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:Best Birthday Ever:

Light streamed through the open curtains highlighting the sole figure lying on the king size bed. The figure stretches pulling down the comforter to reveal long aqua tresses as blue eyes reminiscent of the ocean fluttered open to greet the new day. The girl let out a satisfied sigh as she lazily settled onto the bed. It felt great to wake up naturally by the warm sun instead of by the harsh alarm clock, especially since Haruka had given her an early birthday gift last night, Michiru thought a sly smile spreading across her features as she recalled that experience. She never imagined that anything could get better then her first magical night with Haruka, but the blonde kept surprising her as every time seemed better then the last...

On the tail of that thought came the realization that she alone in their room. The aqua-haired girl sighed figuring her love was out running. it would have been nice to wake next to her Ruka but she knew her love to be restless. Michi stretched once again before deciding to get breakfast. But before she could move the door swung open revealing a blonde-haired woman carrying a tray. The two smiled at each other as Michiru relaxed.

"Breakfast in bed? You're going to spoil me, Ruka" she teased her lover.

"You deserve it on your birthday" Haruka responded setting the tray on Michiru's lap. "I made pancakes." along with that Michiru saw orange juice, toast, and a single white rose. The aqua-haired woman reached for the juice when a twinkle by the rose caught her eye. Under her lover's intense gaze she picked it up. Tears filled her blue eyes as she drew a gorgeous ring from the rose. She looked up at Haruka meeting the teal eyes questioningly.

"You'd make me the happiest person ever if you'd be my wife..." The blond responded. Michi's voice caught in her throat as she nodded.

This was the best birthday ever!

Author's note: This was written for my friend and fellow Fanfic writer Saun as a birthday present cause that's what she asked for anyways enjoy!