried, jumping up only to be held back by his chief sorcerer, Lankar.

"You mustn't my Lord! She is dangerously powerful, and utterly unpredictable!"

"Did you not hear her down there? We were only meant to keep her hostage, not subject her to torture!"

Lankar laughed nervously, "T-torture m'Lord? 'Tis only the dark! We have done no harm to her physically!"

"No. She should be treated better than this – get off me Lankar! – Go tell the guards to release her."

Sandry shuddered in the darkness, on the brink of losing her sanity. Her arms and fingers ached from clawing at her enclosure and her throat was sore with screaming.

Images of the limp and lifeless bodies of her parents flashed in her mind, she heard again her own terrified voice and the hurried whispers of her maid as she was locked in that dark room.

She was afraid.

Afraid that it had all been a dream. Niko, Daja, Tris, being rescued, Winding Circle, Discipline, and Briar.

Afraid that she was still there, sitting in the dark with only a sewing box for company and starving to death.

She reached up to brush away her tears and felt the smooth texture of silk that was different to the fabric of her sleeve.

Briar's handkerchief!

The soft scent of earth and dirt calmed her, giving her new hope. And Sandry made one last effort to call for help.

She emptied her mind, trying to ignore her fear. Drawing in a shaky breath she tried to reach her friends.

Their colored threads stretched out into the distance…

There it was again, something blocking her way. An invisible wall, that was slimy and thick, no matter how hard she tried she could not get through. Sandry bit down a cry of despair, and tried to stop herself from shaking.

Suddenly there was a clatter above her, and she felt strong arms lifting her up. Even the gentle light of the moon stung her eyes as she was led inside a white tent, there she was left alone again.

In the centre of the tent was a large tub of water, a few folded towels and a simple cotton dress laid carefully in a chair. Forgetting the dangerous situation she was in she quickly undressed and sank into the water, soothing her aches and pains. She lay there for what seemed like hours, thinking of nothing, and feeling nothing but relief.

Jaken paced impatiently in his tent, waves of guilt washing over him every so often. He prayed desperately that the girl would be alright.

There was a muffled mumble of "Lord Jaken will see you now" outside and he turned to see a small figure being pushed through the tent flap.

He felt his lungs constrict as he laid eyes on Sandry for the first time. He had watched her being carried to the well but had never seen her up close. Her cornflower blue eyes were slightly red and her hair was wet and ruffled but nevertheless she was beautiful.

Without warning she lunged at him, a small ornament of a snake she had snatched from his table in her hands. He grabbed her wrist just before the tail of the reptile could plunge into his shoulder. Her other hand flew up to slap him but he caught her hand again.

The anger and utter fury in her eyes only aroused his amusement.

"My, you are a feisty one. I guess Lankar was right about you."

She struggled violently in his hold, and kicked him in the shins. But his grip on her only tightened as he winced in pain. He let go of her, and produced a light golden bubble around Sandry.

She banged her fists against her new enclosure, yelling at him to let her out.

"I mean you no harm my lovely Lady. You'll only be kept here until your Uncle pays your ransom."

"Ransom!" Sandry growled, "That's what this is about! Money!"

"You see Lady Sandraline, we bandits have been having some…financial difficulties, too much spending and not enough looting."

"Just how do you expect to get away with this! My Uncle will not let you escape so easily."

"Don't you worry your little button nose about that pretty Lady."

"Ok, tell me one thing,"

"I shall tell you a thousand things should you ask it,"

She smiled as him sweetly, "Why is it…THAT MY POWERS DON'T WORK!" she yelled.

"Ah," Jaken began, not at all daunted by her shouting "We simply blocked your magic channels, a specialty of my tribe."

Sandry's eyes burned again with fury as she let lose a long train of foul cursings as him.

"You are just brimming with surprises Lady Fair," Jaken said delightedly, chuckling with mirth.

His laughter only infuriated Sandry more as she kicked at her cage. "Let me OUT!"

"My lord! Is everything alright?" Lankar cried, rushing into the tent.

Sandry was immediately wary of this new arrival. As irritating as Jaken was, he held no malice in his eyes, unlike this crooked figure, whose very voice was tainted with evil.

"I'm fine. And this, my enchanting Lady, is Lankar." He said distastefully.

Lankar's facial muscles spasmed for a split second, and Sandry assumed he had flashed her a smile.

There was a pause of silence which was interrupted by Sandry's stomach growling loudly, and despite her company, she blushed.

Jaken jumped up, apologizing profusely to her as he ordered Lankar to fetch her food. Lankar's eyes flashed angrily but he left without a word, he had vowed everyday to pay Jaken back for his years of mistreatment, and now he finally knew how to carry out his revenge…

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