It had been six years since that fateful day Jake revealed his identity to Rose. Six years since she disappeared into the wilderness, never to be seen or heard from again. Hunts Man had tried to find her, but she left no trace of where she'd been. It was if she'd never existed, like a wisp of smoke that just faded away.

Jake had vowed since his escape from The Hunt that he would train harder than ever. Team Dragon was with him all the way.

He was becoming stronger and more powerful as the days went by. With this progression, came respect. The magic folk of New York City finally began to accept that the American Dragon was here to stay. His job became easier with his newfound respect and powers. Though some credit was due to Hunts Clan inactivity. The quiet unnerved Jake and his friends.

They didn't know about Rose's plight. Her uncle had fed the school the phony transfer story, but there was no Rose Hunt on any school's record. Everyone was sure they'd seen the last of Hunts Girl…