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A/N: Inspired in part by a prompt, but mostly from my own friends. Guys, I love you!

Before she even opened the door enough to see him, she knew who it was and before he said hello she knew why he was there. But she went through the motions anyway.

"Hey, John." Her voice was exhausted, she knew it and he did too.

"Hey. I brought a movie." He held up the DVD in his hand, a peace offering, or rather an offering up of himself to be there. Not to talk, not to ask questions, just to be there. With her.

She felt herself smile slightly. "Come in." She held the door open wider and he edged in, almost awkwardly, she thought. "Well, what're you standin' around for?"

He jerked his head a bit, why, she didn't know. Coudln't even fathom a guess. She went into the kitchen, grabbed a couple sodas and came back into the living room where he was setting up the movie.

"'Return to Me'," she stated. "You know me too well. I'm gonna hafta change that."

He smiled. "Just you try."